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Blue Team



United Nations Space Command






Spearhead Unit


4 Operators as of 2553




Blue Team was a team of SPARTAN-IIs varying in size depending on the conflict, which was active throughout the entire war. They were originally led by MCPO John-117 during the first battles against the Covenant, and consisted of only 3 other members; Sam-034, Kelly-087, and David-010. In 2552 they spearheaded the defense of Earth, led by David-010 after John-117 was assigned to assist with problems elsewhere.

Operation: REVELATION and the War's Final DaysEdit

"You can't get the Master Chief to stop a mission once he's started one. You'll need somebody else to defend Earth, and I know just the kind of people..."
—Lord Hood to Admiral Harper on who would defend Earth now that John-117 and the others had pursued Truth.

Blue Team bg 2
Blue Team c.2552 (L-R: John-117, David-010, Fred-104, Linda-058, Kelly-087)

Blue Team personally spearheaded the defense of Earth in late 2552, early 2553. Most of the defeats of the Covenant were made by Blue Team personally. Heading military operations all across the Galaxy against the Covenant over the entire war, they knew the Covenants' weaknesses and knew how to expertly exploit them. Their abilities led to the conclusive defeat of the Covenant, Flood, and enemy Human forces in 2553. The survivors were deemed heroes of Humanity, and the dead were even more so for giving their lives so that billions others may live.

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