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Canadian Hell is the second and main adult animated sitcom created and produced by William Dobbin for the FOX Broadcasting Network. The series follows the adventures of the Beaker family who, unlike the families in most cartoons, live in Canada. The series will air on September 25, 2031.

This series can also be viewed on the Idea Wiki.

Characters Edit

The series will focus mainly on the Beaker family, led by father Benton Beaker, wife Jonah Beaker, their cat Clyde ( a racist, sadistic, hippie-hating cat, not the internet star we all know and love. ) They have 3 kids- 2 year old Anderson Beaker ( A kid who can talk, but only around his pets, siblings, and other kids ), 10 year old Daniel Beaker, and 12 year old Jessie Beaker. They also have a dog named Sally, who's personality is the exact opposite of Clyde's.

Benton has some friends named Cameron Holtz and Robert Townsend. He also has a superhero identity named Bentman, and an enemy named General Marc who frequently tries to kill Benton.

Other characters:

  • Dawson, Daniel's friend
  • Walter Billings, Benton's boss at work
  • Mr. Diesalot, a character who frequently, well, diesalot.
  • Jake McClark, Anderson's friend
  • Orman Alvo, Anderson's other friend.
  • Jenny Thompson, Jessie's friend
  • Jenner ( Clyde and Sally's son )
  • Amanda ( Clyde and Sally's daughter )

The series can also be viewed on Idea Wiki.

Setting Edit

The Beakers live in Toronto, in a fictional town called Craneville.

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Episodes Edit

New episodes added daily!

Season 1 Edit

  1. " Summer Of 16-9 " - Benton becomes a summer camp counsellor, only to find out that the camp is for dangerous kids with violent and destructive behaviours. Meanwhile, Clyde starts up a " pest control service " to rid the town of hippies. Air Date- September 25, 2031
  2. " The Legend Of Bentley James " - Benton discovers that he is Korean, but causes trouble when he starts acting like a Korean. Meanwhile, Anderson attempts to take over the playground. Air Date- October 2, 2031
  3. " Bastard Case " - Benton becomes a lawyer after being hired as a last-minute one. Meanwhile, Clyde and Anderson start a podcast. Air Date- October 9, 2031
  4. " The Super Child " - Anderson becomes a cashier at the supermarket to hide the fact that he accidentally killed the previous one. Meanwhile, Benton loses his drivers license, but to keep himself from being isolated from civilization, he illegaly gets the kids to drive him places. Air Date- October 16, 2031
  5. " Cable Clyde " Clyde tries to save the customer service representive from being corrupted. Meanwhile, Anderson makes a new friend named Jake, who Jonah suspects is a bad influence. Air Date- October 23, 2031
  6. " Back To Hell " - The kids go back to school, and Benton develops a crush on the new employee at his work. Meanwhile, Anderson thinks that he is in a slump, so he and Jake try to break the slump using extreme sports. Air Date- November 6, 2031
  7. " Bent-in To Shape " - Benton gets fit, but the becomes a bully to fat people. Meanwhile, Clyde becomes a reporter in a newspaper, but when Anderson takes over as publisher, things get complicated. Air Date- November 12, 2031
  8. " Left 4 Ed " - When Clyde gets jealous of Anderson and Jake's friendship, he branches out and makes his own cat friend named Ed, who turns out to be a stalker. Air Date- November 19, 2031
  9. " Two C's Don't Make An Ocean " - Benton is nervous about introducing Clyde to Benton's friend, Cameron Holtz. The two end up becoming best friends, leaving Benton out. Air Date- November 26, 2031
  10. " Cops And Clyde " - Clyde becomes a police officer, but things go awry when he busts Benton staging a robbery. Air date- December 2, 2031
  11. " Canadian Book " - Jonah joins a book club, but ends up in a war between Canadian books and American books. Meanwhile, Anderson And Jake discover a treasure, but decide to keep it a secret for themselves. Air Date- December 16, 2031
  12. " Take A Dump " Benton accidentally destroys the town garbage centre, which covers the entire town in trash. Meanwhile, Clyde falls in love with a female dog named Sally, who is eventually adopted into the family. Air Date- December 23, 2031

Season 2 Edit

  1. " I Am Clyde, Hear Me Meow! " - Clyde becomes a retailer, but is eventually tricked into selling the house. Meanwhile, Benton gets a goat to produce more milk for the family. When the goat disappears, Benton goes on an extraordinary adventure to find it. Air Date- October 16, 2031
  2. " Damn Daniel " - Daniel gets a girlfriend, prompting Benton to spy on the two lovebirds for a while. Eventually, he decides to invite the girl over to the Beaker house for dinner to put her to the test. Air Date- October 23, 2031
  3. " Halloween: The Lamest Episode Name Ever " - On Halloween, Daniel and Jessie sneak away to a Halloween party. Meanwhile, Clyde and Sally take Anderson trick-or-treating, only for the three of them to get arrested, since there are no " adults " present. Air Date- October 30, 2031
  4. " As Jessie's Big Ass Turns " - Jessie turns 13 and goes on a major teenage rampage. Meanwhile, Clyde takes Anderson to see a kid movie that turns out to be a trap, whereas it is actually an adult porno. It deeply traumatizes Clyde and Anderson, who try to keep their viewing of the film a secret. Air Date- November 13, 2031
  5. " Clyde's Sadistic Tales " - When Benton and Jonah go off on their wedding anniversary, Clyde and Sally stay back to watch the kids. Clyde tells everyone his version of 3 classic fairy tales: " Hansel And Gretel " , " The 3 Little Pigs " , and " The Princess And The Frog " . Air Date- November 20, 2031
  6. " Hunker Games: Catching Fire " - Benton and Cameron go on a mining trip, and discover fire that won't hurt you if you touch it. Unfortunately, it still burns buildings and other things, and when Benton and Cameron get a little unpredictable with their fire, they are kicked out of town. Air Date- November 27, 2031
  7. " Not All Cat's Go To Heaven, Either " - Clyde strives to ban dogs from the park. When he succeeds, he decides to ban dogs from all of Craneville. But this just might include Sally. Meanwhile, Jake gets a falcon as part of a protest against the banning of dogs, as he says that the hawk symbolizes animal freedom. This " jelly-fies " Anderson, who pretends to be part of the protest as well in order to get his own animal- a bear. Air Date- December 4, 2031
  8. " Merry Christmas, Benton Beaker! " - Benton tries to find the perfect Christmas tree, which ends up taking him on a huge adventure that also teaches him the true meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, Anderson starts a Christmas bake sale at the community centre, but just so he can beat Jake to the punch on Christmas festivities. December 11, 2031
  9. " Indian Jungle Madness " - Clyde, Sally, and the kids get lost in an Indian jungle. Meanwhile, Benton and Jonah become lifeguards at the beach. Air Date- January 8, 2032
  10. " Kids, Cats, Dogs, And Raccoons " - The kids and the pets try to solve the towns raccoons problems. Meanwhile, Benton and Jonah discover S&M sex. Air Date- January 15, 2032
  11. " Anderson's Big Holiday " - Its Anderson's 3rd birthday, but Benton still has to find a reliable place to have the party. Meanwhile, Sally and Clyde go to Alaska to visit Clyde's seagull friend, Sherm The Seagull. Air Date- February 12, 2032
  12. " The Bent-Family Rises " - Part 1 of the Canadian Hell Superhero Trilogy. Air Date- February 26, 2032

Season 3 Edit

  1. " The Poor Cat " - Clyde pitches in at a retirement home. Unfortunately, the residents soon discover that he is a cat, and they have allergies towards cats, so they try to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Sally takes Anderson to the county fair. Air Date- August 21, 2032
  2. " The Drunk Tank " - While drunk, Benton and Cameron drive right into the ocean and discover the hidden city of Atlantis. Meanwhile, Jonah becomes a mechanic, and catches Jessie trying to pass off an expensive car for her own, despite being underage for driving. Air Date- August 28, 2032
  3. " MineDraft " - Benton loses his job. While searching for a new one, he falls down a manhole, where he finds strange human-like creatures. Benton tries to cheer himself up by teaching the creatures how to act like businessmen. September 4, 2032
  4. " How To Get Away With Being A Pervert " - When the TV goes missing, Benton starts a neighbourhood watch program in order to find the culprit. Even when the TV is found, Benton continues spying on people. Meanwhile, Anderson and Jake work on fixing a boat that they found. Air Date- September 25, 2032
  5. " Bentman Returns " - Part 2 of the Canadian Hell Superhero Trilogy. Air Date- October 2, 2032
  6. " Lost Boy " - Anderson runs away when he finds that Jonah is being mean. He changes his mind in the middle of things, but realizes that he doesn't know where he is. It's up to Clyde to save him. Meanwhile, Benton and Cameron try to be the first " male strippers " . Air Date- October 9, 2032
  7. " Dance The Mid-Day Away " - Jessie frantically searches for a date to the Mid-Day School Dance. Meanwhile, Anderson befriends a sleazy kid who secretely hands out completed assignments to kids who haven't finished ( or even started ) theirs. Eventually, Anderson decides to be that kind of kid himself. Air Date- October 16, 2032
  8. " Clyde And Sallys Excellent Adventure " - Clyde and Sally discover a time machine, and use it to travel through time. Air Date- October 30, 2032
  9. " Meet The Parents " - When Benton is forced to meet Jonahs parents, he decides to pretend he is president of Craneville. Meanwhile, Anderson starts knitting. Air Date- November 6, 2032
  10. " Vern, Baby, Vern " - Clyde makes a new cat friend named Vern. This one seems to be gay, and doesn't want to leave Clyde. And doesn't want Clyde to leave him. Air Date- November 13, 2032
  11. " Bring Your Badass Child To Work Day " - A drunk Benton randomly brings Daniel to his office. Daniel tries to blend in, until he sees that Benton can't do that anyway. Meanwhile, Anderson and Jake take up beekeeping. Unfortunately, they each have their own ideas on how to take care of the bees, and none of them are good ideas... Air Date- November 20, 2032

Season 4 Edit

  1. " The Beakers Have A Brand New Fag " - An accident at a yard sale turns Benton into a cripple, so Daniel tries to show Benton the perks of being in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Anderson rips Jake off at the yard sale, so Jake starts a yard sale of his own right outside Anderson's window, which gets on Anderson's nerves. Air Date-
  2. " Lent-On " - Clyde and Sally join a protesting group, which Anderson tries to shake up when he sees that the group is a bit boring. Meanwhile, when Benton sees the protest group, he thinks that his work is called off, so he and Cameron do their " Bro-list " of things that they always wanted to do. Air Date-
  3. " Benton The Breadwinner " - When the family's finances are in trouble, Benton starts taking torturous part-time jobs in order to save the family. Jonah joins him to help out, but that puts more pressure on the both of them. Meanwhile, Anderson goes on a mission to stop his favourite radio station from being taken over by commercials. Air Date-
  4. " Banks For Nothing " - Benton becomes a bank manager, but his career is put in danger when he starts spending all the money. Meanwhile, Clyde gets an IPad, so Anderson takes him to Comic-Con to show him how stupid ScI-Fi matter is. Air Date-
  5. " Bully Circle " - When Daniel is bullied at school, Benton joins the anti-bullying movement, which changes his behaviour at home. Meanwhile, Clyde takes Anderson to the library, where Anderson becomes addicted to literature. Air Date-
  6. " Benton: Up Above " - Benton finds Jesus Christ at a video game store, who explains that God kicked him out of Heaven. Benton lets Jesus stay at the Beaker house, but only the family, Cameron, and Robert can know about him. Eventually, Jesus starts getting a little annoying, so Benton and Clyde try to convince God to let Jesus return to heaven. Meanwhile, Anderson participates in the talent show at Daniel's school, which scores him and Daniel a job as a magician duo. Air Date-
  7. " Patrioticat " - Clyde takes a trip to America, and his newfound likeness towards the state drives the family crazy. Meanwhile, Anderson and Jake go to the beach, but things tense up when Jake gets hurt in a shark accident. Air Date-
  8. " Bent-Man Vs. Camera-Man " - Part 3 of the Canadian Hell Superhero Trilogy.
  9. " Dig-Daniel " - Benton decides to start his own YouTube channel, after discovering that Daniel has one of his own. All is well until a rivalry forms between father and son to get the most views. Meanwhile, Anderson is mourning the death of Jake ( who tragically died from his injuries two episodes ago ). Air Date-
  10. " Clyde's A Bad Father " - Clyde falls in love with a striptease performer, but must keep the secret from Sally. Meanwhile, Anderson visits the demolition derby, and winds up participating in it. Air Date-
  11. " Benton Goes Batty " - Benton attempts to kill an annoying bat in the house, until he decides to join it and see what is like to be a bat. Meanwhile, Clyde and Anderson start a yard sale, but when things go awry, they end up in a Russian prison complex for absolute criminals. Anderson is imprisoned while Clyde is put to work by the warden, so Sally decides to get them out of there. Air Date-
  12. " Benton Beaker's Wild Adventures " - William Dobbin comes to Craneville during another one of his crazy adventures. He crashes ( literally ) at the Beaker house, where he befriends Benton. Unfortunately, a friendship with William Dobbin doesn't always go so well. Meanwhile, Anderson, who is still grieving the death of Jake, decides to hold a funeral procession for his friend now that there's a crazy new temporary member in the family. Air Date-

Season 5 Edit

  1. " Benton And Cameron Have A Home " - When tension is rising at the Beaker and Holtz residence, Benton and Cameron move out and find a new place to stay: an abandoned, run-down apartment. Clyde eventually moves in as well, after an argument with Sally. Unfortunately, the boys soon realize that they need their family's, which leads them to making a tough decision. Air Date-
  2. " Cool Hand Daniel " - Daniel becomes popular after he and Benton accidentally kill a mean teacher. Meanwhile, Anderson and Clyde visit famous landmarks around the world. Air Date-
  3. " The Quest For Shit " - Benton, Cameron, and Robert go on a quest to find the towns mayor. Air Date-
  4. " Behind Benton " - In a behind-the-scenes episode, viewers get to see how a single episode of Canadian Hell is made. In a mini-story, Benton gets kicked off the show and ends up living on the streets, where he gets a job as the head of the Parents Television Council, and decides to cancel his former show as payback. Air Date
  5. " A Man, My Son " - When Benton discovers that Anderson takes pleasure in insulting people, he creates an app that allows Anderson to send insulting messages to people all around the world. Air Date-
  6. " Black Cats Matter " - Clyde discovers that black cats are endangered, so he and a reluctant Anderson start up a campaign to help save black cats from extinction. Meanwhile, Benton takes Daniel fishing, but when Daniel is hit by a boat and thrown into the hospital, Benton tries to keep the dream alive by filming a documentary of " Daniel's Currently Sad Life " . Air Date-
  7. " Mob-y Dick " - Benton accidentally blows up a gas station, which gets the attention of a mob boss who decides to include Benton in his gang. Air Date-
  8. " Road To Hell " - Daniel and Anderson go on a road trip. Thinking that the two kids have been kidnapped by ghosts, Benton goes ghost-hunting in a parody of GhostBusters. Air Date-
  9. " He's Ba-ack! Oh, And He Brought Moses! " - Christmas comes to Craneville once again. Jesus returns to the Beaker house and brings his friend Moses, who warns Benton about his presumably dark future. Air Date-
  10. " Sly Kid " - Anderson is deeply traumatized when he sees a woman completely naked. He goes to see a therapist who turns out to be Sally. She doesn't really help Anderson's case. In the end, Anderson decides to take some pills that turn him into a girl. Air Date-
  11. " Home Isn't, And Never Will Be, Where The Heart Is " - Benton gets himself frozen, hoping that his family won't be as annoying in the future. Meanwhile, Jonah, figuring Benton is never coming back, starts going out with Cameron. Air Date-
  12. " Fullest House " - Benton becomes an Uber driver, but that attracts unwanted attention to the Beaker house. Meanwhile, Anderson and Clyde get into an expensive country club, but things get rough when Anderson finds Jake there, who apparently faked his death. Air Date-
  13. " OverDogs " - Clyde panics when he thinks that Sally is dumping him for another male cat. Meanwhile, Benton and Jonah try to have a romantic Valentines Day dinner, but are interrupted by women who turn out to be Benton's previous girlfriends. Air Date-
  14. " Just Say Absolutely, According To Benton " - Benton becomes a drug dealer, but ends up getting in on a huge meth organization that gets him high which causes major problems for the family. And himself. Air Date-
  15. " Benton The Daredevil " - Benton takes the family to a monster truck derby, where he is immensely injured. While in the hospital recovering, Benton meets legendary monster truck driver Cam Mqueen, who teaches Benton how to be a daredevil. Benton takes this too far, though, and ends up getting his own monster truck. Air Date-

Season 6 Edit

  1. " Bad Mom " - Jonah is tricked into doing a porno. Benton and Cameron both see it, and end up in a war over Jonah. Meanwhile, Anderson uses Daniel's YouTube channel to watch PewDiePie videos. Anderson quickly grows attached to PewdiePie, to the point where he doesn't even want to leave Daniel's room, let alone the computer, which gets on Daniel's nerves. Air Date-
  2. " Sand-erson " - Anderson rents a summer home on the beach, but when Clyde and Sally don't want to go to it, Anderson kidnaps and holds them hostage there. Air Date-
  3. " Some Un-enchanted Evening " - Benton's mom comes to town, but he isn't very excited, instead terrified. Meanwhile, Clyde and Anderson go clown hunting. Unfortunately, the actually DO find a homeless clown, whom they feel sorry for. They let him live in Anderson's room, which spawns some roommate problems. Air Date-
  4. " Channeled Heaven " - When Benton is mentioned on a live news broadcast, he thinks that the news station is God, and thus decides to become a news anchor. Meanwhile, Sally starts hanging out with Jessie and her friends, and ends up stealing them away from Jessie. Air Date-
  5. " Oh, The Cats in The Cradle And The Silver Buffoon " - Benton starts online dating, but gets in trouble when Jonah finds out. Meanwhile, Clyde gets new glasses and a new ego, which bothers Anderson. Air Date-
  6. " Wedding Day Pt. 1 " - Clyde and Sally announce their plans to marry, which shocks the family, including Anderson. Of course, preparing for the wedding is easier said than done. Air Date-
  7. " Wedding Day Pt. 2 " - On the day of Clyde and Sally's wedding, nobody is ready. The food is awful, the wedding clothes are destroyed, and worst of all, Clyde is run over by his and Sally's old-fashioned transportation: a horse chariot. Air Date-
  8. " Tragically Hippie " - Clyde and Sally's marriage gets off to a rough start when Clyde discovers that Sally has a fetish for hippies, something that Clyde hates. Meanwhile, Anderson starts visiting Jake's house more and more after he discovers that he can get away with anything, as he is simply a guest. Unfortunately, he starts going there at some very crazy times... Air Date-
  9. " Benton's Pancake Pussy " - Benton grows a beard, which inspires him to open a pancake house. Meanwhile, Daniel starts going out with a hot girl that he meets up with at Benton's pancake house, only to discover her dark secret. Air Date-
  10. " More Hell " - A nasty hurricane hits Craneville, forcing the family and the rest of the town to stay at the high school. Unfortunately, as the rest of the family is accepted into the gym, Anderson is deemed retarded, and put into the " Special Character " room in the school. Air Date-
  11. " Anderson Is The New Hitler " - With the whole town still living in the high school as the hurricane goes on, Clyde goes over to the " Special Person " room to check on Anderson, only to see that the latter has taken over the other retards. Air Date-
  12. " Iraq Strikes Back " - Benton tries to make the most of living at the high school by selling supplies to the other refugees. Unfortunately, his best customers turn out to be Iraq terrorists. Air Date-
  13. " High School Musical 4 " - As the hurricane clears up, the townsfolk pack up and prepare to go home. Air Date-
  14. " Back In White " - Benton witnesses a white-person robbery, and thinks that he is going to turn evil, so he decides to become black. Air Date-

Season 7 Edit

  1. " Benton's Bitches " - Benton gets mad at Clyde and disowns him. Air Date-
  2. " Orman " - Anderson makes a strange new friend named Orman. Meanwhile, Benton discovers the wonders of the mall. Air Date-
  3. " I'll Walsh, You Dry " - Clyde becomes a TV personality alongside celebrity John Walsh. Meanwhile, Anderson and Jake go on panty raids around Craneville. Air Date-
  4. " Sue-icide Squad " - Benton gets the family sued, causing them to lose their house and live off the land, which is Alaska, because this show will have stereotypes. Air Date-
  5. " It's Not Really A Wonderful Life " - A tensed up Benton decides to end it all by jumping off a bridge, but ends up landing on a boat being driven by Death, who shows Benton what life would be like with him dead. Air Date-
  6. " Paper Townsend " - The guys try to get Robert a girlfriend. Air Date-
  7. " The Princess Died-e " - The Beakers and other characters reenact The Princess Bride. Air Date-
  8. " Condoms, Tampons, And Bro-states " - Anderson falls in love with a new girl at his daycare named Alexis Manne. They start dating, and eventually get married, but the moment is ruined when Alexis thinks that her relationship with Anderson was just pretend ( like Full House hasn't done that twice. ) Anderson is disappointed, until he discovers that Alexis is planning on marrying Orman for real. Meanwhile, Daniel starts going through puberty before Jessie, which spawns a rivalry between them. Air Date-
  9. " Abandoned By Benton " - The Beakers go on a Disney cruise. Air Date-
  10. " How I Bet On Your Mother " - Benton tells the kids the story of how he met Jonah- and almost got her killed. Meanwhile, Clyde tells Anderson the story of why he hates hippies. Air Date-
  11. " Fun To Play With, Not To Beat " - Benton and Robert have a contes to see who can grow the biggest penis ( which is a fun thing to play with. ) Unfortunately, they get into some serious trouble with the rest of the town, especially Benton's family. Air Date-
  12. " BENTONTWOLKU " - When Benton is getting too annoying for the family to handle, Jonah sends him to a random place in the world. Benton chooses Great Britian, where he gets a lead role on " a foul British show ". Air Date-
  13. " Oil Boys " - When a power outage hits Craneville, Benton and Cameron go to an oil rig to restore power. While on the rig, they find their surroundings interesting and decide to live on the oil rig. Meanwhile, Anderson decides to replace his dad with a " child butler ". He gets one for him and Jake, but the butlers quickly become annoying. Air Date-
  14. " Scissons 2.0 " - Clyde and Sally announce their plans to give birth, so the family decides to help around the house more. Eventually, they take Sally to the vet so she can give birth. Air Date-

Season 8 Edit

  1. " The Limit " - When Benton feels that his jokes aren't funny anymore, he goes to the library to hit the Jokelepedias. Air Date-
  2. " Dude, Where's My Cat? " - When the family thinks that Clyde is dead, they reminisce about what the future will be like without him. Air Date-
  3. " The Wrath Of General Marc " - Benton makes a powerful enemy at Daniel's soccer game, named General Marc. General Marc's daughter wins the championship, but Benton puts her into a coma. Thus, General Marc attempts to kill Benton. Air Date-
  4. " Nasty Telephone " - Clyde becomes a communist. When Benton finds out, the two go into buisness together. Meanwhile, Anderson becomes an internet bully, which gets him into trouble with Orman and his family. Air Date-
  5. " Where There's Smoke, There's Tires " - Benton starts smoking, which drives the family crazy. Eventually, Jonah sends the cigarettes to the dump, but Anderson and Jake are playing at the dump, and Anderson gets his hands on the cigarette... Meanwhile, Clyde gets his drivers license, but is constantly annoyed by his new kids, who insist he drive them everywhere. Air Date-
  6. " Field Crip " - Clyde and Benton go on a hunting trip, but things get bad when Clyde is injured. Meanwhile, Anderson and Jake form a club, but it starts to get bad when Orman wants in. Air Date-
  7. " Principal Cat " - Clyde becomes a bus driver for Anderson, but takes things to the next level when he becomes the principal of Daniel's school. Meanwhile, Benton develops a love for skydiving. Air Date-
  8. " Master Chef's " - Clyde and Anderson start up a restaurant on the back deck, but when their service does not please Jake, he decides to sue their buisness. Meanwhil, Benton and Cameron go on a plane that is hijacked while their on it. Air Date-
  9. " You Really Don't Gotta Eat Here " - Benton opens up a food truck, which rivals Robert's bar. Meanwhile, Anderson starts working at a warehouse to save a cute worker from being fired. Air Date-
  10. " Sally's Less Sadistic Tales " - When Anderson has trouble falling asleep, Sally tells him her versions of 4 classic fairy tales: " The Princess And The Frog ", " Jack And The Beanstalk ", " Little Red Riding Hood ", and " Cinderella " . This is the sequel to the early Season 2 episode " Clyde's Sadistic Tales ". Air Date-
  11. " Benton's Burgers " - Benton opens a burger restaurant and forces the family to help out with the buisness. Meanwhile, Cameron and his wife find a kid in their attic, who turns out to be their long lost child. Air Date-
  12. " Shrinking Pains " - Anderson starts a botanist group and opens up a greenhouse, but things get nasty when one of the plants turns evil à la Little Shop Of Horrors. Meanwhile, Benton aids Cameron in finding a reliable veterinarian when Cameron gets a cat that turns out to be autistic. Air Date-
  13. " Bulimic Boys " - Benton is diagnosed with bulimia and decides to form his own workplace called Bulimic Boys, for people of all ages with bulimia. Meanwhile, Anderson and Jake do the cinnamon challenge, which ends up poisoning them. Anderson discovers that a rogue company is attempting to trick kids into killing themselves by doing the cinnamon challenge, so Anderson and Jake aim to sue the company. Air Date-
  14. " Highway To Hell " - Clyde and Anderson start up a hitchhiking buisness on a highway. Meanwhile, Benton befriends a worker at a hardware store, and ends up working there. Air Date-
  15. " Blue Jays Anatomy " - In a 1-hour season finale, Anderson convinces Jake to sign up for baseball, so that Jake can go on to the world competition and become famous... and so that Anderson can get some sweet time with his favourite baseball team: The Toronto Blue Jays. Air Date-

Season 9 Edit

  1. " Canada In Space Pt. 1 " - Canadian Hell version of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Air Date-
  2. " Canada In Space Pt. 2 " - Canadian Hell version of Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. Air Date-
  3. " Canada In Space Pt. 3 " - Canadian Hell version of Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith. Air Date-
  4. " Canada In Space Pt. 4 " - Canadian Hell version of Star Wars: A New Hope. Air Date-
  5. " Canada In Space Pt. 5 " - Canadian Hell version of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Air Date-
  6. " Canada In Space Pt. 6 " - Canadian Hell version of Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi. Air Date-
  7. " Canada In Space Pt. 7 " Canadian Hell version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Air Date-
  8. " Real Suffering Is Totally Known " - Anderson volunteers to take Clyde and Sally's kids, Jenner and Amanda, trick-or-treating, which gets them sent to the lost and found building. Meanwhile, Benton goes to a Halloween office party, which turns out to be a trap set up by General Marc to kill Benton. Air Date-
  9. " The Rapes Of Wrath " - Benton tries to stop Daniel from going to an orgy party. Meanwhile, Clyde tries to cure Anderson's chicken pox.
  10. " Lose Air " - Benton tries to teach Jessie how to drive a car, only for her to be struck in a hit and run, and... we can't really say what happens next, or people will say that's already been done, if you catch our drift. Meanwhile, Clyde accidentally destroys a play-set thtabAnderson made.

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