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Teams Mill o' Mains PS, Craigowl PS
Date April 2011
Location Mill O' Mains Park (planned)
Team Winner TBA
Planning Dates 18 January 2011 -?

The Beyblade Dundee Tournament 2011 is planned to be played in April 2011 holded by P6 of Mill o' Mains Primary School.

Team PlayersEdit

Mill O' Mains Primary SchoolEdit

  • Taylor Selvey
  • Cole Roberts
  • Aaron Scott
  • Josh Wilkie
  • Andrew Batchelor
  • Dylan Alirdise (TBA)
  • Jack Tevioutdale (TBA)

Craigowl Primary SchoolEdit

Craigowl's team has not been planned though Cole Robert's cousin is to be planned.

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