Dr. Butcher is the fake alias of the computerized machine hardwired into The Metatron's central matrix on Earth.

  • Age: 32
  • Born/Created: Circa 2067
  • Height:
    • 6'08" (In Shogun Zua Armor System "SZAS": 7'02")
      • 6'01" (Unarmored.)
      • 6'08" (Without helmet.)
      • 7'02" (With helmet.)
  • Weight:
    • 340 lbs. (In Shogun Zua Armor System "SZAS": 1,048 lbs.)
      • 215 lb. (Unarmored.)
      • 337 lb. (In basic armor.)
      • 1,037 lb. (Including equipment, shield generator, and outer layer.)


Roughly 18 years prior to the Zodiac war, the Metatron figured it needed to observe the humans more 'closely'. So, it began work on a human replicant, that it could interact with them through. Once completed, the Metatron moved to establish a human social life, under the fake alias of 'Butcher'.

False History

Butcher was raised by his mother and father, Abigail and Thomas Butcher, where he conducted many experiments in the name of science, in finding ways to make Antimatter controllable in modern military weaponry. This got him a job as a military Engineer at a young age, from there, however, his home was attacked, and he was trapped in space for several years, causing him to have certain social disabilities, however, he made it, and is now working alongside The Fleet Admiral.

First Battle of Earth

Butcher was the Science Crew Lead aboard the Troy orbital defense platform, him and Davian-009 have many run-ins aboard the ship before the initial battle.

Battle of Haven II

Butcher returns as more of an antagonist now than ever. Before the sixth mission he antagonizes the team before insertion, and after they're confrontation with Malice, before they surround him and it takes all of them to bring him down in his prototype "samurai" esque heavy battle armor. After killing him, he reveals himself for who he truly is, and Butcher is deceased for good.


  • Butcher is often known by his nickname "The Butcher of Hopkinsville" because of how a majority of his patients die, and where he grew up. Hopkinsville Kentucky, Earth.
  • He is the most famous civilian character, despite not being human.
  • He is described as being a 'burly man', the perfect balance between brain and brawn, as his associates described, and often wondered, due to his incredible combat abilities, why he didn't become an Android. His response was, "they just couldn't keep up with me".

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