Brianna's Caller takes place after Scream: The Clues of Trixie Sango, Roman Bridger, and Sara James.





  • Ethan Carsia
  • Hayley McDonald
  • Brianna Albertson
  • Julie Williams
  • Trish Thompson
  • Missy Gibson
  • Heather Martin
  • Hannah Albertson
  • Danny Matthews


Austin Prescott-He

Tim Albertson-He


Emma Robertson- She is gutted

Carly Sanderson- She is stabbed to death

Travis Campbell- He is stabbed in the leg several times and thrown out his window

Christa Mills- She is stabbed deeply in the stomach

Grace Wellington- She is stabbed in the chest

Deputy Eric Brown- He is shot in the chest when Austin reveals he is the killer

Austin Jacobs- He is shot several times in the chest by Hayley, he gets up and is shot in the head by Brianna

Tim Albertson- Ethan impales Tim through the back with a cooking skewer



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