The tortured warrior known only as Blade may be humanity's last, best hope for survival against an army of immortal vampires. Rendered with vampiric abilities by the circumstances of his birth, he sharpened his combat skills to a lethal edge. Fueled by a craving for vengeance, Blade fights to wipe vampires off the face of the Earth.

Real name: Eric Brooks
Occupation: Professional vampire hunter
Identity: Secret
Species: Human-Vampire hybrid, of African-American descent
Legal status: Citizen of the United States
Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Robert Brooks (father), Vanessa Brooks (mother, deceased)
Group affiliation: None, formerly Bad Bloods street gang
Base of operations: Mobile

History: In Detroit, Michigan a woman named Vanessa Brooks was bitten by the vampire Deacon Frost when she was pregnant. Although she died the doctors were able to save the baby, Eric. The vampire enzymes that had entered into Vanessa had filtered into the baby's blood causing a bizarre mutation to occur. The vampire matter was encountered by the child's immune system, and a resistance was created - a process similar to immunities created by vaccines. This resistance did not comprise of antibodies, but instead a gradual "tweaking" of the child's genetic structure, modeled on a vampire's own physical robustness.

When he entered puberty, Eric's vampire-like qualities emerged, but he was not a true vampire. He healed quickly, craved blood and had enhanced physical abilities, but was not immortal nor was he hurt by sunlight. Eric's father, Robert, was able to supply him with blood taken from a hospital by his girlfriend, Angela, who happened to be a nurse. Eventually, Robert contacted a vampire hunter named Abraham Whistler. Whistler proposed to Robert and Angela to take Eric away and train him into a vampire hunter. Eric overheard the three talking and ran away.

A couple of hours later, Whistler and Robert found him in an abandoned factory. However, Eric fought Whistler. In the scuffle, Whistler's leg was broken so severely that he was left with a permanent limp. Eric escaped and was eventually taken in by a street gang called the "Bad Bloods." As a member of this gang, he was given tribal tattoos along the back of his neck and shoulders. A few days later, he was overcome by his blood thirst and attacked the other members of the gang, biting them and therefore turning them into vampires. Immediately distraught over his actions, Eric ran away from them. He spent several months on the streets feeding off the homeless, but not severely enough that any of them were turned into vampires.

Eventually, Whistler found him. He captured Eric and managed to convince him to become a vampire hunter. Nicknaming him "Blade," Whistler trained him into a highly proficient vampire hunter. He uses a special serum to suppress Blade's craving for blood. Now an adult, Blade is notoriously called the "Daywalker" by vampires, who both hate and fear him. Using weapons designed and built by Whistler, Blade wages a never ending war against vampires around the world.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Superhuman Powers: Blade has the superhuman strength and speed that vampires do. Though not having most of their weaknesses gives him the advantage. Blade heals more quickly then normal with almost no scarring. He is resistant to mind control and transformation into a vampire. He has developed an uncanny skill to tell if someone is a vampire on sight no matter how they try to hide it. He does have a thirst for blood but can control it with a special serum.

Learned/Special Skills: Blade is a highly skilled fighter. He is also an expert and highly skilled in several forms of sword fighting. Blade is fluent in French and has also picked up some slight Slavic languages and some family languages of the vampire clans.

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