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Black Christmas 2 is a Canadian Horror Slasher Film which will be released on 2013. It is the sequel to the 2006 film Black Christmas. The Film stars Katie Cassidy, Danielle Panabaker, Katrina Bowden, Briana Evigan, Amanda Crew, Chelan Simmons, Dean Friss, Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Lucy Hale, Meagan Tandy, Julianna Guill, Shantel VanSanten, Kristen Stewart, Teresa Palmer, Aimee Teegarden and Britt Robertson.



The film begins with Agnes getting up and walks away. It then shows Kelly (Katie Cassidy) sleeping she then has a nightmare about the previous events and wakes up. She finds her window open and Agnes runs out of the closet and tries to attack Kelly but she moves out of the way and Agnes falls out the window. Kelly looks out the window to find Agnes gone.

It then shows Delta Alpha Kappa sorority house and shows a group of sorority sisters and their housemother having a Christmas party. One of the sorority sisters, Britney (Britt Robertson) getting dress for the party but is stabbed in back 3 times and eyes ripped out by Agnes. Another sorority sister, Tonya (Shantel VanSanten) goes outside to smoke. While outside Agnes comes up behind her and beheads Tonya a battle axe. Ashley (Aimee Teegarden) watches in horror and runs, Agnes chases after her. Ashley hides behind the house and looks back to see if Agnes is there. Agnes comes in back of her and grabs her and rips out Ashley's tongue with needle nose pliers and drags her body.

Amy (Julianna Guill) goes outside to look for Tonya and Ashley and she fines them both dead, she sees Agnes and screams and runs. Agnes then catches up to Amy and she hits Agnes with a shovel and Agnes grabs her by the leg, grabs a barbed wire and strangles amy with it. Tracy (Kristen Stewart) watches Agnes kill her and Agnes grabs a 'for sale' sign and impales tracy in her throat. The doorbell rings, Christina (Danielle Panabaker) answers it to find Kelly at the door, Kelly asks if she can come in and Christina says yes. The phone rings and Christina picks up the phone and Agnes tells her that they will all die and that Amy, Tracy, Britney, Tonya and Ashley are dead and Christina tells them what Agnes said and Kelly runs to check all over the house.

Heather (Teresa Palmer) asks her what's wrong and Kelly tells her that they'll all die if they don't do something and Agnes comes behind heather and stabs her in her forehead with scissors and comes at Kelly with the scissors but Kelly hits the scissors out of Agnes' hand and fights her, Kelly then throws Agnes into the wall and she runs to grab the scissors and stabs Agnes in her chest and leaves. Kelly then runs back downstairs and tells them that Heather is dead and Agnes is dead. They go upstairs to check and Agnes is gone and they run back downstairs. Rachel (Lucy Hale) then hears the phone ring and Agnes tells her she will die and she screams and faints, Kelly picks her up and puts her on the couch.

Kelly and the rest of the group go to the dining room and she tells them that they have to do something about this, they hear Rachel scream and they see Agnes stabbing her to death with an ice pick and they scream and run to hide. Agnes finds Lauren (Emma Roberts) and pushes her off the railing but Lauren is still alive, Lauren crawls away from Agnes but Agnes grabs her by the hair and impales Lauren on the deer antlers on the wall. Agnes then goes searching for the rest but hears Ms. Wendell (Courteney Cox) crying and Julia (Hayden Panettiere) hears her screaming and goes to find her but finds Ms. Wendell gutted and hanging from the ceiling and screams. Agnes comes behind Julia and guts her with a sickle.

Bree (Chelan Simmons) is hiding under her bed but Agnes pulls her from under her bed, Bree kicks Agnes in her face and runs downstairs to the kitchen and hides in the closet. Agnes opens the door and grabs Bree and smashes her face on a meat tenderizer. Nicky (Meagan Tandy) then pushes a rack on Agnes and runs. Nicky hides in the garage Agnes finds her and Nicky runs back inside and Agnes then grabs Nicky, pores gasoline, lights a match and sets her on fire. Kelly, Vicky (Briana Evigan), Christina, Wendy (Amanda Crew) and Emma (Katrina Bowden) smell smoke and find Nicky dead and they start crying. Wendy turns around and Agnes stabs her in her chest 6 times with a butcher knife and they run. Agnes then grabs Vicky by her hair and smears her face with broken Christmas ornaments and runs to kill the other girls. Christina and Emma then run into Agnes and Agnes hits Christina and Emma in their face and grabs Christina by her throat and Agnes is then knocked unconscious with a wooden chair by Kelly and they run.

Agnes then gets up and goes to find them, she finds them and takes out her knife and comes at Emma and Christina. Agnes says "any last words" and Kelly replies "have fun in hell" and stabs her in her chest 12 times and Agnes dies. kelly, Christina and Emma leave the house and drive away.


  • Katie Cassidy as Kelly Presley
  • Danielle Panabaker as Christina Jackson
  • Katrina Bowden as Emma Williams
  • Briana Evigan as Vicky Prescott
  • Amanda Crew as Wendy Simmons
  • Chelan Simmons as Bree Flynn
  • Dean Friss as Agnes Lenz
  • Hayden Panettiere as Julia Corman
  • Emma Roberts as Lauren Bolton
  • Lucy Hale as Rachel Fowles
  • Meagan Tandy as Nicky Perkins
  • Julianna Guill as Amy Thompson
  • Shantel VanSanten as Tonya Morris
  • Kristen Stewart as Tracy Strode
  • Teresa Palmer as Heather Miller
  • Aimee Teegarden as Ashley Quincy
  • Britt Robertson as Brittany Tappan
  • Courteney Cox as Ms. Penny Wendell


  • Brittany Tappan- Stabbed in back 3 times and eyes ripped out
  • Tonya Morris- Beheaded with battle axe
  • Ashley Quincy- Tongue ripped out with needlenose pliers
  • Amy Thompson- Strangled with barbed wire
  • Tracy Strode- Impaled through throat with a 'for sale' sign
  • Heather Miller- Stabbed in forehead with scissors
  • Rachel Fowles- Stabbed to death with ice pick
  • Lauren Bolton- Impaled with deer antlers on wall
  • Ms. Penny Wendell- Gutted (off screen)
  • Julia Corman- Gutted with sickle
  • Bree Flynn- Face smashed with meat tenderizer
  • Nicky Perkins- Burned alive
  • Wendy Simmons- Stabbed in chest 6 times with butcher knife
  • Vicky Prescott- Face smeared with broken Christmas ornaments
  • Agnes Lenz- Stabbed in chest 12 times with machete by Kelly


  • Kelly Presley
  • Christina Jackson
  • Emma Williams

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