Captain Boomerang
Captain Boomerang
Full Name George Harkness
Other Names Captain Boomerang

The Aussie

George Green

Age 37
Relatives Betty Harkness (Mother)

W.W. Wiggins (Father)

Ian (Stepfather)

Occupation Professional Criminal
Nationality Australian
Voice Actor Greg Ellis (English)

Kazunari Tanaka (Japanese)

Captain Boomerang is an infamous Australian mercenary and bank robber, and an antagonist in Batman: Shadow War. He is a member of the Suicide Squad also.



George Harkness was born in Australia and had an abusive stepfather, Ian, who hated the boy and also as a child, Harkness learned how to craft sophisticated boomerangs and even developed them into weapons. As a teenager, Harkness robbed a general store and escaped with the money obtained thanks to his boomerang. Nonetheless, his father banished from the house as a result of the incident. Harkness went to Central City in the United States in search for his biological father but there, he learned that the Wiggins Game Company had been searching for a spokesman. Harkness took the chance and auditioned under George Green for the job which he landed. Wiggins was impressed by his son's boomerang-throwing skills and gave him the title "Captain Boomerang".

Captain Boomerang however had other plans with his alter ego and began a string of jewellery thefts. In addition, he was known to have 54 counts of aggravated assault and 98 counts of burgulary to his name, robbing every bank in Australia at least once before being apprehended back to the United States during a diamond heist, putting him behind bars at Belle Reve.

Batman: Shadow WarEdit


Captain Boomerang is tough, sadistic, humorous and somewhat crude individual who has no qualms with theft, beating or assassination. Despite this, Boomerang isn't without empathy and also has a perchant for drinking alcohol.


  • Peak Physical Condition: Captain Boomerang, as a highly skilled and experienced robber, is in top physical condition, capable of knocking down a Navy SEAL with just a single blow, swiftly recovered from serious injuries, was able to take down several enemies and having 51 counts of aggravated assault to his name.
  • Master Marksman: Captain Boomerang is a master at his marksmanship and has mastered throwing his bladed and edged trick boomerangs. He has displayed exceptional accuracy with his hurled boomerangs as well.
  • Expert Combatant: Captain Boomerang is also a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and thus can cut down multiple opponents in mere seconds when using the bladed edges of his boomerangs as close-quarters weapons.
  • Master Robber: Captain Boomerang is a prolofic and extremely skilled robber and thief, having 98 counts of burgulary to his name and being known for robbing every bank in Australia at least once and several more in the United States.
  • Expert Deceiver: Captain Boomerang is a highly skilled deceiver.


  • Trick Boomerangs: Captain Boomerang's primary weapons, with each of them a steel-made curved blade, sharpened on both sides. When thrown, his boomerangs spins about an axis that is perpendicular to their flight direction and are designed to return to the thrower. They can be used as ranged and close-quarters weapons but there are also ones with additional features such as explosives, electrical ones and ones that can scan with a video camera.


Katherine Harkness- Katherine Harkness was George's late wife who died after giving birth to his second child, Bella, when Owen was 4. She has curly auburn hair and green eyes.

Owen Harkness- Owen is George and Katherine's son and Bella's big brother who misses his mother very much, and has a strained relationship with his dad.

Bella Harkness- Bella is an 11 year old girl who, unlike her older brother, gets along with her dad very well.

Psychological Exam ProfileEdit

Diagnosis: Severe bipolar disorder, Anger issues, and PTSD.

GCPD ProfileEdit

Batman's ProfileEdit

Criminal RecordEdit


  • "You know what they say about the crazy ones."
  • "Hey, I like these odds, mate."
  • "Fresh air and time off my sentence? Feel free to keep calling me up, love."
  • "Who knows what these wankers get worked up about."
  • "Lucky shot."
  • "You do two, I'll do two."
  • "Boom, in your face!"
  • "Bloody hell!"
  • "You're joking."
  • "I don't trust this fruit loop."
  • "Good luck with that, mate."

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