Captain America: The Return of The Disk is a Videogame for The PS3 About Captain America. It Comes out in Christmas 2011.

Plot Edit

All of The Captain America's Villans Try to Destroy Captain America and Steal his Powers and His Disk. While Captain America go on Many Worlds to Destroy The Villans. But The Red Skull Trys to Steal Captain America's Disk. As Captain America you'll Get to Use Bunch of Disk. In The End, you got to Fight The Red Skull and if you Win you Got a Golden Disk and Then it Go Blank and its Says To Be Con...
That Means It Might Have a Secend Game.

Bosses Edit

The Red Skull ( Easy ) ( World 1 ) Sin ( World 2 ) Big Red Skull Robot ( World 3 ) Evil Captain America ( World 4 ) Yellow Claw ( World 5 ) No Boss if you Find Disk ( World 5 ) All Villans ( Super Hard World 7 ) The Red Skull ( World 8 )

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