Calendar Man
Calendar Man
Full Name Julian Gregory Day
Other Names Calendar Man
Age 45 (SW)
Relatives  ?
Occupation Serial Killer
Nationality American
Voice Actor Maurice LeMarche (English)

Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)

Calendar Man is an antagonist in Batman: Shadow War. He is a serial killer who tied his murders thematically to certain holidays throughout the year.



Batman: Shadow WarEdit


Calendar Man is a mentally unstable serial killer and criminal mastermind who is obsessed with the calendar, often theming his crimes and killings relating to the holiday. During "non-holidays", Calendar Man acts like a regular person who is often calm, polite and even charming but secretly plans out his next scheme. However during a holiday, Calendar Man "awakens" and becomes a ruthless, sadistic murderer who enjoys "creative and complex kills" and loves the challenge of committing his planned crimes. He is also aggressive and is willing to kill anyone who gets in the way, even those who help him. 


  • Genius Level Intellect: Calendar Man is a successful inventor, capable of designing machinery and explosives needed to deploy in his various schemes. He is also capable of carefully planning theming his crimes and murders around holidays.
  • Basic Combatant: Calendar Man is capable of fighting but not as much as others, only using it as a last resort when confronted.
  • Expert Marksman: Calendar Man, when armed with a firearm, can hit targets precisely.


  • Various Weapons: Calendar Man uses multiple weapons from firearms to knives to explosives and even chemical weaponry. 


Psychological ProfileEdit

Julian Day suffers from scizotypical personality disorder, with ideas of reference focusing around the calendar. He believes the major dates of Gregorian calendar mark times when he is personally and uniquely freed from societal norms. On these dates, he exhibits mildly sociopathic, frequently criminal behavior. He is generally one of the easier to treat here at Arkham, except on major holidays, when he becomes impossible to handle, displaying borderline behavior and refusing to socialize throughout the day.

Additional notes: I have been unable to source his ideas of reference; I suspect incidents of childhood trauma related to a number of major holidays. Due to my tendency to work through the holidays during which most other staff take leave, I've been able to study the majority of Day's schizotypical breaks.


Criminal RecordEdit

GCPD ProfileEdit

Batman's ProfileEdit


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