Friends Fanfiction. Rachel has an difficult life. She is raped by her abusive husband Barry. But when she turns to Monica, her old friend, for help, she doesn't get the answer she hoped.


Rachel couldn't believe what happened. She was crying all day and the people in Aruba didn't help. She looked at her naked body and cried again.

She dragged herself up and heard movement from the balcony. He was going to come in. She quickly tried to get to the bathroom to hide.

When she opened the door, Barry opened the door and let himself in. Rachel quickly got inside the bathroom and closed the door. She locked it and relised it wasn't going to do anything.

Barry kicked the door. Lucky, the door never broke down. Rachel cried as she relised he wasn't going to give up.

Rachel turned around and looked at herself. She should have ran away from the wedding. Only if it wasn't for Mindy knocking on the door.

Rachel managed to open the bathroom door and relised she couldn't get down. She was about to call out for help, but Barry kicked open the door.

Rachel screamed as Barry grabbed onto her hair. He dragged her into the bedroom and Rachel sobbed. She was going to be raped again.

Rachel tried to let out an scream, but Barry slapped her across the face. She was bleeding. Rachel simply relised if she let him, it will be over.

Meanwhile, Monica Geller was reading the news paper. She couldn't believe Paul the wine guy did that to her. Just then, one line attracted her attention.

Rachel Karen Green and Barry Joseph Farber married, Good luck to the happy couple.

But the picture is what Monica was interested in. Rachel didn't look happy. "Bitch", Monica muttered and she downed the rest of the red wine, and went to bed.

One Back From Home

Rachel sat silence through the whole flight back home. Barry had ordered an private flight, which meant it was just the two of them.

"I'm going to the bathroom", Rachel barely whispered. She was in shock of what had happened. She opened the bathroom and quickly closed the door.

She put the toilet lid down and sat on top of it. She was going to be there through the whole flight. "Monica", she suddenly said.

Monica was her old childhood friend. Maybe she should contact her. Rachel then relised the plane was about to land and opened the door. She walked back to the seat and sat next to Barry.

"You must have had the shockers", he smirked at Rachel's terrified face.

"Lisiten, you realy should enjoy the fun", He chuckled. Rachel looked outside and had tears in her eyes.

After two hours, Barry and Rachel got to their new home. "Fancy", he said. Barry then grabbed onto Rachel and threw her onto the floor.

"Get the wedding dress on", Barry grabbed the poker stick from the poker table and hit her on the back. Rachel screamed and Barry grabbed onto her hair.

Rachel was forced to unpack their bags. Rachel grabbed onto her wedding dress and quickly put it behind the counter when Barry wasn't looking.

"Where is that fucking dress", he shouted. Rachel looked up and cried.

"Bitch", Barry slapped Rachel and she fell down like a ton of bricks. Rachel crawled to the counter and grabbed onto the wedding dress.

She gave it to Barry. Barry then grabbed onto the lighter and set the dress on fire. Rachel screamed when Barry threw it on the counter.

Just then, sprinklers came on and it soaked the both of them and killed the fire. Barry slapped Rachel. "What did you do that for", Barry simply said after the sprinklers turned off.

Rachel looked up and looked at the window. She was going to escape and run to Monica.

Two Reunion

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