California Dreams is a Saturday morning show about 5 friends who are in a music band,Their friend Sly Winkle is their manager, It is produced by Peter Engel. This week Sly is happy with Lorena but things get complicated when his first love Alison returns to be with him.


  • Jay Anthony Franke as Jake Sommers/The guitar player
  • Kelly Packard as Tiffani Smith/The bass player
  • William James Jones as Tony Wicks/The drummer
  • Christina Milian as Kimberly Jones/The lead singer
  • Michael Cade as Sly Winkle/The manager
  • Diana Uribe as Lorena Costa/Sly's girlfriend
  • Jennie Kwan as Samantha Wu/The tambourine player
  • Aaron Jackson as Mark Winkle/Sly's cousin
  • Nikki Cox as Alison Omarso/Sly's ex-girlfriend.

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