Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a 2012 Supernatural Fantasy Action Adventure film reboot
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The films poster.

written by Whit Anderson and directed by Steven Soderberg.

It is a reboot of the entire Buffy saga and takes story from the first season of the smash hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It stars Dianna Agron as the phenemonal valley blonde girl superhero Buffy Summers, Emma Stone as witch Willow Rosenberg, Nicholas Braun as clumsy companion Alexander LaVelle Harris, Vanessa Hudgens as shallow miss popularity Cordelia Chase, Heather Morris as Harmony Kendall, KeKe Palmer as Kendra Young, Cam Gigandet as Angel and Hugh Laurie as Watcher Rupert Giles.

The film features Sarah Michelle Gellar and Anthony Stewart Head making cameo appearances.


A new girl arrives in Sunnydale and becomes the spark of buzz to the local school of which she starts up at.

The girl Buffy Summers (Dianna Agron) is however in indeed a slayer a supernaturally gifted woman with the ability to take down all the supernatural and demonic visages that hell itself pours out.

She ends up in too deep however sparking trouble in her town much to her mother Joyce's disma.

She falls in love with a 1,000 year old vampire with a soul by the name of Angel (Cam Gigandet) befriends popular bee rich girl Cordelia Chase (Vanessa Hudgens), rebellius computer whiz literate genius Willow Rosenberg (Emma Stone), sweet Kendra Young (KeKe Palmer), and dorky clumsy drooling Xander Harris (Nicholas Braun).

She comes under the training of a mysterious British man running the local library named Rupert Giles (Hugh Laurie) who brings her to a world of the paranormal that she didn't even know existed.

The town then begins to become infected with a fast spreading pandemic making those into blood sucking ravenous fiends just as a strange lizard like creature descends on the town.


  • Beach Boys- Be True To Your School
  • Neon Trees- Animal
  • Funhouse- Pink
  • Right Here, Right Now- Fatboy Slim
  • Teardrop- Massive Attack
  • Xandria- Vampire
  • Adam Lambert- If I Had You
  • Brian McFadden- Twisted
  • Foo Fighters- Everlong (Acoustic)
  • Maroon 5- Misery
  • Katy Perry- Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)
  • The Black Eyed Peas- Apl Song
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