By the Way is a 1998 Psychological Thriller Action film written and directed by pair Joel and Ethan Edgerton based off the popular Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song of the name.

It is the fourth and final instalment of Love Songs of the Future, Violence, No-Sex but the tension and truth series beginning with the film Othersides based off the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song Otherside.

By the way featured actor Jonathen Brandis in the antagonist murderer role which served as one of his last few film roles before his suicide in 2003.

It also featured Lost Boys and Firstborn wonder boy Corey Haim in the opposite protagonist role alongside Alexandra Adi, Tim Robbins, Tom Wilkinson, Rebecca Romijn, Angela Featherstone, Leslie Stefanson, Kristy Swanson, Steve Buscemi, Neve Campbell, Gretchen Mol, James Thunder Early, Jenny McCarthy (Credited as Jennifer McCarthy), Jessica Cauffiel, Elizabeth Berkley, Andrew Shue, Jason Priestly and features a cameo from popular actor/comedian Adam Sandler.

The film was made to be a with a huge female cast as intended by Joel and Ethan.

The Plot Points

The Two Brothers/ My Two Bestfriends apart from Carl

There are two characters in the film whom are twin brothers portrayed by Andrew Shue and Jason Priestly. They are the assistants of the killer whom do the stalking and finding of the women responsebile in a large accident which involved in the killer portrayed by Jonathen Brandis' mother and secret fiance'.

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