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famous Notebook and Mean Girls actress Rachel McAdams.

She is a student at Warragul State and the best friend of other Warragul State student and victim character Taylor Mitchelmoore.

She is the overral 6th character to die in the film and is murdered by central killer Dan Morshower as well as stabbed multiple times by partner killer Kye Chantley .

Carly Stevens In We All Scream For FacebookEdit

Carly Stevens is the daughter of a Warragul Pharmacist named Jane.

Her father's name is Colin which is also the name of the film killer Dan Morshower's stepfather.

She is best friends with opposite Warragul State student Taylior Mitchelmoore's whose father Jonathen is close friends with Colin Stevens marking their friendship very close.

They are rarely seen without each other in the film as their characters are completely close friends whom always hang off each other.

Throughout the film Carly appears making smart comments regarding the other characters (Annaleise Anderson, Andrea Rees, Brent Youss and Emma Rhodes).

She is good friends with Samuel Deaning as well as Dan Morshower and possesses a zany entertaining sense of humour.

She is beautiful but somewhat judgemental as her character goes and is not played as a typical stereotypical teenage blonde girl character.

She possesses a High I.Q and is skilled at both reading and specifically Mathematics.

She is very loud with certain comments and what she projects and constantly puts on the voice of a classic Aussie Bogan to entertain herself and others.

She finds herself funny particularly at times and is seen laughing at herself once others laugh first at what she has said or done.

She is the sixth character to die in the film and is killed by the central murderer Dan Morshower as she was involved in the Facebook bully comment conversation regarding young Warragul State Student Alison Borton who turned out to be the younger sister of her friend and older Warragul State Student Kye Chantley (originally last named Borton).

Carly was killed at her residence as her mum was off on a work retreat thing in Queensland and her father had gone to Tasmania to visit his other child (one of whom is not given great definition).

She had asked her bestfriend Taylor and Taylor's younger sister Kaysie to accompany her at the house and have a movie fest (with particular movies picked out such as Sorority Boys and Mean Girls which Carly actress Rachel had appeared in as main character Regina George).

As Kaysie is on the phone with her bestfriend Madison and Taylor is fooling around on Facebook whilest Carly is mainly eating while paying attention to the movies whilest miming the quotes power outages begin and confuse them.

As it happens Kaysie loses her call with Madison and becomes angry.

Then following with the power coming back on all of a sudden and the t.v bringing back on Sorority Boys Kaysie answers the call from Madison but Madison's voice goes from being normal to the threatening killer voice used throughout the film through voice changing takes over Madison's revealing her not be her friend at all on the phone whom was asking many strange questions regarding what her sister Taylor and Carly were doing.

At the same moment the strange voice comes and the phone is hung up on them with freaking out and beginning to dial 000 Taylor's laptop alerts to a message on chat which reads from the killer saying Carly and Taylor's full names as well as birthdates and a scheduled death time.

They panic and Kaysie begins to phone the police.

As the actual police answer from behind Kaysie comes the Kye killer whom shoots her twice in the back with a gun.

Carly screams and backs up against the lounge room couch as Taylor stands petrified on the spot.

Then from behind Carly comes Dan Morshower in his costume whom grabs her from behind.

Taylor falls to her knees now with the shock clearing with what's happening to come to her bleeding to death sister on the ground.

As she does so the Kye killer slowly drives her Trench knife into Taylor's chest.

Dan Morshower holding Carly faces a firm challenge as she begins kicking around at the same time as breaking down crying.

Dan however gains an upper hand and with his leg kicks into Carly's shin breaking her leg.

Taylor gains an upper hand on her side and uses a small apple knife to slices across the Kye killer's legs and then stab her in the mask with it.

She flees towards the door but as she does so the Lauren Codell partner killer comes to front door as it opens and shoots her in the chest.

As this happens Dan Morshower still holding Carly drives her torwards the now on the ground Taylor and attempts to make her stab Taylor in the chest with his large butcher's knife.

He successfully makes her stab Taylor in the chest by making her broken leg give way whilest he still had her grasping the trench knife and she falls down and stabs Taylor deep in the chest near the heart.

Carly quickly retracts the knife and covers the wound attempting to assist whilest still devastated in shock.

She quickly pulls away realizing there is no way to stop the bleeding to death and then in anger looking at the two advancing killers breaks her leg back into place by kicking at Dan Morshower which spirals her forwards directly at the door which she opens but as she does so the Lauren Codell partner killer awaiting at the door step shoots her in the face.

The killers the proceed to jam the dead Carly's head in the door and rip it off with the door.

The Kye Masked Killer then seizes the phone near the still alive Kaysie and uses the voice changer to assume Carly's voice and call the police again claiming that she's in danger a man in a mask has killed her friend.

The police from there then came to the house passing the Morshower residence which with the sirens awakens Dan's mother Cherise and pass Dana Dubont, Annaleise Anderson and Norma McCormick as she is walking out of the All Night Restaurant.

A News report then immediately hits the t.v which alerts Elsie and Sam at Elsie's about the killings and Angela is alerted to the killings also by an urgent news report concerning Carly and Taylor's killings.

Kaysie does not die from the two gun shots to the back she suffered and is then immediately rushed to the Warragul General.

Method of ImmortilizationEdit

The video capture of Taylor and Carly's killings are taken by two secretly set up small webcam cameras set up in the Stevens Residence lounge room and entrance doorway.

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