Cloverfield 2(also known as Project Cloverfield) is a 2013 American found-footage style action/horror film. It is a sequel to the 2008 film.


  • Found Footage continued.


  • Rob Hawkins
  • Beth Mclntyre
  • Jacob Cleveland
  • Lily Ford
  • Travis Marello
  • Mandy
  • Billy


  • Flubber
  • Parasites
  • Clover


The film starts where the previous film,Cloverfield ended, with Rob and Beth under the Greyshot Arch bridge at Central Park in the wake of the Clover attack. The Air Force release the Hamerdown Protocol which does not destroy New York City, but destroy's the monster while Rob and Beth escape with his camera.Clover appears to still be in one piece,but is transferred to a Facility in Northern Pennsylvania, and is reported dead.The next scene shifts to two years later in May 2010 with Rob and Beth, and Lily, who survived the attack, living normal lives. Rob goes to a neaby store with his old friends Jacob and Billy(who is now filming with Robs camera). Everyone in the store ignore a News Report on a TV explaining an extraterrestrial crash in Northern Pennsylvania. Rob and his friends buy party supplies for a party which is just a regular party. Everyone shows up including Beth's ex-boyfriend Travis. While they party some Air Force soldiers come in telling them to evacuate because of an alien attack they've heard about. They go outside and see normal. But then the monster Clover and a new alien Flubber appear and attack the city with everyone in the streets running and screaming. The Empire State Building is on the ground, crumbled. Rob and Beth, Lily, Jacob and his girlfriend Mandy, Travis, and Billy(who is still filming) go in a group to find a way out of New York City. They witness the Statue of Liberty fall into the ocean by a flaming Oil Tanker that crashed into it. Then they go to Grand Central Terminal which is covered in a crossfire between Soldiers and Clover. Clover spots the 7 friends and goes after them. While they run in the streets, Flubber appears in the streets and eats Mandy. Then they go into the mall, losing Clover and Flubber. While they walk in the mall, they get attacked by a new kind of parasites which injures Travis. While they hide in a store, they find out Travis had been bitten. Then, Travis' eyes turn red, his teeth turn sharp, and his arm kind of turns into a tentacle. He tries to kill Beth(only giving her a scratch) but Jacob takes Travis into a room. When he comes out, he has an axe in his hand and blood on his shirt(implying that he killed Travis since he was infected). Then they go outside, finding dead bodies around the street. Then, a weakened, bloodied, bruized and battle-damaged Clover comes into the scene. A Soldier puts the group in a helicopter which flys away. Like the previous film, Clover hits the helicopter which lands on Liberty Island. The group get out of the helicopter, but Clover(who crossed over) eats Billy like Hud in the previous film, leaving Jacob to handle the camera. A jet drops a bomb(which later destroys Liberty Island) on Clover. The 4 friends take cover in the helicopter. The bomb finally kills/destroys Clover. The explosion makes the helicopter fly back to the city. The group make their way to central Park, where a bloodied Flubber drops a car on the group. Rob, Beth and Lily seem to be okay but Jacob's ankle is broken. Flubber is about to kill Rob who is just standing there.But a piece of a building falls on Flubbers back. Black slime(blood)comes out of Flubbers mouth and eyes, and falls down on the ground, indicating that the monster is dead. Jacob screams of joy with Lily beside him, and Rob looks at a dead like Beth. But she opens her eyes and says, Is it over? Rob, smileing replies, It's over. Then they kiss and hug while sirens are heard. The camera then shifts two years earlier on Rob and Beth's trip to Coney Island. Rob runs after Beth who is excited to go to Coney Island. The scene blacks out and the film ends.


(A bloodied,bruized,weakened and battle damaged Clover shows up while a helicopter arrives).

Billy: Oh my god!

Rob: Now what?!

Jacob:(looking at the helicopter)Now we get to the Fuckin' helicopter!!

(Rob looks at a dead Beth.He runs to her.)

Beth:(waking up)Is it over?

Rob:(smileing)It's over.


  • 92 min.
  • PG-13 for some disturbing horror images, violence, terror, and langeuge.

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