The Call of Duty Mission Editor is a basic mission editing program released for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It allows players to make their own missions for the games and spawn characters with custom equipment. A unique feature was the exporting of MW2's campaign and multiplayer maps, weapons, and attachments to the game.

Just The BasicsEdit

Players can make missions/maps for three types of modes: Campaign (single-player missions) Multiplayer (adding more complexity to objective-based games), and Nazi Zombies (either survival or survival progression.) Notably, Zombies weapons can be brought into the main campaign.


Campaign allows players to make single-player missions for either a challenge or good storytelling. Campaign missions can be streamed or downloaded either singularily or (if applicable) tied together. In Black Ops, Campaign Missions are available under Single-Player. Objectives can be simple or tweaked. Players can start with different loadouts: as well, they can select several types of enemy equipped with different types of weapons. If there are allies, there is also an option to have Plot Armor on or off.


Multiplayer allows players to make their own multiplayer maps or game modes. As a starter, "Classic" variants of maps are available: players all start with an ASP/USP .45 and can pick up weapons equipped with random attachment loadouts as well as ammo and grenade piles. Killstreaks can also sometimes spawn. For customization, players have access to Private Match+ levels at base: they have a large degree of customization as to what players can spawn with (regular or Pro perks, a weapon but several attachments available, et cetera). As well, Nazi Zombies-like Survival maps can be made, with player characters picking a side and facing down waves of the opposite team until they succumb. Killstreaks, certain attachments, and even weapons can be enabled or disabled individually or all in a row.

Nazi ZombiesEdit

Zombies gets several adjustments: players can set starting point values, or, for fun, can set points to Infinite. Weapon positions and types, as well as their set attachments and after-Pack-A-Punch appearance and attachments, can be set as well, as well as the cost to open doors and such. As well, different things can be customized. Two new types of Zombies maps are available: Outlast, where, after a set number of waves, players will continue to a room with weapons and other such items, and Campaign-like modes with set objectives to accomplish amidst the zombie chaos. The game includes a Nazi Zombies Campaign following the original four Zombies characters (Tank, Nikolai, Ricthofen, and Takeo), and a second Campaign following JFK, Nixon, Castro, and McNamara.

Manipulatable WeaponsEdit

Asterisks denote Pack-A-Punched weapon variants. "Manipulatable" means that you can either place these weapons in a level, have them as part of the starting weapons, or have enemies/allies loaded with them.

Assault RiflesEdit

Black OpsEdit

M16A1 (Special note: M16s can be swapped between full-auto and three-round burst fire in Options)

  • The Skullcrusher (Grenade Launcher)

SA80 Enfield (Special note: The Enfield can swap between the regular ACOG Scope skin and the SUSAT in Options)


  • Mnesia (16 round mag)

Famas F1 Felin

  • G16-GL35 (Extended Mags, Red Dot Sight)


  • Lamentation (Red Dot Sight)

Steyr AUG A1 (Special note: The AUG can swap between the regular ACOG Scope skin and the Swarovski in Options)

  • AUG-5OM3 (Masterkey)


  • EPC WN (Reflex Sight, three-round burst fire)


Colt CAR-15 Commando

  • Predator (40 round mag, Dual Mags)

H&K G11

  • G115 Generator (fully automatic, Low Power Scope)

StG-44 (Normally found in Project Nova)

  • Spatz-447+ (Ammo and RoF doubled)

Modern Warfare 2Edit

M4A1 Carbine



TAR-21 (Special note: The TAR-21 can switch between a regular Red Dot Sight skin and the MARS Sight in Options)

FN FAL (This is a different skin of the Black Ops FAL)


Remington ACR

F2000 (Special note: The F2000 can switch between a regular Red Dot Sight skin and the F2000 Scope in Options)

AK-47 (This is a different skin of the Black Ops AK-47)

Submachine GunsEdit

Black OpsEdit

H&K MP5k

  • MP115 Kollider

Skorpion Vz. 61



  • AK-74fu2 (Red Dot Sight)



  • Tokyo and Rose (Dual-Wield)

Walther MPL

  • MPL-LF (40 round mag, Red Dot Sight)

Spectre M4

  • Phantom (Larger mag, Red Dot Sight)

OtS-02 Kiparis

PPSh-41 Spagin (Normally found in Project Nova)

  • The Reaper (115 round mag)

MP-40 (Normally found in Project Nova)

  • The Afterburner (Doubled mag capacity and RoF)

Sten (Normally found in Project Nova)

Modern Warfare 2 (Special note: Machine Pistols are inserted into this category)Edit

MP5k (Special note: This is a skin of the Black Ops MP5k

UMP .45

TDI Vector

FN P90 (Special note: The P90 can switch between a regular Red Dot Sight skin and the P90 Red Dot in Options)

Micro Uzi


Glock 18c

M93R Raffica

Steyr TMP

Light MachinegunsEdit

Black OpsEdit


  • H115 Oscillator (Drum Mag)


  • R115 Resonator (Drum Mag)


Stoner M63A1

Modern Warfare 2Edit

L86 LSW (Special note: This gun can switch between a regular ACOG Scope skin and the SUSAT Scope in Options)



Steyr AUG HBAR (Special note: This gun can switch between a regular ACOG Scope skin and the Swarovski Scope in Options)

M240 SAW

Sniper RiflesEdit

Black OpsEdit

SVD Dragunov

  • D115 Disassembler (Variable Zoom)


L96A1 (Special note: the L96A1 can swap between the regular ACOG Scope skin and SUSAT Scope in Options)

  • L115 Isolator (Variable Zoom)


Mosin-Nagant (Normally found in Project Nova, can be spawned with or without a scope)

Modern Warfare 2Edit

CheyTac M200 Intervention

M82A1 Barrett .50 Cal

WA2000 (Special note: This is a skin of the Black Ops WA2000)


SVD Dragunov (Special note: This is a skin of the Black Ops Dragunov)


Black OpsEdit


  • Hades (Dragon's Breath)

Ithaca "Stakeout" M37

  • Raid (10 round mag, Grip, double-shell reload)


  • SPAZ-24 (24 round mag, one-shell full reload, full auto fire mode)


  • Typhoid & Mary (Dual wield, 16 rounds total)

Winchester Model 1887 (Special note: This weapon has been incorporated into the game.)


Modern Warfare 2Edit

SPAS-12 (Special note: Unlike the Black Ops SPAS-12, this one is pump-action)


Armsel Striker



Winchester Model 1887

Winchester Model 1200


Black OpsEdit


PM Makarov


  • Mustang & Sally (Dual-wield, fires grenades)

Colt Python

  • Cobra (12 round mag, Speed Reloader)


  • Calamity Jane (20 round mag, Full Auto)
  • Calamity & Jame (40 rounds total, Full Auto)

Tokarev TT-33 (Normally found in Project Nova)

Modern Warfare 2Edit

USP .45

Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum

Beretta M9

Desert Eagle

M1911 .45 (Special note: This is a skin of the Black Ops M1911)


Black OpsEdit


  • M72 Anarchy (10 rounds total, semi-auto fire)



China Lake NATIC

  • China Beach (Five grenades, faster pumping time)

M202A1 FLASH "Grim Reaper" (Normally Care Package-only)

Panzerschreck (Normally found in Project Nova)

Modern Warfare 2Edit

M136 AT4

M80 Thumper

FIM-92 Stinger

FGM-148 Javelin

RPG-7 (Special note: This is a skin of the Black Ops RPG-7)

Special Weapons/Other WeaponsEdit

Ballistic Knife

  • The Krauss Refibrillator (Shooting at downed friendly players revive them)


  • Awful Lawton (Bolt distracts zombies similarly to a Monkey Bomb)

Death Machine (Normally Care Package-only)

Harpoon KS-23

Dragon's Breath SPAS-12

Remington 870 (Special note: While ordinarily a shotgun, the texture file for a non-Masterkey R870 existed in MW2's files. With that, the Mission Editor released with a completely custom-built Remington 870, with the only pre-built part being the shotgun texture.)

Lethal GrenadesEdit

Fragmentation Grenade

Semtex Sticky Grenade

Throwing Tomahawk

Throwing Knife

RGD-33 Stick Grenade (Normally found in Project Nova)

Stielhandgranate (Normally found in Project Nova)

Matryoshka Doll

Tactical GrenadesEdit

Willy Pete Smoke Grenade

Nova Gas Grenade

Flashbang Grenade

Concussion Grenade

Decoy Grenade

Monkey Bomb

Gersch Device


Camera Spike


Tactical Insertion


Motion Sensor


Blast Shield

Wonder WeaponsEdit

Ray Gun

  • Porter's X2 Ray Gun (Ammo doubled, damage increased)

Wunderwaffe DG-2

  • Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ


  • Zeus Cannon

Winter's Howl

  • Winter's Fury


What follows is a basic combined description of the attachments available.


Red Dot Sight - The Red Dot Sight is a quick-aim sight that usually projects a red dot (however, the color of the dot, the lens color, and even the dot itself can be customized: by standard, the Red Dot Sight projects a red dot and has a clear lens). The dot will sway when the gun is aimed, but is otherwise more precise than iron sights in most cases. For MW2 weapons, the standard RDS is the Mueller 1x33 QuickShot. However, the P90, TAR-21, and F2000 can equip their own Red Dot Sights, and the StG-44, PPSh, and MP40 equip a World at War variant called the Aperture Sight. As well, an optional version is the Reflex Sight, which is pretty much the same, but instead modelled after an AimPoint CompM4 red dot scope. Red Dot Sights can be fitted to most weapons, save for handguns, sniper rifles, and some special weapons.

Holographic Sight - The Holographic Sight is very similar to the Red Dot Sight, with the exception that the dot does not sway when aimed. However, there are several differences between the MW2 Holo and the Black Ops Holo: the Holographic Sight is now modelled after an EOTech 552, and the crosshairs, crosshair color, and lens color can be modified just like with the Red Dot Sight. Any weapon that fits an RDS can fit a Holographic Sight.

ACOG Scope - The ACOG Scope is a scope that gives a short amount of zoom and a crosshair. Unlike in Black Ops, the lens color can be adjusted. For MW2 weapons, the ACOG Scope is now modelled after a Trijicon TA31 ACOG sight. There are several different versions: the Enfield, L96A1, and L86 LSW can equip the SUSAT, the AUG and AUG HBAR can equip the Swarovski Scope, and the StG-44 can equip the Telescopic Sight from World at War. The ACOG Scope can be equipped onto all assault rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns, submachine guns, and the Python and .44 Magnum.

Infrared Scope - The Infrared Scope is a sniper scope fitted with an infrared vision mod. However, unlike Black Ops OR Modern Warfare 2, enemies show up on the IR as Red, whereas friendlies show up as Green. The Infrared Scope can be equipped to anything that an ACOG Scope can be equipped to save for the Python and .44 Magnum.

Low Power Scope - This scope is unique to the G11. A combination of a sniper and ACOG scope, the Low Power Scope projects an unchanging crosshair (the color can be changed) that can be used to target enemies.

Upgraded Iron Sights - This is available to all Black Ops handguns, and the Desert Eagle. When used, the rear iron sights are raised up and all of the iron sights are given tritium circles, allowing for players to better see the sights.

Weapon ModsEdit

Suppressor - This mod decreases the range of an effective weapon. However, it has two effects. In Single Player, enemies will not notice you for a few seconds if you make suppressed kills. In Multi, you won't show up on the mini-map when you fire. Suppressors are available to every weapon, save for the revolvers, the Desert Eagle, the Launchers, the special weapons, and the G11.

Foregrip - This mod reduces recoil on some weapons. However, some SMGs, when equipped with a Foregrip, will instead extend their in-built stock/equip a folding stock, which has the same effect. Unlike MW2 and Black Ops, foregrips can be attached to most assault rifles, effectively nullifying recoil. Foregrips can be attached to some SMGs, almost all Assault Rifles, most shotguns, and all light machineguns.

FMJ - This mod is much different from its MW2 counterpart: it increases damage and allows bullets from LMGs, Sniper Rifles, the Python, .44 Magnum, and Desert Eagle to go through enemies. For Shotguns, equipping FMJ will cause more buckshot to be fly out of the shotgun when the trigger is pulled.

Extended Mags - Extended Mags adds more bullets to the magazine of a weapon. MW2 weapons are affected and get larger magazine models when Extended Mags is equipped. LMGs that feed out of boxes simply get Big Ammo, which compacts all of their ammo into one mag. Other LMGs and the PPSh-41 get Drum Magazines. The MP40 gets a peculiar system wherein two magazines feed into the weapon at the same time. Extended Mags, unlike past games, also increase reloading time. Extended Mags can be equipped to most weapons: the G11, MPL, .44 Magnum, Python, Launchers, and Special Weapons cannot equip Extended Mags. As well, some shotguns cannot equip them.

Dual Wield - Dual Wield gives players a second weapon. This disables aiming down the sight and also reduces accuracy heavily, but allows players to pump twice as much lead into enemies at close range. Dual-Wield is available for some SMGs, the Winchester 1887, the Ranger, the Olympia (provided it's equipped Sawn Off), the HS-10, and all handguns.

Rapid Fire - Rapid Fire increases the fire rate of a weapon. This can lead to inaccuracy unless the player fires in tight bursts. Unlike the past games, Rapid Fire can be equipped to ANY automatic weapon, including the CZ-75 (provided it has Full Auto equipped).

Bipod - Returning from World at War, the Bipod can be equipped to any Light Machine Guns. When equipped, they will gain their bipod model back/get a bipod. When mounted on a solid surface, Bipods prevent full 360 degree coverage, but make the weapon perfectly accurate (aside from recoil). As said before, all LMGs, including the AUG HBAR, can equip a Bipod.

Dual Magazines - Dual Magazines tapes a second magazine to the side of the first mag equipped onto a weapon. Every first reload is thus much faster than the second, due to having to only flip the mag. Dual Mags can be equipped to almost any primary weapon, save for box-feeding LMGs, Shotguns, and some SMGs.

Speed Reloader - Equippable to the Python, .44 Magnum, Olympia, Ranger, and Mosin-Nagant, Speed Reloader speeds up the reload of those weapons by, for the first four, using a speed reloader to load all six bullets/two shells in at once. For the Mosin-Nagant, Speed Reloader switches the reload to use a stripper clip.

Full-Auto Upgrade - Equippable to the CZ-75 and CZ-75 only, the Full Auto Upgrade upgrades the CZ-75 to machine pistol status.


Grenade Launcher - This attaches an underbarrel grenade launcher to the weapon specified. The grenade launcher is capable of killing people in one shot, and is available in one of several models: the M203, GP-30, FN1, and FN40GL, with the only difference being fire and reload animations. The AK-74u can also equip the Grenade Launcher as the BS-1 Tishina, which otherwise has the same effect. All Assault Rifles (save for the StG-44) and the AK-74u can equip the Grenade Launcher, as well as the Mosin-Nagant (which equips it under the form of the Rifle Grenade).

Masterkey Shotgun - This attaches an underbarrel shotgun to the weapon specified. The Masterkey can help greatly in close-quarters situations that assault rifles were not made to be excellent in. The Masterkey can be equipped to ALL Assault Rifles.

Flamethrower - This attaches an underbarrel flamethrower to the weapon specified. The Flamethrower is good for clearing out an area in a short amount of time. However, you do not keep leftover ammo when you reload with a partially empty fuel tank. The Flamethrower only has two models: the M203, and the GP-30, and can be equipped to all Assault Rifles.

Heartbeat Sensor - This modified attachment allows people to send a radar pulse out to identify enemies. The radar pulse will be shown on the player's minimap. The Heartbeat Sensor is equippable to all assault rifles, light machineguns, sniper rifles, and the HS-10 and AA-12 shotguns.

Tactical Knife - The Tactical Knife has been somewhat upgraded: it can now be used on any weapon accepting Dual Wield. This will dual-wield the weapon in question with the player's combat knife held in a reverse grip, which speeds up knifing and (unlike in MW2) lets the player fire while they knife.

Bayonet - The Bayonet is equippable to the Mosin-Nagant, all assault rifles, and most shotguns. It switches the melee animation from a knife slash to thrusting the gun forward, which takes longer than knifing, but does more damage, and lets the player fire while they melee.

Flashlight - The Flashlight can be equipped to any weapon. When equipped, in the case of a Dual Wieldable weapon, it will have the player grip it similarly to the Tactical Knife. Otherwise, it is duct taped/rail mounted onto a weapon. The Flashlight provides light into an area: which means it can be used for some scenarios where you might need light.


Sawed Off - The Sawed Off attachment can be only equipped to the Olympia. This decreases the Olympia's range, but massively increases the already high damage level.

Snub Nose - Snub Nose can be equipped to the Python and .44 Magnum. It slices off the nose of the gun, decreasing damage, but increasing accuracy.


Several different variants of camouflage are available. Unlike other CoD games, camouflage can also be replaced with completely custom paintjobs for a gun, and can be equipped to all weapons.

As with all of the past games, there is no real need to apply camouflage.

Black OpsEdit


Modern Warfare 2Edit

White Tape
Blue Tiger
Red Tiger

Notable Custom GametypesEdit

The Way They Once WereEdit

This gametype is similar to Bare Bones but features weapons carrying attachments appropriate to them. The unique attachments are as follows:

Skorpion, MAC11, Uzi, PM63, MPL, Spectre, Kiparis - Grip (it will show up as the Folding Stock that comes with the weapon)

ALL Assault Rifles (except G11) - Grenade Launcher (Reasoned because of the Assault class. An alternate gametypes, The Way They Once Were - Tubeless, has no GLs)

Enfield, AUG - ACOG Scope (It'll show up as the Enfield's SUSAT and the AUG's Swarovski)

Famas - IR Scope (The FAMAS F1 Felin carried a built-in IR.)

G11 - Low Power Scope (That scope was built into the weapon)

ALL Sniper Rifles - Variable Scope (Since the devs made it, the Variable Scopes LOOK like the regular sniper scopes.)

Python - Speed Reloader (A very useful attachment)

CZ-75 - Full Auto (Why not?)

PPSh-41 - Extended Mags (The PPSh was standard built with a 71 round magazine.)

Please note...Edit

1. This article is fake. CoD is the property of Activison. If you want a modded CoD level, I'm not the person to go to.

2. CoD Wiki was a large help for this.

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