Brandy and the Cockroaches is an animated cartoon based on Xilam's popular series, Oggy and the Cockroaches. The characters are based from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers


This show will be a webtoon. The 30-minute series contains three 6 minute episodes. The voices are provided by Kaley Cuoco and Charlie Adler but no spoken voice is heard. However, certain voices like laughter, screaming could be used for the dog and the rabbit and the laughter will be reused in the cockroaches but sped-up.

Plot summary

Brandy Harrington - A content lazy, very tender mix-breed dog who usually spends her day watching TV, doing household and cooking - if it wasn't three cockroaches in the household Scaredy, Kenny and Joey. The trio seems to enjoy making Brandy's life miserable such as plundering her fridge and can go to much awkward things like hijacking a train Brandy just boarded.

Brandy's friend, Mr. Whiskers wants to find plans to kill the roaches while neighbor dog Rob is fed up with new accidents.

List of episodes

Season 1

Episode title Summary Episode # Happy ending (Brandy or cockroaches)
Cockroach Trouble Brandy and Mr. Whiskers comeback to USA. Brandy lives in a pink roofed house and Mr. Whiskers lives in a yellow roof house. But Brandy's life change dramaticly as the cockroaches begin to play pranks to Brandy! S01E1 Cockroaches
Semi-Bitter Chocolate After Brandy ordered a box of deluxe chocolate, she deseves her greatest taste of chocolate... that is, if she can take it back from the cockroaches first!


Mission Brandy After Scaredy gets trapped in a drinking bottle, Brandy kidnaps him and locks him up in the fridge. Now it's up to Joey and Kenny to save him! S01E3 Brandy
It's All Out of Control The cockroaches take control of Mr. Whiskers' brain and wreak havoc all around the place - including Brandy, if necessary. For them, it's just simple as it is! S01E4 Brandy
The Hospital Patient Mr. Whiskers ends up frozen in an ice block while chasing the roaches S01E5 Brandy
Two Track Lives While Mr. Whiskers is hooked up in video games, Brandy tries to pass the time by playing with a train set. However, the cockroaches come aboard the train and this train ride turns into a rollercoaster ride! S01E6 Brandy
French Fries Mayhem! Brandy cooks french fries and surely, she's going to have a well-deserved snack. But the only problem is... the roaches want a snack of their own S01E7 Cockroaches
Shopping Frolic Brandy goes to the NW Mall for shopping. But the cockroaches come along and wreak havoc all around the shopping center. S01E8 Cockroaches
Roach Hotel Brandy checks in a hotel as the V.I.P. guest. But the roaches are there and wreak havoc in the hotel! S01E9 Cockroaches
The Left Side of the Bed Superstitious Brandy finds out it's Friday the 13th and starts acting paranoid. And as always, the cockroaches are trying to take advantage of bad luck! S01E10 Neither
Santa Brandy After Santa has been injured after a prank from the cockroaches, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers become the substitute of Santa and deliver presents throughout the neighborhood. But the cockroaches are having a state of mind... ruin a gift in every drop. S01E11 Cockroaches
Warning! Boa on the Route Upon returning from a picnic to the zoo with Mr. Whiskers, Brandy finds a boa constrictor. (rescembles Lola Boa) In the process, it consumes almost everything in Brandy's house. Mainly Mr. Whiskers and the Cockroaches. Can this reptile be taken back to the park? S01E12 Cockroaches
Slapstickers Brandy tries to make a movie from scratch. Three slapstick movies that has: Cockroachsaur vs Pooch, Brand E. Doggy and Joe-Runner and Brandy's Wild Chase. But each gag strangly cancelled the movie in these orders, Movie #1: When trying to fight with cockroach Joey, Joey gives Brandy a box and ends up to be a mousetrap which caught her hand. Movie #2 : When rocketing to the Joe-Runner, Brandy overtakes him and the rocket blasts into the sky and BOOM! Movie #3: Due to rain. S01E13 Cockroaches
Roachnapped! Cockroach Joey went missing after Scaredy and Kenny woke up. And it's revealed that Brandy kidnapped Joey and locked him up tied inside a cage. And several attempts by his brothers have been failed like Dee Dee will blast a rocket instead of blasting to Joey, it instead exploded instantly. S01E14 Brandy
TV vs Hare TBA S01E15 TBA
Docu-Dentally S01E16

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