Bradford "Brad" Olsen
C thomas howell
LAPD Detective
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Eddie Olsen (father)

Jeanette Olsen (mother)

Drew Olsen (brother; deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Weapons M1911 Pistol
Species Human
Home Sacramento, California
Appearances L.A. Vices
Quests None
Performer None

Bradford "Brad" Olsen is a main character on the American police procedural television series L.A. Vices.


Born on June 6th, 1917 in Sacramento, California, Bradford Olsen enrolled into the army when he was 20 years old. He fought in the infamous Battle of Okinawa and returned home where he received the Purple Heart for his outstanding bravery. After completing his service, Bradford joined an LAPD Academy and began a new career as a law enforcement officer. After a couple of months as an officer, Olsen was promoted to Senior Detective and was transferred to the 25th Homicide Division in Central Los Angeles, where he works now.

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