Carnival is a Horror Slasher Thriller Film. It will be Released on 2013. The cast Features Derek Mears, Emma Bell, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Ellen Wroe, Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Hayden Pantierre, Julianna Guill, Danielle Panabaker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brittany Snow, Amanda Crew, Jaqueline McInnes Wood, Marielle Jaffe, Briana Evigan, Katie Cassidy and Leah Pipes


When a Group of Sorority Girls goes to a Carnival. One of them went missing and is later killed by the Magician of the Carnival. Can the Sorority Girls Escape the Carnival Before they Die.



Derek Mears as Henry "The Magician"

Emma Bell as Marnie

Chelan Simmons as Cassidy

Crystal Lowe as Jessica

Ellen Wroe as Katie

Emma Stone as Ashley

Emma Roberts as Denise

Hayden Pantiere as Emmie

Julianna Guill as Jess

Danielle Panabaker as Andrea

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Bianca

Brittany Snow as Bree

Amanda Crew as Wendy

Jaqueline McInnes Wood as Megan

Marielle Jaffe as Amy

Briana Evigan as Olivia

Katie Cassidy as Jenny

Leah Pipes as Carrie


Marnie and Cassidy


Carrie- She is slashed to death.

Amy- She is stabbed in the head.

Jenny- She is decapitated with a machete.

Wendy- She is stabbed to death with a machete.

Megan- She is drowned.

Katie- She is gutted.

Jess- She is stabbed repeatedly with a fire axe.

Andrea- She is stabbed in the chest with a machete.

Bianca- She is impaled with the axe.

Bree- She is hanged.

Denise- She is stabbed in the back repeatedly with the axe.

Emmie- She is stabbed in the throat.

Ashley- She is stabbed repeatedly in the stomach.

Jessica- She has her throat slit with the axe.

Henry "The Magician"- Stabbed repeatedly with the fire axe by Marnie, Shot in the chest by Cassidy, shot in the heart by Marnie, and stabbed in the head with the axe by Marnie

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