CSI: Three Walls is a lost episode novel of the American Crime Drama series CSI: Crime Scene Invesitagation. It is written by Anthony Zuiker and Danny Cannon and published LionHeart Books on May 19th, 2010. It is the part of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series: The Alphabet Chronicles.


The deaths of a 54 year old man Harvin Dunne, 40 year old mother of four Meredith Caldwell and a 14 year old boy Daniel Anderson are all invesitated by the CSI Crew.

All three victims were killed in the afternoon as confirmed by Albert Robbins and all four victims shared an I in their name and lived as neighbours in houses once owned by three female victims with names all beginning with the Letter I.

The deaths are all revealed to be murders and due to the discovery of names being written on a home wall with the letter I in their names all highlighted share a connection to the Alphabet Murderers.

Raymond Langston confirms in the Alphabet Murderers there is only one member who begins with the letter I a Ingrid Turnslope.

Later evidence reveals Ingrid is not the killer and these three murders are not the work of the Alphabet Killers but rather a copycat.

The copycat is later revealed to be the 14 year old male victim Daniel's auntie Nicole.

Nicole in interrogation with Sara Sidle, Nick Stokes, Catherine and Jim Brass reveals she murdered Daniel as she divolged her affair to him and he went and broke the promise of not telling by telling two people.

The people he were told were Harvin Dunne's son Timothy who later revealed the secret to his father.

He also told Cassidy Caldwell Meredith's second oldest hairdresser daughter who then spilled the secret to her.

Nicole reveals she also killed Cassidy and Timothy for knowing the secret and spreading it further.

She tells she killed Cassidy out on the Vegas Stretch whilest she was driving home and then killed Timothy at the Cornerstone Central Station.

She reveals after killing Cassidy she placed her body in her mother's backyard hedge and after killing Timothy dumped his body in a blackberry bush behind the neighbouring tennis courts near the Dunne Home.

She then finally reveals she dumped the body of the man she cheated on her husband with in the water tank behind the Anderson Home Shed.


  • Dr. Raymond Langston- CSI
  • Catherine Willows- CSI
  • Sara Sidle- CSI
  • Nick Stokes- CSI
  • Greg Sanders- CSI
  • Dr. Al Robbins- Coroner
  • David Hodges- Lab Technician
  • Daniel Anderson- 14 year old victim
  • Nicole Anderson- Martin Anderson's sister and Daniel's Auntie
  • Mitchel Sacks- Nicole's Husband
  • Rodney Sacks- Nicole's two year old son
  • Meredith Caldwell- Anderson Neighbour, Mother of Four and final victim of Nicole
  • Harvin Dunne- Anderson Neighbour, Father of three, victim of Nicole
  • Timothy Dunne- Youngest son of Harvin and Kathleen, second victim of Nicole
  • Cassidy Caldwell- Daughter and second oldest child of Meredith, Hairdresser and first victim of Nicole

The Three I's and The Three WallsEdit

Daniel, Harvin and Meredith after their murders have names written on a room wall in their home and the I in each of their names highlighted in order to implicate the Alphabet Killers whom had a member who killed the original owners of their homes and's killer member name started with an I.

Means Of ExecutionEdit

  1. Cassidy Caldwell: Flagged down on Vegas Stretch highway at night and killed via strangulation and impalement in chest with tyre iron.
  2. Timothy Dunne: Killed at Cornerstone Central in the Lavatory via impalement through back with Tyre Iron
  3. Craig Honnoway: Killed via tyre iron impalement to head at the Anderson Home after being called out there
  4. Harvin Dunne: Killed via internal bleeding as chicken he was eating into was lassened with Sulfuric Acid
  5. Daniel Anderson: Killed via food poisoning as Ice-Cream in freezer of which he was eating into was out-of date and though been binned by father placed back in freezer by Nicole
  6. Meredith Caldwell: Killed back of head smashed in with Tyre Iron

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