Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny are given a second chance to prevent the future. Harry/Ginny

Chapter One

Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley stared at each other's eyes. Both were the only survivors in the devastating war.

Harry and Ginny had witnessed everyone's deaths. The list goes on from the Weasleys to the Malfoys. Of course, they could still hear the screams.


"Percy, you came back", Molly Janet Weasley said as she saw Percy.

"Please forgive me mother, i have finaly reli-", he was cut off when there was a loud bang. Mother and Son turned around.

The death eaters charged into Hogwarts. "Whoops, forgot about the time", Voldermort's Voice rang through the hall.

"Percy, no", Molly screamed as Percy was hit by the killing curse. He looked at his family for one more time, and fell down, dead.

Fred and George

"Harry, we need to get to the Locket", Ginny screamed over the noise. More and More death eaters were attacking the hall.

Harry and Ginny had been separated by Ron and Hermione. Harry had told Ginny about Rowena's Lockart.

"Come on", Harry gasped for breath as the smoke went into his lungs. To his horror, he saw Acromantula's were filing into the room.

"FRED", George screamed as he saw his brother get tackled by one of the giant spiders. Fred yelled in agony as the spider bit into him, and he was no more.

"George, we need to get out of here right now", Ginny screamed, tears in her eyes. "NO", Ginny screamed as one of the spiders tackled George to the ground, and soon he was no more.

"Ginny, we will avenge them. If you follow me, we will avenge them", Harry pleaded with Ginny. She turned around, and nodded.

Malfoy, Crabbie and Goyle

Harry and Ginny found the room of requiement. "Wait Harry. Why don't we wish for the locket instead of having to find it", Ginny asked.

Then, the found the locket on the floor. Ginny ran over to it, and picked it up. "Well, Well Well. Lookey who it is", they heard the arrogant voice of Draco Scorpius Malfoy.

Both turned around. "Malfoy, now is not the time of the place", Harry snapped at the spoiled brat. "Oh, Potter. I think it is", Malfoy grinned.

"Avada Kedarva", Crabbie yelled. Harry dodged it, and so did Ginny. "Don't, the dark lord wants him alive", Malfoy sneered.

Just then, they heard the door blast open. The Dementors have came in. "Ginny", Harry whispered and both backed away.

Draco, Crabbie and Goyle tried to run past them, but the dementors grabbed them and they screamed as the dementor bent over for a kiss.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM", Harry yelled, but only a few sparks came out. It was too late, as they were no more than a empty shell.

Hermione, Charlie, Arthur and McGonagall

Harry, Ginny and Ron were fighting in the battle. Harry collasped, feeling sore as his scar hurt more than it usualy did. Harry then relised Voldermort was in the shreiking shack.

"NO", they heard screams. They turned around, and saw dragons burst into the windows. Charlie Weasley was on one of them.

"Charlie", Ginny and Ron whispered. However, an giant smashed the windows and grabbed the dragon Charlie was on. "NO", Charlie screamed as he fell down, dead.

However, he fell on top of Arthur Weasley, his father. Arthur suddenly paled and took out his wand and raised it to his head. "Avada Kedarva".

"NO". Hermione Jean Granger ran up to them. "Where have you been, i-", she fell down to the room, dead. Ron screamed and cursed, Harry paled as did Ginny.

Harry looked up, and saw Minerva McGonagall laughing at them. "She is in the imperio curse", Harry murmed. However, she was soon stepped on by one of the giants.

Snape, Ron, Bill and Fluer

"Nagina, food", Voldermort's cold voice spoke to the snake. The snake slivered to the dead body of Snape. The snake opened its mouth, and eat him.

Ginny puked, which Voldermort heard. He turned around. "Harry Potter, and your whore. Lets see how your whore and you if i kill your friend", and with that, he raised his wand and killed Ron. "NO".

Harry then remembered he had the sorting hat with him, and the sword of Gryffindor fell down. He quickly grabbed onto it, and jumped up to the snake and slice it's head off.

"NO", Voldermort roared. Harry ducked his spell and he and Ginny ran off. They had already destroyed the diadem and the cup.

They rushed up to Hogwarts, and to their horror, saw Bill and Fluer fighting. "Bill, theeze are too manzy", she screamed as she was hit by an curse and fell down.

"No, those bastards have killed Ginny and the others", Bill shouted. "Bil-", Ginny was cut off when Voldermort came, and killed Bill and then Fluer.

From that moment, all the battle frozed as they witnessed Harry and Ginny duel Voldermort. Harry pushed Ginny away from the killing curse, and he himself used the killing curse, which killed Voldermort.

The battle continued, and soon Bellatrix Lestrange and themselves were the lasts ones. Lestrange apparated away, leaveing the stunned couple.

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