Broken Point is a 1969 Psychological Action thriller short film written and directed by Brian De Palma.

It takes heavy plot structure elements and sequences inspired by the Boulting Brothers 1968 Classic Twisted Nerve. The film however takes on an overral plot monochrone of something like Francois Tuffet's French Masterpiece the Bride Wore Black and Quentin Tarantino's classic Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2. The film serves as an inspirative film for Tarantino's later revenge action films Kill Bill much like Twisted Nerve did for Brian De Palma's controversial short Broken Point. The film was given a theatrical cinema release despite being a short film as it was shown with Dionsyus. Certain Cinema rooms were overtaken to play the film at certain times which coincided with the ending showing times of Dionsyus.

After the film Dionsyus would finish a screen message would appear informing those of the film showing now in the opposite cinema room. The Short film stars Linda Harrison, Raymond Bouchard, Joanna Cassidy, Priscilla Presley, Daniel Olbrychski, Bill Paterson, Katharine Houghton and features the great later Jackie Brown for Quentin Tarantino and Coffy Pam Grier.


An unstable man has a breakdown.

A Breakdown due to a mother who ends all his relationships.

His relationships a total of four.

A man without a father takes to a psychologist and his unethical advice.

A psychologist with a secret.

It's the day of unstable fatherless man Leslie (Daniel Olbrychski) whom is about to marry the love of his ife Nina Carver (Priscilla Presley).

However his mother: an egotistical controlling clingy monster named Roberta (Gena Rowlands) intoxicates the blushing bride to be and hires two male exoctic dancers of leisure to make their way with the blushing bride.

However, Leslie the ever so blushing groom discovers the montrosity and discovers his mother Roberta is responsebile for the ending of all his main relationships in life: a total of four.

From there the true big nut breakdown occurs.

A Man is destroyed and a monster is born.

Leslie creates himself a list of the four girls of his life who left him courtesy of his mother and the one final name being the big ugly head rearer herself (the not so blushy mother).

As he makes do with going down the list his seemingly unstoppable rampage of revenge is about to be brought down.

By no other than that love of his wife, the one he is still to marry but things are about to be twisted beyond a comprehension that not even the fiery Leslie could ensure.

The Song, The Strength, The Swim, The Swift, The Suck- The Fake Norse Mythology

In the film the four girls and the mother targeted by Leslie are left with a tarrot card upon their killing. On each is a sordid picture and title.

The Tarrot cards are made up cards by the director/writer Brian De Palma whom injected fake Norse Mythology into the film as the characters in reference of these cards claim them to be from Norse Mythology and represent the Five Foes whilest there is a One Friend (apparent spectres).

The One friend representation in the film is Leslie's wife whilest the five foes are the four ex-girlfriends of his and evil mother.

The Song- Victoria Parker

1. Victoria Parker the first main girlfriend of Leslie Phelps was a student with him at Melton Elementary School whom dated him in Grade Six and would have dated onwards into Melton High School if it wasn't for his mother deciding to move town on purpose and sending a nasty note to her pretending to be him. In return he received a nasty note from her announcing their separation and he was left heartbroken for a month. She is the first on his list listed with the codename: The Song. She is listed this because Victoria had a passion for music and had a beautiful singing voice.

The Strength- Barbara Hemmings

2. Barbara Hemmings known as Barb simply and commonly for short is the second on Leslie's List codenamed with the Strength. Reason being for this is that she is a strong tomnboy girl whom currently was the head of a motorcycle gang known as the Beamers. She dated Leslie in High School in La Crosse State and was his second ever relationship. Leslie dated her from his first year of high school till his fourth year as the relationship ended due to his mother upon him bringing her home demanding he date a proper girl. She stated that Leslie agreed and Barbara hit him and left.

The Swim- Melissa Le Corman

3. Melissa "Mel" Le Corman was Leslie's third ever relationship and is third on his list. They dated in his fifth year at La Crosse State and was one who got into a fight with Barb Hemmings upon her coming across her and badmouthing them. Mel is an African American girl who moved to Britain two years ago as her father died and she was forced to come live with her mother in the United Kingdom. Leslie kept Mel from ever coming for tea and to meet his mother but not from actually coming to the residence whilest the mother was away. The relationship ended as the fight between Mel Le Corman with Barb Hemmings involved Leslie his mother was called to talk to the principal regarding. The principal informed her of her son's new girlfriend and then she set up whilest they were to do a sneak back to the house whilest she was away filming them having sexual intercourse and sent it to her parents. As a result the relationship ended with Mel actually beating him to a pulp. She is referred on the list with the codename The Swim and with the tarrot card as she was an avid swimmer and one part of La Crosse State Swimming Girls Team.

The Swift- Elizabeth Hamilton

4. Elizabeth "Liz" Hamilton was Leslie's sixth actual relationship as following Mel Corman he had two minor girlfriends from La Crosse State and then his vixen mother murdered the school principal whom uncovered her set up of the Mel Le Corman and her son pornographic film.

The two move to Los Angeles in the following summertime

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