Boogeyman is a remake of the 2005 American psychological horror film starring Nicholas D'Agosto, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Madison Lintz, Teresa Palmer, Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Donnie Wahlberg, Mason Cook and Scott Wilson



  • Steven McQueen as Tim Jensen
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate Houghton
  • Madison Lintz as Franny Roberts
  • Teresa Palmer as Jessica
  • Hugh Jackman as Mr. Jensen
  • Kate Beckinsale as Mary Jensen
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Uncle Mike
  • Mason Cook as Young Tim Jensen
  • Scott Wilson as Dr. Matherson


  • Mr. Jensen- Dragged into closet
  • Mary Jensen- Dies from shock
  • Jessica- Dragged down bathtub/drowned
  • Uncle Mike- Wrapped in plastic sheet and dragged into closet
  • Boogeyman- Fall back into closet into ethereal pit
  • Tim Jensen- Throat slit (killed himself)


Kate Houghton and Dr. Matherson

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