Bogart is the King Grendel at the time of the Total Assault Saga and a main antagonist of the Total Assault Series.

Physical Appearance

Bogart wears thick golden armor with a helmet vaguely in the shape of a dog with eyeholes which criss-cross in the shape of an "X". In his armor Bogart stands nearly 9 feet tall and weighs nearly 2,000 lbs.

Days as a Titan Industries CEO

Bogart took over after his cousin, Demetri Titan Bogart, died. Bogart managed the business well, but when his Titan 3 project became a success he began to become corrupt with power.

Total Assault

When the Grendel rebelled it was because Bogart ordered Adrean to attack their headquarters on the Haven and bring The Eye to him. Bogart then went into hiding on Adonias, where he was contacted by a Zodiac official who saw how much he hated humanity. Then, with Bogart's leadership, The Grendel joined The Zodiac.

Assault on Atlantis

When Bogart had all of the pieces of The Eye collected, he intended to activate it at The Apex and take all of its power for himself. Bogart was then killed by Davian but not before he revealed to Davian he was of Atlantean descent.

Part Harbinger?

It is suggested that Bogart was lying when he told Davian he was part Harbinger saying he rightfully inherits all the objects they have left behind. There may have indeed been some truth behind it, because, how in the world could he have told if Davian really was part Atlantean, of course, maybe he wasn't and that was a lie as well.

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