Big G
Birth name Geroy Demarion Henderson
Born July 10, 1980
Origin Jacksonville, Florida
Genres Hip hop
Occupation Rapper
Years active 2002–present
Labels Spectral Records
Associated Acts

Spectral Records,Stonebrook


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Geroy Demarion Henderson mostly known by his stage name Big G is an American rapper and the CEO of Spectral Records. He grew up with the president of Diabolical Entertainment, Stonebrook, in Jacksonville, Florida. He originally founded the first 'incantation' of Spectral Records when he was only twelve-years-old. He also developed the theme song for the animated television series Nick and Jerrick.


Early Life and Career

Henderson was born in Jacksonville, Florida to a young teenage couple. Henderson has absolutely little to no memory of his parents as they were killed in a car accident when he was only a year old. Henderson then lived with his grandmother who raised him. At the age of six Henderson met Lance Smith Bullion who later become the rapper and president of Spectral Records, Stonebrook. Henderson and Bullion began to run he streets together and get into constant trouble. The two boys were taken into police custody and had to be picked up by their parental guardians.

At the age of ten Henderson and Bullion were sent to a juvenile detention center for attempting to steal a truck. While in the detention center Bullion and Henderson began to share dreams of becoming hip hop stars. Henderson in particular began to idolize the rapping of legendary artist Tupac Shakur. After the boys were released they immediately began their rapping careers as a duo. The boys founded their own fake record label which they named Spectral Records (which would later be the name of the actual Spectral Records) and signed other neighborhood children to the 'record label'. Most of Henderson's early career was defined by him making mixtapes and songs with Bullion. Henderson and Bullion never gathered any attention from any big record labels and the two remained independent street artist in the underground till they were able to find Spectral Records in 2004. Most of Henderson's early albums were unnoticed by the public till the group Power Rich joined Spectral Records. The record label then became a household name and so did Henderson whose music immediately became popular. Henderson's fourth album The Shadow released 2006 went platinum.

Legal issues

In September 2007 Big G was riding on his tour bus with a friend when the bus was pulled over by police. When officers stepped on the bus a member of Big G's entourage opened fire. The member of Big G's entourage along with Big G and the rest of his entourage were all taken into custody. Big G was never charged with anything but the member of his entourage who opened fire was arrested and charged with several counts of attempted murder.


Solo Studio Albums

  • The Life and Times of Geroy Demarion Henderson (2002)
  • The Life and Times of Geroy Demarion Henderson II (2003)
  • Henderson's Legacy (2005)
  • The Shadow (2006)
  • Geroy's Domain (2007)
  • The Life and Times of Geroy Demarion Henderson III (2008)
  • The Homecoming (2010)

With Spectral Records