Cadelwap is an American 2012 Short Film written by Ken Carter and directed by Annette Haywood-Carter

Directed by Annette Haywood-Carter
Produced by Kenneth F. Carter
Written by Kenneth F. Carter

Blake J. Hasan,

Bradley Gregg,

Bridget Moynahan,

Bridget Mendler,

Ed Hyland

Theo James,

Katharine McPhee

Editing by Karl Kases
Release date(s) 2012
Running time 43 Minutes
Country United States
Language English

It features Blake J. Hasan (in his second and final short film feature before leaping onto feature film), Bradley Gregg (whom had worked with the Carter duo before on the 1994 short The Foot Shooting Party), Bridget Mendler, Bridget Moynahan, Theo James, Katharine McPhee, Alan Ritchson and Wilson Bethel

It concerns a cancer ridden father whom is given a total of 39 Hours to live who goes on to use the hours to push his his troubled 12 year old son into poetry and accomplishing his dreams which is what he never got to do when he was a child.

The film's title derives from the poem created by character Hebedine Marmaden for his father which is read at his funeral.

The short film was shot in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Kansas City and briefly in Milan and Bologna, Italy.


Roger Marmaden is a 48 year old Kansas City Washover whom is undergoing a painful divorce and possesses a 12 year old son whom he has in his custody two weeks out of every month.

In the time he has with his son in which he must deliver him to school he cancels all his son's applications into Poetry Clubs and the like as his father use to do the same to him when he was a kid with him wishing to be a musician.

Roger however on a fateful Tuesday after having a terrible coughing attack and being taken away in ambulances following a call made by his son finds out that he has lung cancer and is destined to die within 39 Hours.

He within a total of two hours shuts down and does not speak simply staring and rehasing everything that has occurred within his life.

He then within then another 20 minutes escapes the hospital he is at and heads on home to his son to tell him he will be signed up for thye poetry club at his school and that while at the hospital saw a poster advertisement for Poetry Recital try outs at a bunch of local clubs which he will take him to.

For the remaining hours of life he has left he is able to take his son to the try outs and get him signed with a major Poet Label Man whom bookens them a quick 12 Hour flight to Bologna, Italy where the boy is awarded the major child poet award.

Following the award presentation Roger suffers a mild heart attack and ends up hospitalized aboard the Italian Label Man Gongonzo's private aircraft.

He is quickly on a 6 hour flight transported back to the United States where he is left in the care of the hospital he started off in situated in Kansas City.

His son however busts him out and pays for a Taxi to them to Waterloo Avenue in the area where he meets with the mother and makes amends for everything that has happened between them.

They pronounce their love for each other, kiss and ultimately end in sexual intercourse.

Following this Roger dies of a final heart attack and the heartbroken mother comes to her 12 year old sons aid as the servants of her large plantation home tend to the body and calling the authorities and ambulances.

The short film ends with Roger's Funeral to where the Italian Label Man Gongonzo attends and takes the arm of the boy upon spouting off a poem he created for his father.

His mother joins them and Gongonzo announces he has bookended for a world poetry competition he will attend and tells his father would not want him to stop on the account of his passing that he spent his last hours of life rushing to bring him to what he wants.

The boy refuses Gongonzo's offer saying that he wishes to start off small now and build his way up starting with the school poetry club his father and him signed him up for.

The credits appear as the mother takes her son's hand and moves him away from Gongonzo's limouisine into the crowd of Funeral Attentands.


  • Blake J. Hasan as Hebedine Marmaden
  • Bradley Gregg as Roger Marmaden
  • Bridget Moynahan as Mother Theresa Carpenter/ née' Marmaden
  • Edward James Hyland as Frederick Gongonzo
  • Bridget Mendler as Daughter Tamblina Gongonzo
  • Theo James as Competing 18 year old poet Ricky Karstlebraag
  • Katharine McPhee as Competing 17 year old Italian Schoolgirl Poet Rettina Brustlebush
  • Gina Carano as Gongonzo's Mistress Maid Hartie Covaldine
  • Tricia Helfer as Nurse Leslie
  • Katee Sackhoff as Gongonzo's Private Aircraft Nurse Geeka
  • Brooklyn Dekcer as Gongonzo's Private Aircraft Nurse Dina
  • Shay Mitchell as Competing 15 year old Greek Schoolgirl Cozla Gobordine
  • Hugh Bonneville as Kansas City Dr. Rhys Bardine
  • Toby Stephens as Gongonzo's Private Aircraft Dr. Jeaubont

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