• Matthew Jabez P. Nazario I

    Hi, guys! I'm sorry that I just got blocked for a month, but now I'm free! YAY!

    Okay, now that I'm free, I invite you all to this!

    Novum Terram Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

    We should build a new world! We should build a new universe where it was ruled under the United Federation of Earth! So please help me! I want to expand the Novum Terram Wiki, especially the list of introduced species!

    BTW, DinosaursRoar, I'm free now! So please, help me expand Novum Terram! Okay? Thank you!

    PS, I love you all, and I invite you all to come to Novum Terram! This is an advertisement brought to you by Fanon Wiki.


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  • Nashwalker

    A series based on the film:


    Gadget Gang:

    Gregorio "Gregory" Mackenzie

    Phoebe Mackenzie

    Franceso Rossulini

    Mitsue Kurosawa

    Mary Anne Bassbaum

    Bartholmew "Banana" Baxter

    Tadford "Tank" Gruberg

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  • ColinOfficial


    June 29, 2017 by ColinOfficial

    Just don't bully people acording to Fanon Wiki! rules.

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  • Andrewteel213

    Crying Lalaloopsy

    June 12, 2017 by Andrewteel213

    List of Lalaloopsies that are going to cry:

    Pickles BLT, Pepper Pots 'N' Pans, Bea Spells-a-Lot, Jewel Sparkles, Suzette La Sweet, Blossom Flowerpot, Marina Anchors, Ace Fender Bender, Dot Starlight, Ember Flicker Flame, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises, Patch Treasurechest, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Pillow Featherbed, Pix E. Flutters, Peppy Pom Poms, Peanut Big Top, Sir Battlescarred, Spot Splatter Splash, Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn, Prairie Dusty Trails, Forest Evergreen, Charlotte Charades, Mango Tiki Wiki, Tippy Tumblelina, Cherry Crisp Crust, Dyna Might, Winter Snowflake, and Little Bah Peep

    List of Lalaloopsy Littles that are going to cry:

    Specs Reads-a-Lot, Blanket Featherbed, Bundles Snuggle Stuff, Scribbles Splash, Squirt Lil…

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  • Matthew Jabez P. Nazario I

    Hello! I need your help! Since I got blocked on Ideas Wiki for 50 years, I REALLY need your help! I repeat... I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!

    I want my own version of The Characters: A Celebration of the Imagination! It'll look very much similar to Bricky Block's version of that special (like this)! Unfortunately, I've got blocked for 50 years! I can't be blocked for 50 years! I want it a year or a month, not like that! I don't like vandalism! I wanna say sorry for vandalizing! But let's hope it's not too late! It's far from being too late! That's why, I have to make my version! It's about the largest banquet held in a penthouse called the Grand Themistocles. There should be more characters than that dull original one! We also need food, transcript…

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  • NinjaMan107

    I need some characters and actors for my new movie idea "Ultimate Heroes". If you give me characters and a plot idea, I may or may not put them in my movie.

    Characters I Am Confirmed to put in the movie

    • Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)
    • Zane (Ninjago)
    • Spider Man (MCU)
    • Robin (Teen Titans Go)
    • Raven (Teen Titans Go)
    • Captain America (MCU)

    Villains in movie

    • Deathstroke (DC)
    • Nadakhan (Ninjago)
    • Skulker (Danny Phantom)

    Please give me some ideas, it will pay off!

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  • NinjaMan107
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  • Pablo Solis Ledesma

    Hi.I'm Pablo, a new user in the wiki.I'm beginning the series of shorts of The Three Brothers.And have HELP WANTED!

    Because no like me too write alone my serie, to me like me what others write my serie.So...¿Anyone can be a writer in my serie?

    The writer can be make this things:

    1- Write episodes.

    2 - Say Me ideas for my series.

    3 - Most Title Cards.

    4 - Put a airdate.

    These are little rules:

    1.When the writer want to write a episode, obligatory, he have to say to the director(me).

    2.No can make unofficial episodes.Because the second rule of what he can make, the director is the charge of look if go to be a official or unofficial episode.

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  • Mecanimetales


    April 17, 2017 by Mecanimetales

    Hi! i'm new and i'm Meca (yea that is all babe)

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    April 2, 2017 by ANONYMOUS.CLASSIFIED.000

    Okay, besides my user page, I am new to the wikia

    I am currently editing other's wikis to make it more better to understand or add things to help the user. The is my first blog and I do not know what to put into it besides it fanon wiki. I am obssesed with Danganronpa though. 


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  • NarutoFox57

    The wait is over! Harry Potter X Undertale: Fate of Two Worlds: Battle of Ages ! From the author of such masterworks as "A Rule 63 Lavrov x Gale Shipfic", and the best-selling, unforgettable "Love At The Office: The Brunette in Logistics"HPxUT is sure to get you submerged in your own bodily fluids from just how purely erotic and hot it is! 

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  • SkyGuy

    Story Rewrite Pending

    February 20, 2017 by SkyGuy

    I don't know who's reading my stories because I never get comments on them. Regardless, I feel obligated to make my intentions clear; I'm cutting out all the Assassin's Creed elements from my stories Assassin's Creed: The Vampire Princess and The Chronicles of Patria: The Secret of Soleil and replacing them with something else. The Assassin Brotherhood will be replaced with the Order of the Knights of Eden, and Order of the Knights Templar, while itself remaining part of the Patrian Universe, will be replaced with the Chaos Order; And "Assassin's Creed: The Vampire Princess" will be renamed "The Chronicles of Patria: The Silver Bat" (working title). The reason I'm doing this is because of my dream.

    I'm extremely proud of my work on my fictional …

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  • Black Soulstone

    Unneeded Images

    February 17, 2017 by Black Soulstone

    Following images are scrapped contents for The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices series.

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  • Chris6d

    Admin once again.

    January 30, 2017 by Chris6d

    Just to let everyone know, I was admin in August 2016 but sadly demoted for no reason, after all I was doing was trying to protect the wiki. However, I am back, and am ready to protect this wiki again, and help anyone who needs it. So if you have any questions or concerns, contact me. Thanks everyone!

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  • Bat-Knight

    X-C 2: Rise of Sinister

    January 20, 2017 by Bat-Knight

    The actual sequel to X-men: Carrie and to Avengers the Fever of Rage Carrie and the X-men are back to face their ultimate challenge against their greatest enemy Sinister along with Tarantula and Chris Hargenesen but once odds are against them Carrie is willing to do everything she can to protect her new family this fan fiction is rated R for disturbing images violence language brief nudity and blood under age's of 13 are adviced and movie references are concluded in this


    Carrie White / Chloe Grace Moretz

    Charles Xavier / Patrick Stewart

    Logan (Wolverine) / Hugh Jackman

    Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) / Alan Cummings

    Rachel Lang / Odyea Rush

    Storm / Halle Berry

    Jean Grey / Famke Janssen

    Rogue / Anna Paquin

    Remy LeBeau (Gambit) / Taylor Kitsch


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  • DipperTheDigger003


    January 12, 2017 by DipperTheDigger003


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  • Bat-Knight

    Avengers The Fever of Rage is a fan fiction chapter to The Avenger franchise X-men Trilogy (Days Of Futcher Past) Carrie (2013) The Rage Carrie 2 and Captian America the Civil War this fiction is rated PG-13 for Action Intence Violence and Language Viewers under age of 10 are adviced and references of other movies are in this


    Odeya Rush/Rachel Lang

    Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark(Iron man)

    Chris Evens/Steve Rogers(Capetian America)

    Chloe Grace Moretz/Carrie White

    Chris Hemsworth/Thor

    Hugh Jackman/Logan(Wolverine)

    Scarlett Johnasson/Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow)

    Tom Halland/Peter Parker(Spider-man)

    Paul Rudd/Ant-man

    Gabrialla Wilde/Sue Snell

    Mark Ruffalo/Dr. Bruce Banner(The Hulk)

    Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye

    Ian McKellen/Magneto

    Aaron Stanford/Pyro

    Vinnie Jone…

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  • S0mePVZfan


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  • Nashwalker

    GTA: Law & Disorder

    December 13, 2016 by Nashwalker

    GTA: Law & Disorder

    Based on the GTA roleplay on Twitter.


    Chief Arthur Jones

    Valley Bureau (Misson Row)

    Cmdr. Mark Graham

    Det./Sgt./Lt. Trey Fuller

    Offc./Sgt. Sara Blackburn

    Sgt. Derick Griffin

    Sgt. Brian Anderson

    Det. Richard Adams

    Offc./Det. Oliver Smith

    Offc. Jayden Nakamura

    Offc. Jeffery Whistler

    Offc. Dennis Shepard

    Offc. Natalie Blackburn

    Offc. Ryan Kingston

    Offc. Jason McLean 

    West Bureau (Vespucci)

    Offc./Sgt./Lt./Capt. Harry Thomson

    Sgt. Steven Mitchell

    Sgt. George Kuffman

    Offc./Det. Henry Tux (undercover)

    Det. Elwood Sheffield (deceased)

    Det. Liam Callaghan

    Offc. Nick Taylor

    Offc. Marlene Rotenbach

    Offc. Peter Wenzel

    Offc. Siggi Strunz

    Offc. Jack Spike

    Central Bureau (Vinewood)

    Det./Capt. John Walker

    Lt. Jack Jones

    Lt. Zack Windsor

    Sgt. Chris Lopez

    Offc. Mich…

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  • Gizmo-Faolan


    December 8, 2016 by Gizmo-Faolan

    hiya im here to ask about rudolph and also how does this wiki work.

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  • Black Soulstone

    Image for my fanfics:

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  • Nashwalker

    Nightmare Ned is an animated reboot of the 1997 animated TV series of the same name, which was based on an eponymous video game developed by Creative Capers Entertainment and Window Painters Ltd., and set to premiere on Disney Channel in Fall 2018.

    The show focuses on the life of Ned Needlemeyer (voiced by Steele Gagnon), a 10-year-old boy that deals with his daily problems through the support of his friends and dark, quirky nightmares.

    • Steele Gagnon as Ned Needlemeyer, a 10-year-old nerdy boy with an overactive imagination and many insecurities, both of which result into dark, but quirky nightmares. He also keeps a small circle of friends who also give him a shoulder to lean on and often play a part in his bizarre dreams.
    • Kyla Rae Kowalewski …

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  • Deven~ShoeMan
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  • FigureGunplaFan

    Giant Woman (film)

    October 15, 2016 by FigureGunplaFan
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  • Geobuddyfight100

    My Persona

    September 7, 2016 by Geobuddyfight100

    Name George Micho

    Age 19

    Family Unnamed Family

    Sexuality Bisexual 

    Personality George his caring kind sweet person he love to make friends and his super friendly to everyone but his also very hot-temper when he get angry he becomes sadcastic and agressive but his also very sensited person he get hurt easy he sometimes his becomeing calm and serious his have acrobophia meaning fear of hights he respects what decision of people make is very honest and loyal person to his friends he gonna do anything to protect the his love ones

    Likes making friends sweets video games 

    Dislikes Violence losing Friends [ by fighting each other ] melons

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  • ToyGoldenFreddy2

    So, I Know I Shouldn't Be Making A Blog About This But Seriously, What The Hell Is With The Grammar Chris? I Am Not Judging You Or Anything, But Why, It's Been On My Mind For Ages.

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  • GrishamAnimationStudios102

    Hey, everybody. :) I need your help on adding information about the premise, production, voice cast, and episodes to The Legend of Zelda (1996 TV series). I've already planned out the page. Now, it is your turn to do the rest. If you willing to help out on editing the page, please contact me here on my blog. Thank you! ;)

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  • Nashwalker

    R.I.P.D. (TV series)

    August 13, 2016 by Nashwalker

    R.I.P.D.: Shadow Unit is an American supernatural action-comedy police procedural web television series produced by Amazon Studios. It is based off of the film of the same name and acts as a follow-up to it. The series was picked up by Amazon and the first season will have 13 episodes. It is expected to premiere in fall 2017.

    Four years after the events of the film, Nick and Roy are assigned to the new Shadow Unit where they team up with five other undead detectives to solve the toughest undercover cases in the afterlife.

    • Seamus Dever as Nick Walker, a detective sergeant of the Boston Police Department, and officer of the R.I.P.D.
    • Ted Levine as Roycephus "Roy" Pulsipher, a United States Marshal and former American Civil War soldier from the Wi…

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  • Live2Rise

    Power-Up Heroes: Ascension ​is an 2020 supernatural action comedy adventure film based on the 2011 Xbox 360 game, Power-Up Heroes and is the sequel to the film that goes by the same name. Warner Brothers Pictures will distribute the film along with New Line Cinema producing it. It will be directed and produced again by Christopher Nolan. The film will feature Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Anna Kendrick, Ciara Bravo, Liev Schreiber, Columbus Short, Terry Crews, Colin Farrell, Nancy Allen (voice), Tom Holland (voice), Damon Wayans Jr, Dave Franco, James Franco, Isla Fisher and Carrie Fisher. Despite a few techincal and develpoment issues with the film, Power-Up Heroes collected more then enough money in order for a sequel to be made. Most of …

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  • TheOneFootTallBrickWall

    Hello everyone. I am a former admin on this wiki and I want to be your next admin! I feel like I was demoted unfairly and that I never got to show the users of this wiki what I truly am, a person who cares. I am qualified and I am seeking you're support. I want to end rigged elections, such as my demotion and the rigged elections that have taken place since my departure. One of the current admins Spookez is an Bureaucrat with only 20 edits! I have 228 at the time of this writing. If I am elected I will put an end to rigged elections, make voting fun and not have one person calling the shots. The last thing I would like to say is this, I want my program that was shut down to start up again, the Editor of the Month Program. This helps the wi…

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  • Live2Rise

    Carrie: Freedom

    July 30, 2016 by Live2Rise

    Carrie: Freedom is a 2019 supernatural drama film and is the sequel to the 2017 film, Carrie: Judgement Day . This time directed by Brian De Palma, produced again by David Heyman, and distributed by Sony and Summit Entertainment, the film will feature Chloë Grace Moretz as the titular character once again. It will also feature Gabriella Wilde, Taylor Launter, Odeya Rush, Miles Teller, Scout Taylor-Compton, Idris Elba, Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julliane Moore, Liam James, AnnaSophia Robb, Ansel Elgort, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Sigourney Weaver. Much controversy has taken place on whether or not a fourth film for Carrie would happen after the commercial success on Carrie: Judgement Day. Kimberly Pierce stated she didn't…

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  • Live2Rise

    Power-Up Heroes

    July 26, 2016 by Live2Rise

    Power-Up Heroes is an 2017 supernatural action adventure film based on the 2011 Xbox 360 game by the same name. The game was for the Kinect and had sold rather well. Warner Brothers Pictures will distribute the film along with New Line Cinema producing it. Universal originally had planned to take over distribution for the film, but ultimately had to step down due to complications and time consumption with their other projects. It will be directed and produced by Christopher Nolan.

    The film will feature Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Anna Kendrick, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Foxx, James Franco, Isla Fisher, Freddie Prinze Jr., Nancy Allen (voice), Jai Courtney (voice) with Clark Gregg and Carrie Fisher.

    Former space commander Adam Hale aka Volta (S…

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  • Bloodlust Gamer

    Finding Marlin

    July 18, 2016 by Bloodlust Gamer

    Okay, so I recently came across a page called Finding Marlin and... it's a good page. The effort put into it is good. The plot is nicely written and sometimes laughable but all in all good. I get that he/she put time into the page and all he/she asks for is some attention and to everyone who reads this take a look at Finding Marlin.

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  • Live2Rise

    Carrie: Judgement Day

    July 17, 2016 by Live2Rise

    Carrie: Judgement Day is an upcoming 2016 supernatural drama film and is the sequel to this years film "Carrie: Blood Of Redemption" and the 2013 remake film "Carrie". Directed once again by Kimberly Pierce, produced once again by David Heyman and distributed this time by Sony and Summit Entertainment, this film will feature Chloë Grace Moretz , Odeya Rush, Taylor Lautner, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday, Miles Teller, Idris Elba, Donnabella Mortel, Robbie Jones, Jay Hernandez, Sissy Spacek, Logan Lerman, Julianne Moore and Nick Nolte. A trilogy for the 2013 remake of "Carrie" was very unlikely at first. But after the commercial and box office success of Carrie: Blood Of Redemption, Sony was all too eager to green light the third film. Howev…

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  • Nashwalker

    Zootopia: Officers on Patrol is an American computer-animated series developed by Rich Moore and Byron Howard for Disney Channel and Disney XD. The series is based on the 2016 Disney film, Zootopia. The series premiered on July 16, 2017 on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

    Set a year after the events of the first film, Judy and Nick have become two of the top cops on the Zootopia Police Department as they continue doing what they do best: protecting, serving, and even training some of the newest of recruits of the force.

    • Ginnifer Goodwin as Officer Judy Hopps, ZPD's first rabbit officer and Nick's partner and best friend.
    • Jason Bateman as Officer Nick Wilde, ZPD's first fox officer and Judy's partner and best friend.
    • Kevin Michael Richardson as Chie…

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  • Live2Rise


    July 1, 2016 by Live2Rise

    Tranquility is an drama crime thriller-action film released in 2017. Columbia Pictures will distribute the film along with Sony and Screen Gems producing the film and in association with Village Roadshow Pictures.

    This film features Jacob Latimore as the main character along with Josh Hutcherson, Kyle Massey, Zendaya, Chloë Grace Mortez, Jude Law, Tika Sumpter, Wesley Snipes, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Kimberly Elise, Aaron Paul, Stanley Tucci, Andrew Garfield, Zac Efron Bella Thorne, Alyson Stoner and Sigourney Weaver.

    18 year-old Ryan Geraldo (Jacob Latimore) had everything going for him. Despite his upbringing growing up on the streets of Detroit, he moved to Wisconsin to a new home, new friends (Josh Hutcherson, Kyle Massey), new girlfriend…

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  • Nashwalker

    Rush Hour is an American police procedural comedy television series developed by Blake McCormick and Bill Lawrence that is based on the popular film franchise of the same name created by Ross LaManna. Similar to the films, the series follows Detective Carter, a radical LAPD detective, and Detective Lee, a by-the-book detective from Hong Kong, as they are forced into forming an unlikely partnership. CBS placed a series order on May 8, 2015. The show premiered on March 31, 2016. On May 16, 2016, CBS canceled the show after one season. On May 26, 2016, CBS removed the show from its schedule. However, they later announced the show will return on July 23 to burn off the remaining episodes.

    On September 5th, 2016, Netflix picked up the show for a …

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  • Nashwalker

    Castle & Shipton

    June 17, 2016 by Nashwalker

    Following the events of Castle's eighth season, but prior to the epilogue of it, Richard Castle's daughter Alexis, and Private Investigations co-worker Hayley Shipton relocate Castle's Investigations to Los Angeles to make their own way, renaming it Castle/Shipton Investigations. They form a team consisting of one of Hayley's old Scotland Yard allies from London, a young ambitious fan of Castle's Derrick Storm Nikki Heat series, a white-hat hacker and crime scene/tech analyst, and an former law student looking to pave his own path in the world. Together they work in co-operation of a team of L.A.P.D. detectives, in the department's High Priority Division, often solving unorthodox mysteries like Castle, Kate Beckett, and company before th…

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  • Meagx

    Until Dawn

    June 17, 2016 by Meagx


    | starring           =  

    | country            = United States

    | language           = English

    | num_seasons        = 2

    | num_episodes       = 12

    | executive_producer = {{Plainlist|

    • Harvey Weinstein
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  • Nashwalker

    Windy Peaks

    June 17, 2016 by Nashwalker

    P.J. Delvecchio (Buffy)

    Connie Delvecchio (Buffy)

    Braheme Cross (Xander)

    Michelle Blonsky (Willow)

    Kelly Quinn (Cordelia)

    Gabriel Blue (Doyle)

    Crestwick Boser (Giles)

    Jonah Holmes (Angel)

    Apollo Caulderon (Spike)

    Summer Nguyen (Fred)

    Cameron Crisp (Gunn)

    Finley Thorne (Oz)

    Eduardo "Eddie" Cortez (Mulder)

    Alison "Allie" Johnson (Scully)

    Kelsi Peterson (Anya)

    Tyler Russell (Riley)

    Bella Cassidy (Tara)

    Mitchell Blonsky (Dawn)

    Tsubasa Kato (Wesley)

    Jason Sapp (jock)

    Rhonda Van Bueller (queen bee)

    Joey Francis (nerd)


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  • Wikiuser1991
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  • Nashwalker

    Casper (1995) reimagining

    New Characters

    Richard Hamilton - Vincent McFadden - Casper's 96-year-old first cousin, and the sole survivor of his generation of the McFadden family.

    Courtland Mead - Danny McFadden (voice) - Vincent's younger brother and Casper's second cousin, who died just days after him.

    Jeff Daniels - Jonathan Crittenden - Carrigan's older brother, and almost-always-ignored voice of reason.

    Jonathan Brandis - J.J. Crittenden - The oldest of Jonathan's children, Carrigan's nephew, who is something of a rebel.

    Jane Russell - Maizy McFadden - Vincent's late wife, who stayed married to him for 77 years until her death a year prior to the film. It's also revealed that she was a powerful witch who had control over all the elements, whi…

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  • Bunny1002


    March 8, 2016 by Bunny1002


    Puma 17:

    Puma, Puma, yet Puma. The Puma keeps growing. The Puma cutting deeper. This next Puma seems very very interesting. What do you Pumas think?


    This will be part of my new series: The Adventures of Dr. Puma. So, tell me what you pumas People think! (NO, I did not say Puma.) 

    What do you think? It is bad It is good it's like Mettatons legs TERRIBLE!!! IT IS TERRIBLE!!! What? I wasn't paying attention to the thing I clicked on.

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  • Nashwalker

    This spin-off of Totally Spies! follows Norman "Normy" Riley, Clover's cousin and Madison Wilcox, the President's daughter, as they join a team of spies in WOOHP's Junior Spy Division.

    Main Characters:

    Norman "Normy" Riley: Clover's cousin, who discovers her secret and becomes a junior spy and Maddie's best friend and potential love interest. He serves as the team's covert operations specialist.

    Madison "Maddie" Wilcox: The daughter of the President of the United States who becomes a junior spy and Normy's best friend and potential love interest. She serves as the team's communications specialist.

    Keith Chambers: The level-headed leader of the team.

    Hayley Bennett: The fashion-obssessed undercover expert of the team and Diego's love interest.


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  • Nashwalker

    Inspired by Fuller House, this Fall 2016 spin-off to Family Matters focuses on Steve Urkel (now a more mature, and deeper voiced man, though still with some of his Urkel-isms), his wife Laura, their five children (three biological, two adopted), and his in-laws Carl and Harriette. Also rounding out is his oldest son's best friend and next door neighbor Joaquin Alverez.

    Main Cast:

    Jaleel White - Steven Quincy "Steve" Urkel, Sr.

    Kellie S. Williams - Laura Lee Urkel

    Ashley Nicole Greene - Vanessa Lauren Urkel, Steve and Laura's eldest child

    Damarr Calhoun - Steven Quincy "Stevie" Urkel, Jr., Steve and Laura's oldest natural son

    Aalyrah Caldwell - Kenzi Ajibe Urkel - Steve and Laura's oldest natural daughter

    Jacob Tremblay - Cameron Finley, the Urkel'…

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  • Chris6d

    2016 Fanon Wiki Awards

    January 25, 2016 by Chris6d

    The Fanon Wiki Awards are a great thing and I'm just happy to have created it. Please spread this blog post and get as many people as possible to contribute to the 2016 Fanon Wiki Awards. Thanx.

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  • Nashwalker

    Here's the concept of a new series, which my previous idea LAPD: Gang Unit is spun-off from. 

    LAPD: On the Beat

    A squad of LAPD officers team up to protect and serve on the streets in Los Angeles, California.

    E.J. Bonilla - Officer Sandino Padilla

    Cole Hauser - Senior Lead Officer Jim Griffin

    Cassidy Freeman - Officer Amanda Carlyle

    RZA - Sergeant Moses Price

    Enuka Okuma - Senior Lead Officer Tawny Smith

    Kenny Johnson - Officer Joshua Johnson

    Victoria Justice - Officer Remy D'Amico

    Nathan Kress - Officer Peter Deck

    CSI: San Diego

    Nick Stokes comes to San Diego to lead the city's crime lab, and with his own team of detectives crack down on the city's crime.

    George Eads - Nick Stokes (CSI Supervisor/Lieutenant)

    Alicia Coppola - Angie Shapiro (CSI Assistan…

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  • Shanell0420

    This is getting annoying

    December 26, 2015 by Shanell0420

    Someone keeps adding Bella Sana to fanmade films. Bella Sana isn't the daughter of Danielle Panabaker! Bella Sana isn't real!

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  • Nashwalker

    Season 1: Beginnings

    Season 2: Old Love

    Season 3: Det. Weston joins the MCU, Bruce comes back home and is discharged from the Navy, Vice Detectives, Chinese Agent Jiang-Su Li, and Clark Royce are introduced, The Equalizer comes to town, Laura and Lisa are both shot in finale, Laura lives but Lisa dies, Logan proposes to Laura in finale, and Jerry leaves to be nearer to his son, who has moved away with his mother.

    Season 4: Bruce discovers about Raini, the daughter he never knew he had, Rose Lavato and Li join the Agency, Ford and Vice Detective Jureau are murdered by Triad faction, Weston leaves with Clark to use her medical skills to help refugees in Africa, Li returns to China to continue her fight against the Triads, Logan and Laura marry …

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  • Princess Dynasti

    Alright, who is putting Ethan Hawke, Eliza Bennett, Katie Cassidy, Emma Bell, Georgie Henley, and the Final Destination 5 actors and actresses in fanmade movie pages? :S It's getting annoying as heck.

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