Calvin and Hobbes in a Live Action Film,Coming out March 16, 2012 based on Bill Waterson's comic "Calvin and Hobbes".The film was created by 2th Centuary Fox.


Many fans wanted a Calvin and Hobbes Film to conitnue the series for Calvin and Hobbes but they also wanted it to be like their favorite characters.But unlike the older Calvin and Hobbes the directors wanted to make this movie for not just people who liked reading Calvin and Hobbes but to little kids or grown ups that never heard of the film the directors also wanted to make the movie timeless and not just in the 80s or 90s.


A 6 year old trouble maker and his stuffed tiger get themselves into wild adventures doing the things that they do.


  • Colin Baiocchi as Calvin
  • Louis Chirillo as Hobbes (Voice)
  • Joey King as Susie Derkins

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