(At sunnyside daycare)

Teacher:Ok class time for recess then a movie.


(Zipper on Bonnie's backpack open and toys like Woody,Buzz,Jessie,Hamm,Mr.Pricklepants and other bonnie toys leave the backpack.)

Woody:Does anyone know what movie their watching?

Unknown Voice:The new Buzz Lightyear movie

Jessie:Ken? Barbie?

Mr.Potatohead:Wow Buzz is staring in another movie.

Buzz Lightyear:There has been a movie about me and i had no idea about this at all.

(Door opens)

Woody:Return to backpack everyone.

Trixie:I didn't even get to go play that new computer game Twister

(Toys go in backpack)

Bonnie:I actually have a Buzz Lightyear action figure I got it from a boy named Andy.

(Back at Bonnie's house)

Buzz Lightyear:We still need to watch it.

(Barbie,Ken and Sarge parachute on Bonnie's room window)




(Everyone stares at Ken)

Ken:Since when did Woody know Sarge

Barbie:Back at Andy's house Sarge was the leader of the troops who helped us get items.

Jessie:So what brings you guys here?

Barbie:Just though we'd stop by and see the movie.

Buzz Lightyear:We don't own the movie Barbie.

Ken:But Zurg does.

Buzz Lightyear:Zurg?

Zurg:Buzz Lightyear must destroy.

Woody:Why is it every toy from the Buzz Lightyear series is deluded.

Trixie:No problem

Rex:We brought the movie!

(Buzz puts DVD in Bonnie's living room when nobody is home)

Hamm:This is gonna be good (Hamm pushes popcorn on couch)

Aliens:We brought drinks.

(Logo shows up)

Buzz Lightyear:I am once again trying to stop Zurg

Zurg:But there is a new villan.

Buzz Lightyear:Who?

Tempus From Morth:Lunar Larry!

Buzz Lightyear:What?

(Shoots Buzz and Zurg in the future)

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