Black Deed is a 2008 Action Drama film written by Stefan Badaris and directed by Steven Soderberg

It is based on a true story and stars James Franco, Robert De Niro, Mickey Rourke, Wes Bentley, Ellen Page, Marisa Tomei and William H. Macy.

It features Michelle Monaghan as the ex-wife.


A man goes through a very bad life as he is left by his wife leading him to drink a consistent amount of alcohol resulting in him landing his car right on top of his parents car killing his ext-wife who unfortunatley was seated inside.

He is arrested and spends a total of six years and meets a bevy of strange and eccentric prison folk characters at Steven Stacounty Penantiary.

He eventually escapes on behalf of his roommate and now best friend (Mickey Rourke).

The two characters embark on a worldwide trip and the titular character S (James Franco) gets caught up in the works of the Fat Tony Crime Family.

Eventually his best friend aptly named D his shotdown in a large shootout in Greece leaving S as a witness target.

He ultimately fakes his death which emotionally tears his family apart.

He swindels his way back to Colorado to his parents and meets a grease-hand young girl (Ellen Page) of whom he falls for.

The film ends with a fictional killing of Fat Tony by S and his love flame named R.

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