Scene: Opening Credits

  • Children audience: Call of Mario! [Choir singing a Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme in English]

Scene: Formal Dining of Watterson Family

  • Richard: Oh yes... [A bomb explodes and cuts a wire]

Scene: Fegelein's House

  • Fegelein: Goodbye, Russians! Hello, Communist Russians!

Scene: Fanfiction City Factory

  • Mario: Get out! [Mario turns on a gear to kill a Nazi soldier] Goodbye, Nazis, forever! [Mario kicks a plug then turns on a water then kills by shocking a Nazi soldier] Yahoo!

Scene: Fanfiction City Shopping Mall

  • Mario: Die, terrorists, die! [Mario shooting a shotgun and shoot terrorists who hiden inside doors. All terrorists died] Phew.

Scene: Tabuu's Residence Map Scene

  • Tabuu: We will destroy all of everything! [He throws a big pencil] And now, citizens of all the world, you will die and fear my pencil of all destructions! [He throws a giant pencil, causing them to explode into Subspace shields]

Scene: Mayor's House Frontyard

  • Mr. Mayor: All timeline soldiers and bodyguards running and staring at a mayor] Hello, young friends! I declear this is war.

Scene: Sherman Tank

  • SpongeBob: Captain Barnacles, we targeted the Fuhrerbunker. It is this way.
  • Captain Barnacles: And a terrorist fortress, too!
  • SpongeBob: Fire! [SpongeBob shoots a cannon at a door] We have to enter that building with our tank. To the garage!

Scene: Fuhrerbunker Garage

  • SpongeBob: Let us go. Run!
  • Captain Barnacles: Okay. [Cpt. Barnacles and SpongeBob run to a Fuhrerbunker head office. They open a door]

Scene: Fuhrerbunker Head Office

  • SpongeBob: There he is...the Nazi leader.
  • Captain Barnacles: Who is the leader?
  • Both: It is...the Angry German Kid?
  • AGK: Yes, that is right! Do not look so surprised!
  • Both: But why?
  • AGK: Everybody ignores me except the Subspace Alliance people because I have to play a computer to play Unreal Tournament and because I cannot go anywhere unless it is wheelchair-accessible.
  • Captain Barnacles: Kick him, 'Bob [SpongeBob kicks AGK's wheelchair to a moat. Cpt. Barnacles summons tanks and planes] Alright, the bomb is defused. Send them in. [Tanks and planes destroys a Fuhrerbunker] Here goes nothing.

Scene: White House Frontyard

  • Bush: Thank you, boys, for stopping the Nazi German forces of evil...we award you with this 14 karat gold statue for me! The prez!
  • SpongeBob: That is-
  • Captain Barnacles: -it? We saved the world and all we get is a gold plated statue?
  • Bush: is my first day.
  • SpongeBob: Go to hell or Texas. That might work in your birthstate, but not here bub. We-
  • Captain Barnacles: -want to vote for Obama. [A duo kicks Bush. Crowd cheer]
  • Both: Election day today!

Scene: Northern Federation Headquarters Map Room

  • General Tucker: Mwahahahahaha...fools, you cannot give you a surprise anymore in Normandy! [Evil laugh]
  • General Pearl: Let us evil laugh together! [Both evil laugh] We will rule the Akadian Empire! Hehehe...oh, darling?
  • General Tucker: Can we watch TV woman, with my son?
  • General Pearl: Uh-oh, we do not have an apple juice dispenser!
  • General Tucker: Uh-oh, hotdog.
  • Homer: Did you say, hotdog? Eat this!
  • General Tucker: Get out!
  • Homer: Oh...okay. [Homer eats a hotdog] Mmmm...hotdog.
  • General Pearl: So, do you want to watch TV now to the first floor?
  • General Tucker: Yes, with apple juice.
  • ScneE

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