Butterfly is an friends fanfiction. Monica becomes pregnant after her first night with Chandler in London.

One Prolouge

Monica and Chandler looked at each other during their flight back home. "Since we are still in London air, can we still do it", Chandler innocently asked. "No", Monica said. "No what", Joey asked when he sat next to Chandler.

"Chandler wants to use my lipstick", Monica smirked at Chandler.

"Is that true", Chandler looked at Monica with another smirk on his face. "Want to know what happened during Disney world, Orlando", Chandler was smileing. "You wouldn't", Monica said.

"What happened in Disney", Joey asked. "Monica stuffed her face during an pizza contest, and won", Joey bursted out laughing and Chandler kept smileing at Monica.

Near landing, Joey went to the bathroom. "Look, want to become an couple", Chandler asked. "What", Monica said. "Come on, we have this amazing connecton between each of us"

"Okay, but keep it an secret. But i'm still going to tell Joey your secret when you were in 'Purse', ".

Monica, Joey and Chandler arrived and greeted an heavily pregnant Phoebe. "Hey you guys", Phoebe screamed in happiness.

Monica and Chandler were alone that evening, watching 'Ringu', an jappanese horror film. "I'm surprised you are not scared of this", Chandler said hideing under the blankets.

"I think you've got me confused with Rachel and Joey", Monica said matter of factly.

Befour Monica knew it, Chandler kissed her. "What was that for", Monica asked. "Just spoil the moment", and the two snogged and made out on top of the couch.

"Look, don't incase Phoebe and Joey enter", and the two continued to watch the film.

The next couple of weeks were hard with the fact of Monica and Chandler sneaking around. They were nearly caught by Joey and Ross.

Phoebe gave birth while she and Monica were in the apartment. Phoebe gave birth to Leslie, Frank Jr. Jr. and Chandler (Who turned out to be an girl). Phoebe managed to convince Frank Jr. to give her baby Chandler, since Triplets would be an handful.

Monica woke one morning at four o'clock. Something wasn't right. Befour she knew it, she ran to the toilet and puked. She heard someone coming in the bathroom and looked up. It was Rachel.

"Morning sickness", She joked. Monica didn't know that the joke was in fact, true.

Two Life Changeing News

It was another month and Monica kept being sick.

"I'm going to the hospital", she told Phoebe, who was with baby Chandler over at her apartment. "Okay".

Monica sat on the chair and the nurse came out of the room. "Monica Geller", she said. "Me", Monica smiled as the nurse led her into the office.

"Monica, you do not have an bug", the woman at the desk said sweetly. "Thank god, what is it", Monica felt a sigh of relief. "Your are pregnant", the woman smiled.

Monica felt horror swept all over her. "What", Monica asked out in horror. That must mean Chandler is the father. The woman's smile quickly swept out of her face.

"Monica, You are about an month and two weeks pregnant. We are not sure but you might have twins", the woman knew this was not the right time to say it.

"I am glad with the news. It's just, the father", Monica sat on the chair. Chandler didn't like commitment. Hell, It wasn't going to change because Monica was pregnant, with twins maybe.

"Thanks", Monica said after the doctor showed her all the information. Monica walked back to her apartment in an daze. She didn't see Chandler behind her.

"Hello, Mon", Chandler kissed her neck. Monica looked up. "Phoebe says you went to the hospital. Is everything okay", he asked. "I'm pregnant".

"What", Chandler was shocked to his very core. How could this happen. "Befour you ask, you are the father and i might be carrying two of them", Monica knew this was rather sharp but she couldn't help it.

"I guess i might as well be commited to you", He said. "You don't have to".

"Yes we do. Monica, i love you. It was an shock, but yes, i'm in love with you and the twins, maybe", Chandler smiled at her. "I know it's only be an month, but i've always loved you", the two of them kissed.

However, they didn't relise Phoebe stareing at them. "Oh my, You two, in love and carrying twins".

Three Secret But Joey

"Please don't tell anyone", Monica and Chandler begged in unison. "I have to, this is huge", Phoebe had an big grin on her face.

"Please, we are in an relationship. Will you ruin that for your own pleasure", Chandler said.

Chandler knew it was cheap but surprisingly, Phoebe took it well. "Okay, but spill the gossip. Chandler and Monica told Phoebe about London, the plane and the finding out about the pregnancy.

"Oh, look at the time. I need to go to my work", Phoebe quickly ran off. "One out of four knows", Chandler remarked as Monica lightly punched him in the arm.

"Come on", the two of them walked to the bedroom, smiling at the turn of events.

Phoebe couldn't help but keep thinking of Monica and Chandler. She was surprised when she accidently punched her client, which got her suspended for an month.

Phoebe walked to Central Perk and saw Joey sipping coffee along with Rachel.

"Hey guys", She moaned as she sat in the armchair. "What's up", Rachel asked.

"I just got suspended from work for punching an client", Phoebe said matter of factly. "Rachel, can you get me an coffee", she gave Rachel the fiver. "Okay, but you have to get me something".

When Rachel was gone, she looked at Joey. "What", Joey asked. "Nothing", Phoebe looked back at her magazine. Just then, she saw two naked people and thought of Monica and Chandler.

"Monica's pregnant and Chandler is the father and they might have twins", Phoebe said and Joey looked shocked. Rachel came back with an coffee. "I'm going to go", Phoebe left.

"Me too", and he followed Phoebe out. Rachel looked at them and at the coffee. "Your welcome", she muttered.

Phoebe ran to her apartment with Joey chasing her. "Phoebe what did you say", he shouted. Phoebe turned around and Joey saw an tear rolling down her cheek.

"They promised me not to tell", She looked down. "Phoebe, are they in love. When did it start", Joey asked. "London and yes, they are in love", just then Monica heard the conversation and walked up to them. "You promised".

Four The Twins' Gender

"But i accidently said it", Phoebe hoped Monica would forgive her. "You and Chandler", Joey said. "Look, keep it an secret, okay. I'm pregnant with twins. Don't get me upset", Monica said.

"Look, i will keep it an secret as long as i get more food", he begged. "Deal", Monica smiled.

"Anyway, don't you have that apointment", Phoebe said. "Yeah, see you's", she quickly ran down the stairs. "Want to come in", Phoebe asked. "Sure", Joey followed her.

She waited in the waiting room for Chandler. Just then, Chandler popped up and sat next to her. "I guess this is when we find out the gender", Chandler tried to start an conversation.

"I'm so happy", was all Monica said. Just then, an woman came from the office. "Geller and Bing", she said.

Monica and Chandler stood up and faced Dr. Long, who was sitting in her chair. "So how is my favorite parents", she smiled as they sat down.

"Is the babys okay, like their health", Monica asked Long. "They are 100 percent healthy and do you want to know the gender", she asked.

"Yes, please", the two said in unison. "One's an boy, the other is an girl", Monica cried in happiness and she hugged Chandler, who was smiling.

"I will leave you alone for an minute", she walked out of the office. "I know, why don't you name the boy and i will name the girl", Monica looked up at Chandler. "You can name them", He kissed her on the cheek.

"Well, the girl's name is Emma. The boy is Daniel", the two of them kissed on the lips and relised that they were meant to be.

Later on, they walked to the apartment and were planning to tell Ross and Rachel about them being an couple.

"What is this about", Ross asked as they sat on the chairs. "Well, me and Chandler are an couple", they said happily. "WHAT", They both said in unison.

"Are you's in love. When did this start", Ross asked. "Yes, we are in love. It started in London", Monica answered. "Congratuations", Rachel said.

"You have been going out for only three months", Ross said. "But we are in love", Monica said. Ross looked shocked, but then quickly turned happy for them.

"Also, I'm pregnant. With twins", Monica shouted and Rachel and Ross started to cry in happiness for them. "This is exciting", Rachel ran up and hugged Monica.

Just then, there was an knock on the door. Monica ran up and opened the door. To all of their shock, there was an rain soaked Emily. "I love you Ross".

Five Ross and Rachel Get Together/Monica and Chandler's Apartment

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