Darth Grievous wore the most largest cape in the universe along with a giant evil sombrero

Capes (also called Cloaks) are evil clothing worn by mostly evil villains and evil Kaleesh warriors such as Darth Grievous, Death Troopers and Magnaguards. Capes can be used to intimidate enemies, used as a shield against enemy fire and other things. For a long time in the star wars galaxy only villains and warriors of the dark side wore capes. Some Sith Lords that are strong with the dark side can wrap themselves with their capes to teleport. Some capes also have pockets to store lightsabers, weapons, potions and other equiptment for no reason. Capes are also worn by the three evilleros, sith transformers and Demon Generals like the Corrupted Shockwave, Nemesis Prime, Ivan, Tal Merrik, Pre Vizsla, Radek, Gibbs, Blackout and Gigatron. Darth Grievous currently wears the largest cape in the universe along with a giant sombrero while Starscream wears the second largest cape in the universe. Darth Grievous's sith legion is well known for their cape wearing supremecy. After Darth Grievous's death the Sith lords large green and red capes were taken by the Autobots to research how capes can give people magic and as a trophies.
Darth Grievous's Cape shield

Darth Grievous's cape is a shield against most attacks

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future all evil bad guys became cape wearing monsters that wore giant sombreros attached to their heads because Darth Grievous transformed the galaxy after defeating the last transformer and jedi.

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