Bringing The Pain is a cover album released by American metal band God Appendium in 1997, between their albums Saviour Wrathful and Serpent's Jaw. It is the first of four Bringing the Pain God Appendium cover albums, and is followed by 2000's Bringing the Pain II.

Track listing

  1. "Walk" - 5:20 (Originally by Pantera)
  2. "F*cking Hostile" - 2:53 (Originally by Pantera)
  3. "War Ensemble" - 4:52 (Originally by Slayer)
  4. "The Memory Remains" - 4:38 (Originally by Metallica)
  5. "Hangar 18" - 5:15 (Originally by Megadeth)
  6. "Purple Haze" - 2:52 (Originally by Jimi Hendrix)
  7. "Paranoid" - 2:53 (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  8. "Heaven and Hell" - 6:56 (Originally by Black Sabbath)

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