The Blob is a carnivorous plasmic life form that has developed to hunt its prey, evolving into one of the galaxies ultimate predators. Created as an experimental virus by the United States Army to be used for biological warfare for defense, the Blob started life as simple bacteria which was launched into orbit inside a specially built satellite. As part of the program, the bacteria was exposed to the conditions of space, which caused it to mutate. Growing at a geometric rate, the bacteria's activity threw the satellite out of orbit, causing it to plummet towards Earth. When the satellite crash landed, the mutated bacteria, or Blob, was able to escape, hunting its human prey and wreaking havoc.

Gelatinous, translucent and "goopy" in consistency, the Blob is a fleshy pink/purple colored shapeless organic mass, which travels by slithering, sliding, and pouring along the ground. As it has no skeletal system, the Blob can squeeze through nearly any gap or pipe, and can change it's shape almost at will.

It is able to form tentacles or tendrils which it can shoot out to grab hold of its prey, and is surprisingly strong, enabling it to crawl up walls, support its entire weight (and that of its prey) while clinging to the ceiling, bend metal doors, or pull an entire adult human through a gap the size of a plug hole.

When the Blob seizes its prey, it will envelop them completely, secreting an acidic enzyme which quickly melts the prey's skin and dissolves their flesh. Sometime the Blob will kill its prey and then slither inside the corpse, waiting to ambush anyone who comes close enough. With eat meal, the Blob increases in mass, and is capable of increasing its initial mass by at least a factor of one thousand.

Though the Blob can survive underwater for long periods of time (possibly indefinitely), and does not appear to require oxygen or air (as it was developed under vacuum conditions in space), it cannot stand cold temperatures. Extreme cold will cause the Blob to become crystalline in nature, rendering it useless, though it may be able to survive if the temperature is raised.

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