"Bet She's a Stalker"

Nick and Jerrick








September 16, 2011

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Featuring: Nick, Jerrick, KarimaCasey Porter (Dies in episode)

Also Featuring: The Crip Cousins, Chief Howard, Shaun Miller,Sophie Prescott


The episode beings with Nick and Jerrick in their apartment. Jerrick is smoking which is getting on Nick's nerves while Nick is watching television loudly which is getting on Jerrick's nerves. The two then get into argument about what the other is doing. The argument somehow leads to a violent fistfight which ends with Jerrick getting his head smashed through the front door of the apartment and Nick smashing his head through a window. The two friends then decide to make a bet to solve their problem. Nick must go one week without watching television and Jerrick must go one week without smoking.

Things soon get complicated for Jerrick when the Crip Cousins and Shaun Miller constantly pressure him to buy marijuana from them. Jerrick refuses as he knows he cannot smoke for one week and continues to turn them down. Chief Howard then begins to suspect that Jerrick is up to something as his behavior is unusual. Meanwhile Sophie and Karima found out Nick is having problems of his own, an ex-girlfriend of his named Casey is following him around town and is attempting to kill him because Nick broke up with her and ruined her life.

Nick's situation gets bad when Casey corners him and Sophie on the beach. Casey pulls out a gun and shoots at Nick but shot at Sophie in the shoulder. Nick then retaliates and knocks the gun out of Casey's hand when she try to kill Sophie after found out Sophie is Nick's girlfriend. Casey then pulls out a pocket knife and knocks Nick to the ground. Right when Casey is about to kill Nick and bleeding Sophie, Chief Howard and Karima appear and orders her to put the weapon down. Casey refuses and moves in to kill Nick, Chief Howard shoots her which results in her death.

At the end of the week Nick and Jerrick reunite in their apartment. They both realize that they both have won the bet and they both call it quits, Sophie and Karima are happy. Jerrick is happy and Sophie is resting after she got shot in the shoulder. Nick then turns on the television and watches his favorite show while Jerrick smokes. Before Sophie go, Sophie kiss Nick in the lip. Jerrick tell Nick, are lucky man. The episode ends with a zombie Casey running through the streets of Rose Beach, Florida still searching for Nick.



  • Casey is part of a running gag for one time characters in the series, the gag being that the one time character dies towards the end of the episode.

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