Big Aether is Princess Mackenzie's final smash. She starts hitting all characters expect Rosalinda, Rosalina, Bosalina, Dosalina, Gosalinda, Losalinda, Highest Rosalina, Giant Rosalina, Luma, Loma and Polari. She has a move called Billboard Throw and Basketball Throw. She hits Ike by calling my Aether and Great Aether. She is called before Ike does.

Final Smash

Big Aether is Princess Mackenzie's Final Smash. She hits Ike expect Rosalina and Lumas.

Final Smash 2

Big Aether is Ike's Final Smash 2. Ike's is similar to Princess Mackenzie's.


Zeldo and Sheok's Lightest Arrow, Loigi's Marth Slash, Martha's Martha Blossom, Ruth Err's French Teaching, Morio's Past Game and even Luma Swarm.


===When Princess Mackenzie is using a final smash ball over ranger's cape, she beats every expect Rosalina and Loma/Luma.
SSSM=== She is using still a final smash ball.

Standard Special Move Basketball Throw
Side Special Move Billboard Throw
Up Special Move Aether
Down Special Move Counter
Final Smash Big Aether
Final Smash 2 Great Aether
Final Smash 3 Billboard Blossom
Final Crash Billboard Attack


Use Ike's special moves.

Standard Special Move Eruption
Side Special Move Quick Draw
Up Special Move Aether
Down Special Move Counter
Final Smash Great Aether

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