Broken Whip is a 2012 American Short film written and directed by Terrence Malik starring Asa

Broken Whip
Directed by Terrence Malik
Release date(s) 2012
Running time 40 Minutes
Country USA
Language English

Butterfield, Wallace Shawn, Wallace Langham, Kate Todd, Dominika Paleta, Melina Kanakaredes, Jamie Campbell Bower & Blake J. Hasan (marking his first overral appearance).

It concerns the two younger brothers of a deceased older brother struggling to deal with his passing and discovering what truly happened to him which unlocks the whole corruption of their family.

It is the first appearance of big time to come Australian Born Hollywood Actor Blake J. Hasan the younger brother of actor Daniel M. Hasan.

The short film was shot by big time eccentric Hollywood filmmaker Terrence Malik in Louisville, Colorado and Chanhassen, Minnesota.

The farm property of the central MaCallases' family being a farm property from Chanhassen and the town seen being the central town area of Louisville.


The short film begins with the early morning sun rising over the fictional town of Cattle Borough, Delaware.

Two brothers Jonathen & Carmichael are tending to their early morning farming duties beset by their both psychically and emotionally abusive alcoholic father.

Their loving mother Claudine struggles against him but is unaware of the secret beatings he deals upon the boys and unaware of the fact indeed that he killed their oldest son the previous Autumn.

Jonathen and Carmichael however go on a little adventure to find out wether he had a hand in the untimely death of their beloved older brother and find it to be indeed true and then work as securing the evidence to have him put away so their mother and them can escape from the small town of Cattle Borough.

However their very bad father jumps one step ahead and aims to have them implicated in the death of their brother.


  • Asa Butterfield as Jonathen MaCallases/ Son of Claudine and Henry, Younger brother of deceased Easton and older brother of Carmichael
  • Wallace Shawn as Henry MaCallases
  • Blake J. Hasan as Carmichael MaCallases/ Son of Claudine and Henry, Younger brother of Jonathen and Deceased Easton
  • Kate Todd as Justine MaCallases/ Daughter of Fiona and Robert, Older Sister of Jessie
  • Wallace Langham as Robert MaCallases
  • Melina Kanakeredes as Claudine MaCallases
  • Dominika Paleta as Fiona MaCallases
  • Ariel Winter as Cousin Julie Simmons
  • Amandla Stenberg as Cousin Wendy Simmons
  • Nathan Gamble as Cousin George Simmons
  • Darcy Rose Byrnes as Cousin Gena Ladle
  • Spencer List as Cousin Notley Ladle
  • Ariel Waller as Jessie MaCallases/ Daughter of Fiona and Robert, Younger sister of Justine
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as Easton MaCallases/ Deceased son of Claudine and Henry, Older brother of Jonathen and Carmichael
  • Alan Young as Sheriff Peter Finkleman
  • Anthony Mackie as Officer Burroughs
  • Shalim Ortiz as Officer Creek
  • Nate Parker as Officer Jones

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