Call of Duty: War 2 is the second in the CoD War franchise


You start out as the Covert Ops team from the end of CoD: War. You pick a weapon and get moving behind enemy lines. Your mission is to destroy Nova 7(An upgraded version of Nova 6) from arriving. You, Daniel Mason, faint and have a vision. You start to remember the day when you ended World War III, but started something much bigger.

You are Daniel, and you must kill the Russian Leader. You infiltrate his private home, and kill him. Now you must escape, and you barely make it out with your life. You switch back to the present.

Kevin Hudson is trying to wake you, and you see Kevin fall. You switch to Kevin's view of that day. You are Kevin, and you are infiltrating the Russian comm center. You succeed, but Nick Weaver is compromised. You get him back, and leave. You learn Daniel has completed his task.

Mason Woods wakes Hudson, and Woods remembers his view of that fateful day. You are Mason, and you are trying to escort the President out of the White House. You succeed, and go to help Daniel. You get to the estate, but are soon compromised by a gas only known as Nova 6. You are captured and shown the evolution of the Nova gas. You see a video of the early 1900s, and it is of a scientist showing the Nova 1 gas. It is sprayed into a room, but the subject only gets a major case of the flu. You are shown another video, clearly later in the 1900s, of the Nova 2 gas giving someone cancer. Nova 3 gives a more severe dose of cancer, while Nova 4 kills in a matter of 10 hours. Nova 5 kills in 5 hours, and Nova 6 poisons. Dragovich's descendant Nikanavera Dragovich tells Woods they extracted the poison from him, so they could show him this. He is shown a video of Nova 7, which kills instantly.

It switches to Nick Weaver's view, and he is sent to rescue Mason Woods. You succeed, and are sent to a remote Russian comms center with Hudson. You take the comms center, but are taken hostage. Hudson rescues you, and you are sent to help Daniel Mason. You arrive at the estate, and help Daniel kill the Russian Leader.

You are Daniel, and you attack Nikanavera. Nikanavera is released, and you engage in a gunfight. His whole team comes, and he escapes. The President declares, "The Nova War has begun."

You are at a Russian port, where the Nova 7 will be delivered. You are disguised as Russian soldiers, and get on the ship. You succeed, and you are knocked unconscious by a Nova Zero gas. It all goes black, and shows the release date for War 3: 06-18-13.



The Campaign is the main story of War. The story is explained in detail above.


Multiplayer can be played on Xbox Live, PlayStation 3, and Wii U online(Just predicting). It has multiple modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Sabotage, Domination, Search and Destroy, and much more, including the permanent mode of 24/7, where you can pick a map to play all the time.


Operations is a mode where you are Daniel Mason and it goes through each of your missions during World War III, other than the final day explained in the Campaign.


War 2 features the return of Zombies, which hasall the changes of War's Zombies, but has new guns, and a new trophy, See em, Kill em. It is where you get 10,000 points in one Zombies match.


War 2 also features the return of HalloFREAK from War. There are not many changes, besides upgraded graphics.



  • Launch
  • Estate(From MW2)
  • Nuketown
  • Paris
  • Russian Estate
  • Shipyard
  • Nova Base
  • Russian Comms Center
  • Array
  • Crisis
  • Jungle
  • Riverside


  • Nacht Der Untoten
  • Kino Der Toten
  • Der Riese
  • "Five"
  • Dead Ops Arcade
  • Call of the Dead
  • Moon
  • Zombie Takeover(DLC)
  • Zombietown(DLC)
  • Conclusion(DLC)


  • Mansion
  • Haunted House
  • Haunting Road
  • Mars(DLC)
  • Spaceship(DLC)


Features all guns from Call of Duty: War, including new sniper Intervention.