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" | Increase speed and firepower Armed himself with lots of guns and missiles

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Armed himself with lots of guns and missiles

Breakaway is an Autobot Jet in Star Wars, The Transformers Wars and partner of Ultra Magnus.

Serving in an army of robots tied to the ground makes Breakaway unique. He is one of the very few among the elite Autobot flyers, and he is unmatched for speed in a straight line. While other pilots focus on aerial acrobatics that confound the enemy, Breakaway is content to speed over a fight at seemingly impossible velocity, releasing bombs and missiles that strike their targets before the thunderous boom of his passage can catch up. His partner is Ultra Magnus.

Breakaway along with Skyfire were the first two Transformers to enter the Star Wars Universe by going through another portal.

During the Transformers Wars he was beaten up by an upgraded Starscream.

When the Matrix of Leadership was stolen by the Sith Breakaway and several Autobots teamed up to reclaim the Matrix from Darth Grievous.

He participated in the battle of Korriban but was deeply injured by the Demon Sith Lords sith magic.

At the end of the Transformers Wars Breakaway along with the other Autobot planes were seen putting an air show in the skies of Coruscant.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Breakaway was killed during the Autobots last stand against the sith. He rallied the last of the Harbinger Gunships and the F-22 Raptors but Despite his best aerial skills he was destroyed by the Sith lords.

Powers and abilities

Rivaling Powerglides aerial abilities Breakaway can transform into an F-35 Lightning II and he is armed with a Gattling Gun and a single lightsaber in robot mode. In Jet mode he is armed with Gattling Guns, missiles and cluster bombs. This Transformer is not the most strongest of the Transformers but this Transformer flies just as fast as the Seekers. This Autobot also has one weapon the others don't have: The tornado blade.


  • Breakaway (2009)

    Breakaway toy

    • Japanese ID number: RA-05
Breakaway transforms into an approximation of an F-35 Lightning II/Joint Strike Fighter. His right arm features a rotary cannon with rotating barrel, activated by a gear-wheel embedded in his forearm. He also features some of the most random, clashing and fantastic color choices of recent Transformers toys.

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