Carrie: Blood of Redemption is a 2016 Supernatural Drama/Thriller film and is the sequel to the 2013 remake film "Carrie". Directed once more by Kimberly Pierce, produced this time by David Heyman and distributed by Lionsgate, Screen Gems, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Heyday Films, the film features Chloë Grace Moretz, Nat and Alex Wolff, Gabriella Wilde, Nick Nolte, Portia Doubleday, Scout Taylor-Compton, Idris Elba, Asher Monroe, Judy Greer, Donnabella Mortel, Constance Marie Lopez, Robbie Jones, Chris O' Neal, Molly Ephraim, Hart Bochner, Nick Robinson, and Julianne Moore. Based on the Stephen King novel, "Carrie" and the original 1976 film adaptation, this follows the story of a telekinetic teenager who now searches for forgiveness. Kimberly Pierce had talked about more then one sequel to the 2013 film adaptation, but not enough money was made by Sony in order to continue forward with the project and Kimberly stepped down. However in late 2014, film studio and American entertainment company Lionsgate picked up the project where it left off and confirmed that a Carrie sequel WAS in progress, which prompted Kimberly Pierce to come back to direct and David Heyman produce this time along with his company Heyday Films and Screen Gems. Two years later, the film was released to critical acclaim.


After Carrie White's recent rampage of destruction throughout Maine in 2013, the town of Chamberlain has desperately tried to settle back in and try to ignore the events that had transpired. But 3 and a half years later, the sins of Chamberlain follow Sue Snell and her new friends Sean and Raymond Ford down to Florida, as Carrie is revived. Even though the proclaimed Angel Of Havoc is still corrupted from what had happened previous, the trio eventually find a way to persuade Carrie to come quietly as she finally puts the past behind her and finds love. But with Carrie struggling to control her demonic side as well as finding out the truth about her seemingly deceased father Ralph, dealing with a vengeful ex girlfriend and a psychopathic killer on the loose, is it possible that Carrie can recover again before it's too little too late? Or will she forever be feared by the many people who refuse to give her what she had longed for: acceptance?

Main Cast

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrieta N. "Carrie" White
  • Nat Wolff as Sean Ford
  • Alex Wolff as Raymond "Ray" Ford
  • Gabriella Wilde as Susan D. "Sue" Snell
  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White
  • Portia Doubleday as Christine "Chris" Hargensen
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Kaityln Lawrence
  • Idris Elba as Lieutenant Joseph Nelson
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • Asher Monroe (Book) as Thomas Holland
  • Donnabella Mortel as Anisha Paris
  • Constance Marie Lopez as Julie Alexander
  • Robbie Jones as Alex Campbell
  • Chris O'Neal as Scott Heralds
  • Molly Ephraim as Tara Kendrick
  • Nick Robinson as Ian Simmons
  • Hart Bochner as John Hargensen
  • Julianne Moore as Margaret White (flashbacks/nightmares)


~Three and a half Years Ago~

We cut to over and then inside the Central Maine Medical Center as the camera quickly shakes and revolves past separate rooms and separate floors.....until it stops on Floor 6 and rotates to over to the room of one Sue Snell. A feeling of Deja Vu overtook her as she was screaming and writhing in pain. Her parents were there beside her as she flashed back to when Carrie's arm came out and grabbed her.....and it scared her like Hell.

Sue: No! Carrie!

Eleanor: was just a dream. Keep pushing.

Sue continued to hold on for dear life as she yelled in DEEP pain and agony......and soon she heard crying.....

Doctor: You have a beautiful baby girl.

Sue smiled while panting and remembered what Carrie said that night: "It's a girl." As soon as they cleaned her up and wrapped the baby up in a blanket, they gave her to Sue as her parents smiled and looked closely at their new born granddaughter.

Sue: Hi little Carrie.

She kissed her baby's face and held her little hand.

Later on that night, Sue is seen twisting and turning in her bed, having more nightmares about the past she tried to forget.

She couldn't get a good-nights sleep.

All the memories came flooding back. The screaming in agony, the painful blows, the body count and the hails of blood corrupted her head and she couldn't keep it out, for she STILL felt responsible for it. The more she thought about it, the more it hurt.

Sue: No, no, no, no, no! Get out of my head!

But that's when she saw an image. An image of a woman born in blood, raised in fear and the form of a broken angel ascending like a demon from the darkest pits of Hell itself.

The image opens its eyes and we see blood in the outline of the pupils. It zooms in at lightning quick speed and then Sue screams and jolts out of bed. She was shuddering and breathing heavily, for the image had haunted her since that senseless event.

It was storming when she woke up and little Carrie was crying in her crib. She rushed to her and lifted her up to comfort her.

Sue: Hey, hey, hey, shh. It's OK.....I'm here. Mommy's here.

She looked out the window remembering those images of her past, a past she might not run away from.....

......a past unlikely to be forgotten.

Sue (Narration): There is good and there is evil in this world and the life of one has been filled with evil....pain.....hurt.....hell. Even though I tried to do good for her and for others, evil comes in many different forms. It's evasive. It runs over all of us, like water. I thought I would be at peace after I showed my true colors but as I feared, God has yet to answer my prayers.......but maybe.......maybe there is hope for us......but.......what if.......there is none?

~Present Day~     

~Chamberlain, Maine, 2016~

The screen gets clearer and the camera cuts to a cracked tombstone. Eventually, the ground shakes excessively and a hand pops out of it. It pulls itself up and eventually the upper half of the body is above ground too. It's the revived Carrie White. She breathed heavily as she broke the tombstone from her grave and slowly got her upper body above ground, wearing the same clothes she wore the night she "died". She slowly looked down at her hands and looked up to the sky as she realized that this......this was no dream. She was alive again. As she continued to look around her and coming back to terms of what she had done 3 and half years ago, she got herself out of the ground entirely and started limping and even losing balance.

Unfortunately, upon walking a few feet and back onto the open road, she saw fog: an endless blanket of fog that leads back to the ONE place that had caused her so much trouble all those years ago.

She once again breathed heavily as she feels the ashy Stoney ligaments of every pebble and texture underneath her bare feet. Anxiety isn't the right word to describe how she felt at that point. Without staring out into space any further, she slowly and calmly walked into the fog.....or was it mist? Hard to tell, but she could care less.......

To her unfortunate surprise, what was left of Maine......was left to be desired. Buildings were left uncharted and destroyed, sidewalks broken, cars demolished......and Ewen High School.....the school where she became the person she was known as now. Flooding herself with all these vivid horrific memories made it clear that Carrie was either hallucinating or that she was actually in her own separate reality of in which she was all that was left behind......

Carrie: W-what--what've I done???

She had managed to cheat Death, but in doing so, she had made a decision.....she couldn't stay in Maine anymore.

Finally after revisiting the images from her violent and horrific past, she eventually goes trudges by and stops at the one location she remembers last being at: her house.....or what used to be her house. The Force of her powers, from what she remembered had swallowed the house whole into a wormhole. Barely anything was left.....and it brought a tear to her eye.

Carrie: Forgive me......please.....please forgive me, Momma.....*drops to her knees*......for I have sinned......

She continued to look at it as she grasped her hands together tightly and just prayed.......until some woman came by and saw what she was staring at.

Anisha: Hey......You OK? You look like you been rolling in dirt or something.

Carrie saw her and kinda turned away, not expecting anyone to show up. But still, she stood back up and spoke as she looks back towards her.

Carrie: *sighs*.....I don't wanna talk about it.

Anisha: Yeah, I could definitely see that. You could possibly relate to the girl who lived here.....when there used to be a house, that is. The poor child suffered so much, many believed her own mom didn't love her.

Carrie:.....I'm sure she had hope she did.

Anisha: Yeah. Everyone's got to have hope. What's your name?

Carrie: Ca.....Uh....Carolyn. What's yours?

Anisha: Paris. Anisha Paris.

Carrie: That's a beautiful name.

Anisha: Thanks.

As she smiled at her, she offers her hand out. Carrie wasn't so much stunned, as she was confused over it. This was, probably, the first time in her mind she had someone offer to shake their hand. Unsure blanket what to do, yet deterred by Anisha's attitude and appeal.....Carrie went in and shook her hand.

Anisha: Nice to meet you.

Carrie: Same with you......Just sucks that I cant stay for long.

Anisha: Definitely looks like you need a upgrade. Well, Carolyn. It may not be much......*takes out money from her wallet*......but this is enough to get new clothes and food. It's the least I can do for you.

Carrie: means a lot. God bless you.

As Carrie slowly walked off and away from the remains of her house and sets off into town.....what's left of it, she was able to buy new clothes and a new bag. But then......she went back and dug into the wreakage of what used to be her house and found a torn and crumbled picture of her mother, Margaret and her dad Ralph and at that point, she knew.....she knew he was the only family she had left. She later walked up to the border of Maine and looked back at the place that gave her nothing but pain. It was clear she'd never forget Chamberlain, but what was also clear was that she'd never be coming back......

Carrie:....Good riddance......

And then finally......she turned away, walked off and never looked back.

Carrie (Voice over): The river of death has flown past me......It hasn't been contained because it's a river. It's MY river. It flows endlessly. And it's filled with dead bodies; the bodies that I buried that ONE night. Some speak to me, some don't. Some I recognize, other's I don't remember. But they're all there. They all are......

She was stuck walking on the streets for days on end. Her breathing was irregular, her feet was bleeding and she had never traveled quite a distance like this before. But she wanted NOTHING to do with the life she left behind. So she kept on walking....

....until one day, she stopped because she was tired.

When all of a sudden, somebody blew their horn twice just to wake her up. She stumbled up to her feet was obvious that she was tired.

Carrie:.....*grunts*......What gives?

But that is when a familiar voice calls her out.

Familiar voice: Hey. You seem lost from here. Mind if I give you a ride?

As Carries eyes took some time to regain its sight, it didn't take long to recognize the face that called her out. She was surprised and shocked.

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin? What are you doing here?

Ms. Desjardin: I was just moving out know. I didn't know it was you at first. What are YOU doing here?

Carrie: Uh....kinda the same as you. I'm on my way to....see my dad.

Ms. Desjardin: Out here in this heatwave? How long you been out here?

Carrie: I....I don't really know. Few days? It's kinda....ugh.....I don't know.

Ms. Desjardin: Look honey, why don't you hop in my van? We're clearly heading for the same direction. Maybe I can help you get to where you're going. Might take a few days, but......It's the least I can do.

Carrie slowly smiled for she knew she could trust Ms. Desjardin, though she hadn't seen her since prom and didn't think she still cared for her after that. So she hopped in and as they drove off, Desjardin became curious about.....something.

Ms. Desjardin: Are you sure you've been OK? I heard what happened to your house and....some people said you were dead.

Carrie: Yeah,'s kinda complicated.

Ms. Desjardin: I bet. Is this where you been all this time?

Carrie: I can't really remember. Everything is just too much for me to think about......*changes the topic*......Wait. Why are you still being nice to me? I mean, y-you saw what happened that night. What I've done and.....

Ms. Desjardin: I don't blame you, Carrie. I never did. Never will. I....I don't even know if I should feel awful for those kids. I mean, look at what they did to you. I don't even know how Chris got in.

Carrie: Some of her friends let her in. The last thing I would've expected.

Ms. Desjardin: Well, next time....IF there is a next time, we're gonna be having guards at the door and we'll be checking above the stage too. It's good to see you again, Carrie.

Carrie: *Smiles* Good to see you too.

As quickly as a flash from a camera, the days passed by rather quickly and the two reunited friends were in sunny Florida. And only one of them was passed out.

Ms. Desjardin: Hey. *nudges her shoulder*

Carrie: Huh?

Ms. Desjardin: We're here, sleepy head.

Carrie took a moment to gather herself together to just look around what she saw and almost immediately, she saw an immediate change in scenery and possibly.....a new fresh start.

Up on the road about a mile or two away from where Carrie and Desjardin were two teenage brothers, Sean and Raymond Ford. Sean's car had broken down, so Raymond had to check the engine as Sean tried to get it started. They were not so lucky.

Sean: Yo, Ray? How's it goin' back there?

Raymond: The motor's blown. Must've overheated last night. Damn it.....

Sean: That's just perfect. What'd we do now? The repairmen are 20 miles away.

(Raymond see's Desjardin's van coming)

Raymond: Oh good, a van's coming. We can ask them for help.

Sean: Well, you're paying them if they do.

Raymond: I don't think we'll even have to pay them.

Sean: Yeah, you're right 'bout that. Hey!

Ms. Desjardin saw Sean waving and being the good sport that she is, she pulls over.

Ms. Desjardin: Hey. You boys ok?

Sean: Yeah, umm....our car broke down and we can't get signals on our phones either, so.....

Sean saw Carrie and he just stared at her, feeling his heart thumping as he felt weak at the knees.

Ms. Desjardin: Do you guys need a jump start?

Sean: Huh? Oh sorry...uhh....we would if it requires gas but.....our motor kinda died.

Raymond: "Kinda" died? It's blown completely.

Ms. Desjardin: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, you two can ride with us and we'll drive you to the first repair shop we come across with.

Sean: Oh uh....*looks at Carrie again* we don't want to be any trouble.

Ms. Desjardin: Don't feel bad. It's fine.

Raymond: Thanks.

They grabbed their stuff and hopped in the van and as they drove off, Sean became a little more sweaty around Carrie.

Raymond: Hey, Sean. You ok? You look a know.....

Sean: No, I'm not. I'm...I'm just tired.

But Carrie was already reading his mind.

Carrie: .....No....I don't think you're tired.

Both (Raymond, Sean): Huh?

Carrie: You feel some sort of affection over me.

Sean: What??

Raymond: What makes you say that?

Carrie: Well.....I can tell that wasn't a staring contest.

Raymond: Ha! Sean, you little sneak. My bro here is actually someone you should get to know, Miss.....

Carrie: White. Carrie White.

Sean: Carrie White? That's a pretty name. *offers his hand and Carrie shakes it* My names Sean Ford and this is my brother, Raymond.

Raymond: Just call me Ray.

Carrie smiled lightly and soon Ms. Desjardin pulled up at a market.

Ms. Desjardin: We just need a few things here.

Raymond: No problem. Maybe we can pick some stuff for the car.

Sean: Depends, Ray. We are at a supermarket, not Home Depot.

Ms. Desjardin: Don't worry. You'll have plenty of time to pick out what you need.

Carrie takes a long look inside and quickly realized how easy it was to get lost.

Carrie: we have to worry about any of us getting separated in here?

Ms. Desjardin: If you're that nervous about it just stick with me, ok?

She nodded and they all went in, but when Carrie and Desjardin went to get bathroom products, they had an unexpected encounter.

Sue: Excuse me. Sorry to disturb you, but do you know where the.....

Carrie turned around and then locked eyes on Sue. The minute they saw each other, they both froze up.

Sue: Carrie.....

Carrie: S-sue? What are you doing here?

Sue: I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Ms. Desjardin: Sue......I.....I wasn't expecting to run into you......

Sue: Nor was I expecting you, Miss Desjardin. I just moved here with my mother.

Memories again came rushing back and while Sue and Desjardin tried their best to dodge it, Carrie wasn't ready.

Carrie: stay away from me....

Sue: Carrie, I-I......

Ms. Desjardin: Sue, I think you're giving her too much pressure.

(Sean comes by)

Sean: Hey, is everything....Sue?

Sue: Sean....uh....

Ms. Desjardin: Well......guess we have a little reunion here. I don't want to disrupt anything, so I'll back up a little.

Carrie: Please......thank you.

Sean: Hold on....Sue, you know her?

Sue: Yes.

Carrie: *to herself* No, she doesn't.

Sue: Come on. Could you at least give me a chance----

Carrie: Why should I? You didn't care about me....

Sue: Yes, I do!

Carrie: BACK OFF!

And then all of a sudden, toiletries, drinks, food, anything that was near them shook and some of them fell.

Everyone stood there in shock.

(Raymond comes by)

Raymond: What the hell is going o--- Whoa......

Sue: Hey....guys.....

Carrie looked around to see all of the confused and ecstatic faces. Then she looked at Sue and the rest.

Carrie: You all know each other? *scoffs* Somehow, I'm not surprised.

Carrie was about to walk away but Sean grabbed her hand.

Carrie: If you're all trying to trick me again....consider it played.

Sue: Wait, Carrie. They don't know about that night.

Carrie: Oh, they don't? Well, I'll be happy to tell them what you and your sister-like evil friend did to me.

Sue: Oh my.....come on. What do you want me to do to make it up to you?

Carrie: You can just go to hell! I hate you!

Carrie stormed off, but Sean went after her and Raymond turned to Sue and Desjardin.

Raymond: Talk about an attitude adjustment. What's wrong with her?

Sue: I'd rather not......

Ms. Desjardin: She has a point. Some things are.....better left unsaid.

Raymond: Well, that's not the way it works for me. I use to feel the same with a couple of friends of mine. Things....didn't go well.

(Then it cuts to Carrie waiting in the car. Sean meets up with her)

Sean: Hey. You ok?

Carrie: How long did you know Sue?

Sean: Just for a week. She moved here awhile ago. I didn't know you two had history.

Carrie: It's nothing worth talking about.

Sean: I promise I won't judge.

Carrie: Now is definitely the worst time.

Sean: I feel ya. I have this crazy ex at home. She was....well, she turned out to be a huge mistake.

Carrie: What happened?

Sean: Like you....Worst time to talk about it.

Carrie smiled lightly at him then Desjardin and Raymond came back and they headed off

Then it cuts to Sean and Raymond's place.

Sean: This is our stop. Come on, Ray.

Raymond: Hold on, hold on. Don't rush me. Hey.....think you wanna crash here?

Carrie then takes a good look at Ms. Desjardin.

Carrie: I think.....

Ms. Desjardin: Hey, it's up to you just as long as they both behave.

Carrie: Well....I would but....I actually came here looking for my father.

Sean: Is he anyone we know?

Carrie: Do you know Ralph White?

Raymond: Nah. Doesn't ring a bell.

Sean: But.....we can help you find him if you want.

Raymond: What? Do we put in a search party?

Sean: Nothing that serious, Ray.

Carrie: That's really sweet but....I don't want to waste your time.

Raymond: Hey. If you were wasting our time, we wouldn't bother asking.

Sean holds out his hand and Carrie stared at him for a moment and then took it

Ms. Desjardin: Carrie? If they give you any trouble, you can call me on this number. It's my cell.

She hugged Ms. Desjardin and went with Ray and Sean as Desjardin drove off.

Then it cuts to early in the morning where Carrie looked at herself in the mirror in one of the two bathrooms (it didn't break this time) and realized her powers were something she needed to work on more. Although, now wasn't the right time to address something she should've known a long time ago. But it was still there, and she figured....

Carrie: There's time. I can still figure this out.

So she decided to do some more research on her abilities. After walking out the bathroom, she went to the home computer which luckily, was still least for the meantime. Buggy: yes. Glitchy: yes. But functional: hell yes. With this opportunity, she looked up any and all info on telekinesis for hours, but didn't find much.....until she saw a rather familiar name.

Carrie: Andrew Detmer?

And that piqued her interests.....a LOT.

She looked up the date of birth, which school he went to and also stumbled across a news article which claimed what happened to him. Apparently, he got his powers from some alien experiment back in 2012, a full year before Carrie's chaotic episode. They said he was crazy and was pushed around a lot to the point where he unleashed chaos upon his hometown before being killed by his own cousin. Carrie just learned she was also not the only one who was pushed over with gifted abilities. Then, from behind, she heard someone saying.....

Sean: He was at our school a couple of years ago.

Carrie: You knew him?

Sean: A little bit. I had a couple of classes with him, but that was it.

Carrie: Do YOU know happened to him?

Sean: Honestly, I don't. Me and Ray did see him trying out some weird psychic stuff outside of class, however. Thought it was a prank or something.

Carrie:.....Apparently, it wasn't.

Sean: What do you mean?

Carrie: Well....*turns off the computer*.......what would you say if.....that psychic stuff was real?

Sean: Well again......I don't know. I'd be stunned for sure but.....quite fascinated. Why?

Carrie sighed and slowly got up from the seat, the feeling of goosebumps sticking up from her neck all the way to the soles of her feet. This wouldn't be the first time she would've officially shown somebody her "deepest, darkest secret".

Carrie:....I can't hold this in 'cause....I need to know if I can trust you. Please....promise you won't judge me.

Sean: Sure.

Carrie was afraid of how he would react, but she was already caught up in the moment. So no turning back for her. She closed her eyes and while using her mind, she slowly made each item in the room levitate one by one, while at the same time flickering the lamps in that same room......And then she everything just froze.

Sean: Whoa!!! What the.....How---Did you.....

Carrie: Yes....

Sean: My god.....

He looks around at the objects, frozen in the air as Carrie lowered her hands and watched him fascinate over what he just witnessed. It was almost as if his heart skipped a beat once he touched a floating night-light. At that point, he couldn't help but to stare back at Carrie.

Sean: Then--then the stunts Andrew did was no joke. That's....that's....

Carrie: Freakish.....?

Sean: Amazing!

Carrie: Huh.....really?

Sean: Of course. I've always believed in the supernatural. No one would believe me cause I was younger, but I knew wasn't crazy. I mean, to put it simply, I really believed that there were people like you and him who were out there in this world. Trust me when I tell you that. I know.

Carrie then takes a second and looks out the window.

Carrie: Yeah.....I guess so.

(Then it cuts to a van screeching outside of the house)

Carrie: Who's that?

Sean: Oh.....aargh......that's probably Thomas and his gang. If I'd known they were coming, I'd announce.

Carrie: Friends of yours?

Sean: Uhh....kind of.....they're a little.....hehehe.....I'll tell you later. I'll be right back. RAY! COMPANY!

(Raymond comes running down the steps)

Raymond: Hold on. I got it, I got it.

He groans to himself as he immediately bolts the door open to see a few old "buddies" of his: Thomas Holland, Ian Simmons and Alex Campbell outside near the foot of the door.

Alex: Ray-ray! Wassup, man? It's been a while now. How long has it been?

Ian: I dunno. And I bet he doesn't know. you know he's not good at keeping track of....

Raymond: 6 months.

Ian: Oh....kay. I stand corrected.

Thomas: Whoa whoa whoa, guys. Take a chill pill, OK? The guy's uncomfortable. We should help fix that.

Raymond: No, you don't. I'm feeling perfectly violated on behalf of your presence. First of all, why come here uninvited and unannounced? Besides, I told you I'm not going back to your gang.

Ian: There's always a second chance in life, mate. You need to know.....Wait. Who's that?

(Sees a glimpse of Carrie going out the back door)

Raymond: Who's what?

Alex: I don't see anything

Thomas: Same.

(Carrie and Sean snuck out the back.)

Sean: Like I said, they aren't really pleasant to be around. Bunch of troublemakers. Besides, I wanted to take you somewhere anyways.

Carrie: Wha---where?

Sean: You'll see.

(Cuts back to Ray)

Thomas: What'd you hiding anyway? And where's that bro of yours? Where's Sean, man? Cause someone back there is a little.....what's the word.....desperate.

Raymond: Oh god.....don't tell better no--

Kaitlyn: *distantly* Oh Seeeeeaaaaan!!!! You in there?

Raymond: Oh, come on. Why'd you guys bring her along?

Ian: It was her idea.

Raymond: Yeah, that's what I thought. The son of a bitch can't help herself.

Soon, Kaityln came up to the doorstep.

Kaitlyn: Hey, Ray. Lost some weight, I see.

Raymond: Nice to see you keep BRINGING IT UP.

Kaitlyn: Better luck then trying to convince me otherwise. Is Sean home?

Raymond: Even If he was, I don't think he'd want to see you either way.

Kaitlyn: Too bad. Cause I'm not done with him yet. Seeeeeeaaaaan!

She pushed Ray out the way. Then Thomas, Ian & Alex followed her in.

Raymond: Son of a.......*to himself*.....This is your ass on the line here. You can do this.

And then he shuts the door.

At that point in time, it then cuts to where Sue's house is. Sean's car is parked outside of it and Carrie was....skeptical, to say the least.

Carrie: W-wh-why? Out of all people, why her? I hate her.

Sean: I can tell already that there's bad blood between the two of you. Bad blood that needs to be resolved.

Carrie: Uh....

Sean: Why do you hate her so much, Carrie? I get that it was bad history, but what exactly happened?

Carrie: I.....she just.....*Sighs*....OK....OK. I might as well confess. But you might think less of me afterwards......cause you really have no idea what I see through these.....these blue and dark eyes of hers that I hate.

Sean: Wouldn't mind.

The response surprised her a little bit. Normally, that wasn't the response she would hear. But no turning back now. They were already embedded deep in it.

Carrie: Y-you sure? You know what I can do, yet not a lot of people know my story.....and it's not like they want to, anyways......

Sean: I doubt it. Everyone's got a story worth telling.

She once again smiled lightly and chuckled ever so mildly at Sean.....and then the peaceful, calm, timid expression faded. The look of innocence gone.....for the moment.

Carrie:....*sighs*.....It all started.....this whole thing started.......merely three years ago......

And happened.......Carrie told Sean the story of her whole life and everything she suffered through. She told him about her Mom, Chris and Sue, about the period incident and when Chris posted a video of it, prom, the destruction she caused, when her mom tried to kill her and when her house fell apart. Not ONE detail was left out, not one stone left unturned.

Finally, her story had been told.

Sean: Whoa. I didn't think it'd be THAT bad.

Carrie: Yeah.....

Sean: I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. But did you really die?

Carrie: I don't even know. I mean, I blacked out after my house was destroyed. Then I woke up in darkness and I had to use my powers to break out of there. It's just....I've been hiding in the dark for too long and......I don't want to be scared of.....ANYTHING anymore.

Sean: Name one thing.

Carrie: I-I guess I've always been afraid of what were to happen if I let go of who I once's difficult moving on.

Sean: Well.....everyone has their chance at Redemption. Good, bad or otherwise. So when we see Sue, I'll be right there with you, ok? You'll be alright.

Carrie sighs heavily and just nods........although the statement was gonna get awhile for her to get used to.

Eventually, they both walk to the front door with one behind the other. Despite being nervous, Carrie was the one that knocked on the door. It took a little while, but Sue eventually answered the door.

Sue: Carrie?

Carrie: Hey, Sue. just.....wanted to....

Sean: Carrie had something she needed to tell you. I think it's something that you need to hear.

Sue: Is it any good?

Carrie: A little, but I first I have to know why....

Sue: Why what?

Carrie: You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.....

Sue realized what she meant by that and willed herself together to tell Carrie everything.....cause she knew that sooner or later, she would have to spill her guts.

Sue:.....*sighs*......Ok, ok.....Carrie, I....Look, it wasn't my fault.....Ok, some of it was, but still.....I didn't realize how wrong it was 'till I saw the pain in your eyes. It smacked me right in the face like a volleyball and....I had to do something about that. I knew better. So.....I thought about it in my head and decided to get Tommy, because he......

Upon hearing Tommy's name added into the conversation, Carrie cuts her off.

Carrie: Tommy? Wait a second. asked Tommy to take me to prom?

Sue: Y-yes....cause....

Carrie: So he didn't ask me on his own? He didn't notice me till you asked him to?! I bet he said no at first and JUST wanted to go with you!

Sue: Carrie.....

Carrie: That would make sense cause no one there would've wanted to go out with me either way, huh? it makes sense. It's all adding up now. You had Tommy take me to prom....and he only agreed cause of Chris's plan to humiliate me! So he lured me there, you all voted us for king and queen just for you all to spill that blood on me!! Is THAT what really happened, Sue??!!! IS THAT IT?!!!! TO RUIN MY LIFE?!?!

The ground shook a little as her anger and hate was rising. Sean backed up a little bit, due to the force as Sue....bluntly answered back.

Sue: Relax, damn it! Stop jumping to conclusions! It's not what you think!

Carrie immediately pushes her back with her powers and holds her up to the wall, exerting maximum pressure to the wall and around her neck. It looked as if she was gonna try to kill her again.

Carrie: Don't....tell relax! I never had a chance to relax the entire time I was here. My life has been nothing but pain since the day I was born..... and there isn't anything good to come out of that. Every time this happens, I just....I.....*Sniffles*.....I never wanted this.....

She loosens her grip on Sue and drops her unwillingly as Sue managed to catch her breath. Carrie then got down to her knees and almost broke down into tears, but she and Sean eventually got up and went all the way inside.

Later; when they were sitting down inside having coffee, Carrie gave Sue a chance to explain her side of the story.

Sue: Look....I wasn't always so popular, Carrie. Before Tommy and Chris came along, I was once lonely too. I mean it wasn't as bad as yours, but it was bad enough.....I had bullies who were just as evil and nasty as Chris. I mean she was worse to you, but....they treated me the same way: absolute dogshit. When I met them, things were a bit different but....I didn't know I became what they were to me 'till I saw how we treated you.

Carrie: At least, tell me why though.

Sue: I don't know....sometimes we don't know what we become, or what's expected out of us until it's too late. But, I really hated myself of what you had to go through. I was stupid, selfish and wrong. And I know I don't deserve your forgiveness and I deserve your hated over me, but I should've thought about it before acting like such a bitch.

Carrie: But, how'd you expect me to know that? I mean, back when I first had my period, I thought I was dying cause my mom never told me. And you called me a freak and push me away.

Sue: I know. I should've been more supportive cause you didn't know.....*sniffs*.....but I'm really sorry, Carrie.......

At that point, Sue turned away slowly as she buried her face deep into her hands and cried. Sean felt awful, but for Carrie, it struck her. She meant it.....It felt like she actually meant it. This feeling of sorrow and sympathy never crossed her mind before, but it was overwhelming now. Carrie, at that point, walked up and hugged her tightly as Sue continued to cry her tears out.

Carrie: It's alright, it's alright......

Sue: No, it's not. You hate me and that hurts me. I can't forgive myself for this.....

Carrie: Hey, hey. Don't say that. You've already made yourself worse over this, this burden.....Sue.....please......

Voice: Never.....

Stunned and surprised that she's actually hearing voices in her head, Carrie backs up from the hug and tries her best to dodge it. Paranoia? Illusions? She had no clue. But it was there.....and it was sickening for Carrie to hear.

Carrie: Who's there?

Voice: ....You turned your back on Him as my kin have done the same. Wandering around in these pits of unholyness, screaming at poor souls whom have lost connection....

Carrie: Get out my head.

Sue: What's wrong?

Sean: She's having a headache. Maybe more than that.

Sue: Back up.

Carrie: Please....just stop.....

Voice: ......and you can't rely on nobody but the cold stains of your unacceptable bearings to who you or your vision might precede. can't hide......

Carrie: NO!

At the peak of her scream, everything in the house lifted up as the structure of the house shook to no end and Sue and Sean backed up. Eventually, it slowed down to a crawl until the shaking finally stopped and Carrie just looked back at the two, suddenly terrified.

Carrie: *breathing heavily*  They won't leave me.......

As Carrie runs out, Sean gets a call from Raymond.

Sean: Ray?

Raymond: *over phone* Get 'em out. Get. Them. Out!

Sean: Ray, this is hardly a good time. Carrie freaked out and ran. I have to go find her.

Raymond: *over phone* Not a good time?! NOT A GOOD TIME?!! I'll tell you what's not a good time. Listen to this!

(Sean hears loud music through the phone)

Sean: *Sighs* Alright. Alright. I'll be right there. *hangs up and looks at Sue* Sue? Listen, I know you and Carrie got some past issues, but can you try and find her?

Sue: I suppose. I just need to get someone to watch the baby. I'll find her.

Sean: Let me know when you do.

He runs back to his car and Sue called a friend over to look after her baby.

Sue: *over phone* Hey. Yeah, it's me. I need you to do something for me, ok?

However, Carrie already ran back to Sean's home.

So she snuck in from the back door again, only to be blown back by the loud music. So she managed to not only turn it off, but disable it completely with her powers.

Raymond: Oh thank God!

Alex: What the--- I was just getting to the good part. Why you turn it off anyway?

Thomas: Eh man, you're talking to the wrong person.

Raymond: Does it really matter, though?

Ian: Ahh....yeah?

Raymond: I'm SO not in the mood right now. So stop playing around and get the hell out. Go on. Shoo! Move, move! Out! C'mon!

Kaitlyn: Alright, alright, alright! Can I least---

That's when she saw Carrie in the back. And then Sean walked in the front.

Kaitlyn: Who the hell are you?

Carrie: ......Carrie White.

Kaitlyn: Uh-huh. And why are you here?

Sean: That's none of your damn business, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn: Sean......*Giggles*......Well, well, well. You've been avoiding me, bae.

Sean: At least, for a good reason. I've told you over and over again: You shouldn't be here, so leave and take them with you.

Kaitlyn: What's stoppin' you from putting your foot down? Hmmm, babe?

Sean: WHAT the hell do YOU think?

Kaitlyn then looked back at Carrie again and then Sean and suspected something between them that didn't give her a healthy satisfaction. Eventually, she turned towards Thomas and the others.

Kaitlyn: Funs over, boys.

Upon hearing that, her and the trio (Thomas, Alex, Ian) each gave Sean and Raymond a flat demeaning glare before slamming the door behind them on the way out. Sean then sighs softly as he turned to Carrie.

Sean: told me your complicated life. You just met mine.

Raymond: Make that OURS.

Carrie: *sighs*.....I got to lay down.

So she took whatever cover she could find and laid down on the couch and soon enough.....she was fast asleep.

Sean: Oh my God.....Can't stand that girl anymore.

Raymond: Hey. You and me both. But let's not focus on that now. It's best if we get goin'.

Sean: Well said.

As Sean and Ray went upstairs, Carrie began twitching and tossing and turning. The past was REALLY hard for her to avoid.

Little did Carrie know that she was getting multiple missed calls from Ms. Desjardin and since she didn't answer, she got worried. So she called Sue for help.

The next day, they both arrive at Sean's.

Ms. Desjardin: They must be here. Carrie would know better then to be wandering around in the streets.

Sue: Do you even know for sure?

Ms. Desjardin: It's worth checking.

Sue: *sighs* Alright. Come on.....

Little did they know Kaitlyn was watching them from the other side of the road. And she bought another one of Thomas' buddies, Tara Kendrick with her.

Tara: Tell me why we're here again?

Kaitlyn: We're trying to learn more about this girl. Her and Sean seem to be awfully close and no one lays a hand on him but me.

Tara: Uh....jealous much?

Kaityln: Shut up.

As Kaityln continues to stalk from the van with binoculars, they (Sue, Ms. Desjardin) knocked on the door which woke up Carrie. She got up yawning and answered and her eyes bolt up.

Carrie: Wh--uh----come in.

So they stepped inside and sat down.

Ms. Desjardin: Have you been in here the whole time? We've been looking for you.

Carrie: Yeah. I have. Sorry that I kept you worried. But I had to take some time to think about this before I went to sleep last night and I've made up my mind. Sue.....

Sue: Yes.....?

Carrie stood up and said.....

Carrie: I forgive you. For everything.

Sues eyes lit up in pure astonishment as she turns to Ms. Desjardin.

Sue: Wha--Did I--did she actually---

Ms. Desjardin: Yes. I think you've reached her, Sue. She can't hold the pain anymore.

Carrie: Yeah.....I feel like if I hold on to this pain any longer, I'll be even more broken then before. Besides, I was taught that God forgives all sins, so I should probably start now. I was stupid to think nobody was trying to help me. I'm sorry, Sue.

Sue: I never thought I'd hear those words coming from you.

Ms. Desjardin:'s the reasonable thing to do. I was actually looking forward for this day. And now that's it's here, I.....I'm at a loss for words.

They all smiled as Carrie and Sue grabbed each other in a tight hug. Then Sean and Ray came downstairs into the room with Kaitlyn and Tara still watching from outside.

Sean: I see you two finally put the past behind y'all.

Sue: We needed to be over this one way or the other. What other choice did we have?

Raymond: Well, you could've.....

Sean: Ray, please. Don't start with those corny jokes, ok? *chuckles* Now is not the time.

Raymond: *chuckles* I was trying to take a shot at it, ok?

Sean: No, you're not......Anyways.....Carrie, could I talk to you in the back for a second?

Carrie: Uhh.....sure.

Kaitlyn & Tara were still watching as they saw the both of them moving to the back. So Kaitlyn followed them.

Kaitlyn: Oh no.....Where exactly do you think you're going, hot stuff?

Tara: H-hey. Wait up.

(They follow them to the back of the house and see Sean talking to Carrie through the window of the back door)

Carrie: What is it?

Sean: I just wanted to ask you something.

Kaitlyn listened from the window.

Tara: I can't see. What's going on?

Kaitlyn: Shh.

Sean: I know you got a lot on your mind and stuff...and, of course you're looking for your dad and all but.....What'd you like to do for fun?

Carrie: I....hardly know what fun is....

Sean: In that case, I'll just have to show you.

He took out a flier from his pocket for an upcoming karaoke anniversary event at the CityWalks Rising Star hosted by Julie Alexander and gave it to her.

Carrie: You want me to....come with you?

Sean: Yeah, why not? I know you're going through a lot emotionally and psychologically and I thought you needed to unwind.

Carrie sat into her thoughts and believed that maybe this would be another chance to be at peace with herself and fit in. But then she thought back to when Tommy asked her out to prom and how it all imploded. So....

Carrie: Sean, you've been very sweet to me. I couldn't have asked for a better person than you to help me. But I already told you what happened the last time I got invited to something. I don't want that to happen again.

Sean: It's different this time, ok? What's the possibility it's gonna happen again?

Carrie: In my case, it just will......

Sean: Carrie, come on......

Carrie: I don't know......besides, I saw the way your girlfriend looked at me.

Sean: Girlfriend?

Carrie: The one you told to leave along with those other boys.

Sean: Kaityln? Girlf---Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no. I told you she ain't my girlfriend.....not anymore.

Carrie: But when she was here, she looked at you like she still was.

Sean: She's always been that way. But I'm telling you: her and I are over; PERIOD.

Kaitlyn, after hearing that statement, clutched her fist outside.

Sean: Look. Give me a chance to prove nothing will happen. I'll take you to meet my good friends at school.

Carrie: But I'm not in your school.

Sean: I can help you get in. I mean, you never know if you might run into your dad there. And if I prove myself, will you consider going with me?

Carrie: *sighs.......*

Raymond: Sean? You OK back there?

Sean: Everything's fine.

As he turned back towards Carrie, she looked at him in the eyes and gave him his answer.....

Carrie: Alright.....yes, I--I guess I could play along......

Sean: Really? Great! I promise you, you won't regret it this time.

Carrie just giggled and looked up at him as Kaitlyn grew angry and jealous on the outside.

Tara: What's happening in there?

Kaitlyn: Nothing. We're done......for now.

Later, we cut to Kaitlyn's house. That night, Kaitlyn was on her laptop online chatting on Twitter. The expression on her face made it clear that she was far from happy. She was angry, and pissed off.

Kaitlyn (typing): *sighs* Just.....unbelievable. Out of all the.......Why would he..... *aargh* This--this has to be the biggest level of bullsh-t that I've seen. Why would Sean not tell me we were through? Was I not good enough? What does Carrie White have that I don't? He could've told me what was wrong but, no.....I've seen a lot of stupid stuff before, but this takes the f__king cake. I swear I hate her......I f__king hate that Carrie White. When she finished typing, she laid back on her bed, clearly letting frustration sink in and corrupt her. But then, an unknown chatter pops up and responds to her tweet.

Unknown (typing): You hate Carrie White too? Kaitlyn saw the response and was puzzled about it meant by that. So she responded back.

Kaitlyn (typing): Uhh....yeah. Why? Who is this? Unknown (typing): A friend, perhaps. Depending if you really really REALLY hate Carrie White enough that you want to kill her.

Kaitlyn (typing): What? Ki--What'd you mean by that? What'd YOU hate her for? Unknown (typing): For EVERYTHING. She's the thorn in my sight. The hand caught in my cookie jar. The reason I never sleep well at night knowing I have to live in the same reality as her. So my reasons are my own like yours is your own. If you're smart enough to be up for it, that is.....

Kaitlyn took some time to think about it and....decided to cooperate.

Kaitlyn (typing): Hmmm......what did you have in mind? Unknown (typing): I'll send you what you have to know......And then I'll tell you everything......soon.

So the mysterious Unknown from the other side sent all the information about Carrie's abilities and lots more. Kaitlyn was really, really surprised.

This was too big for her to keep it to herself. She had to tell the others.

Kaitlyn: Alex! Ian!

Both (Ian and Alex): *Rushes in* What?!

Kaitlyn: Check out the story of Sean's new girlfriend.

She shows them the info on the Skype message page and they were blown away.

Both (Ian and Alex): Whoa.....

Ian: But hold on. Why are you giving us this informa---- Wait.

Kaitlyn: That's right. I'm gonna show that tramp what happens when she messes with MY man. But I can't do it alone. From what I now know, she's not as weak as I had predicted. But she's still easy pickings....which means I'll need some help.

Alex: *scoffs* Help? Did you even read what you just showed us? Besides, it's gonna take more then just one person to take care of someone like that.

Kaitlyn:'re right.....

Later that night, a girl named Aimee Summers (Kaitlyn Dever) was working late in the library at Sean's school. She was more then halfway through her shift till she heard a door downstairs opening.

Aimee: Hello?

She didn't hear a response or anything else afterwards, so she turned back to her work until she heard quiet breaths behind a book shelf. A creak was heard and she looked back and became a little nervous. Now she felt surrounded.

Aimee: Kaitlyn? Ian? Scott? Is that you?

There was no answer yet again and all was silent....'till a book shelf fell over. Aimee screamed, but got out of the way in time as a shady man (one of them) in a black trench coat came out and approached her. Aimee immediately ran out down to the back exit only to see it was locked from the outside. She then sighed into her pocket to use her keys to get her through, but to her misfortune, she found out she FORGOT her keys at home.


Aimee: Oh god, no.....

She looked back as the killer stood eerily in front of her. But he didn't come up at her. Instead, another black trench coat figure came out by its right and slowly approached her. As each step emasculated in Aimee's ears, she turned around and banged at the door, yelling for help and screamed when the killer swung it's knife, hacking her up.

The next day, Sean and Raymond was taking Carrie to their school and realized it was engulfed with police cars and ambulances. They quickly parked the car, got out and surveyed the carnage.

Sean: What in the hell happened here?

Raymond: I'm just as surprised as you.

Carrie: Oh my.....*covers her mouth*

And that's when another car pulls up behind their car and Scott Heralds (Chris O' Neal) gets out of his car and makes his way over there.

Sean: Scott! Still got a sense for timing, I see. You have any idea what just happened?

Scott: I couldn't get further into any details on this, but all I know is this girl who was working late in the library got confronted by somebody and was absolutely massacred.

Sean: Jesus Christ..... it gets worst, doesn't it?

Scott: You know me too well. After she gets killed, most of the blood from her body gets transferred.....

Raymond: Sorry to interrupt Scott, but how do you know this.....and what do you mean by transferred?

Scott: Like as in the psycho who did it used whatever it could use to get the blood out of her body. You out of all people have a good idea on what that's about, Ray. *looks over at Carrie* And.....who may this be?

Sean: This is Carrie. She's new here. And a little sensitive sure to lay off your schemes from her.

Scott: Oh well.....Carrie, you picked a perfect day to get transferred here. Cause blood definitely has spilled here today.

They saw them bringing the body out in a body bag which gave Carrie chills. Her powers did get a little loose as the alarms in multiple cars were set off as well as some cars getting flipped. Luckily, Raymond was able to calm her down as the others brought her inside.

Raymond: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Relax.....You'll be alright..

Carrie: *twitching*

Fast forward to the gym and we see Carrie watching Sean from the bleachers in a wrestling match. And Kaitlyn was watching as well. But every now and then, she couldn't help but to look at her over her shoulder and suck her teeth in disgust.

Amidst watching Sean's match in the center of the gym, thoughts started to run through Carries mind......

Carrie: *thinking to herselfIs it me he the one? No one's ever made me feel this way before. I know Tommy was....there, but....Sean; he's given me that little....something that I've barely felt in a while. I mean....there's no doubt about what I've done and where I've come from and all, but.....

Before she could even finish what she was thinking, someone sat down next to her.....and it was another familiar face.

Anisha: Carolyn?

Carrie: Huh? *turns around*  Anisha.....I had no idea you were here. long are you visiting?

Anisha: No, I'm not visiting. I'm moving back.

Carrie: Really?

Anisha: Yeah, I'm just old chapter of my life. *sighs*  I used to be part of this school back when I was a sophomore. But then I got transferred over to Maine. Brings back memories.

Carrie just nodded and continued to stare down at Sean wrestling in the center of the gym.

Anisha: So what's on your mind?

Carrie then pointed to Sean.

Anisha: Yeah. I know Sean. Really nice guy. We always had each other's back whenever we needed help or whenever we saw each other outside of school. Definitely worth hanging around......But what about him?

Carrie: I-I think I'm.....

Anisha: If I were to guess, I'd say you have feelings for him or you're starting to, right?

Carrie turned to Anisha and nodded "Yes", until.....

Voice: He won't protect child......

Carrie could hear the traumatic voice screeching in her head again.

Carrie: No....not again....

Anisha: Huh? What's the matter with you?

Carrie gets up from where she was sitting and tries to walk it off, but with each passing step, the voice gets louder and more familiar......but not in a good way.

Voice: He's only like the others. Like a dog who smells and slobbers so improperly just like my own. Your suspicions were correct. And these Godless demons will do it to you again.....The cancer from these lifeless sack of souls will haunt you for the rest of your days.....

Carrie: LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

The force of her scream caused all the bleachers to open, close or be ripped apart/destroyed.

Everyone freaked out (including Sean, Ray and Kaitlyn) for a brief period of time and as soon as it stopped, they all looked at her.

Sean: Carrie?

Then Anisha over looked in his direction.

Anisha: Did he--- Did he just call you Carrie?

Carrie looked at everyone with confusion.

She nodded "Yes" to Anisha, jumped off the bleachers and then ran out the door. When she ran out, she turned to her right and saw an unsuspecting Rachel Lang outside the principals office. But she ran before Rachel turned around to spot her.

Sean was about to follow her, until Raymond stepped in.

Raymond: Sean, I got this.

Sean: Ray. Come on, you don't know what's happen--

Ray already went after her.

Sean: --ing.

Raymond wasn't able to find out exactly where she went, but he managed to catch up with her outside the school.

Raymond: Hey. Where you going?

Carrie: Please, I just want to be left alone.

Raymond: What's good about being alone? Sounds like you've been like that way for a long time, now. Is there something happening?

Carrie: You wouldn't understand if I told you.

Raymond: Well, I'd like to.

Carrie slowly turned around to face him.

Carrie: Let's just say.....once you get on my bad side, I hope you've prayed for Mercy. See, THEY think it's funny, but I find it sad; that the dreams in which I'm dying were the best ones I've ever had.

And then she walked off.

Raymond:....*to himself*.....What....does....THAT mean?

Carrie continues to walk around, with no idea on where to go next. Eventually after walking around so much, she stepped on something.

She lifted her foot up and caught whatever she stepped on with her powers.

It was a ring.

She rotated the ring around her fingers until she saw some carved words on it: "In God's Blessed Time, We Are One."

They struck something inside of Carrie's heart, like something or SOMEONE was personally leaving a trail of cheat sheets to a test yet to expire......except it wasn't like that. To her, personally...... was a sign.

Carrie: These words.......They were on Momma's wedding ring. And so did......Dad?

Carrie grasped the ring, tightly in her hand, and went back around and into the school again, looking through doors and windows, wondering if her father is one of the teachers.......but with no luck. That was 'till she bumped into someone.

It was Thomas. And Alex and Ian just so happened to be behind him once that happened.

Thomas: Hey! Watch it!

Carrie: Sorry, I.....

Thomas: Wait a minute. You're Sean's lady friend.  I don't recall you being here before.

Carrie: I'm new here.

Thomas: Right. But why are you here?

Carrie: I.....

Thomas: Maybe that's because you don't belong here.

Alex: True. Things were already bad enough since that Andrew loser made a nut out of himself.

Ian: And you and him could relate.

Thomas: And what's that you got there?

Carrie tries to hide it, but Thomas forcefully takes the ring out of her hands, despite the fact that her grip was as hard as a bed of nails.

Carrie: Hey! Give that back!

Thomas: Or what? It's junk anyway. I'm just gonna crush this thing.

Carrie used her powers on a locker door to bash Thomas in the head as he dropped the ring. She then took the ring back and ran.

Thomas: Son of a....

Ian didn't think twice. He charged after her.

Alex: Ian! Not a good idea!

But he was long gone.

The chase was relatively short considering the fact that Ian was once part of the track team. And when Carrie stopped to catch her breath outside of the school again, Ian tackled her from behind.

Carrie: *grunts*  Get off!

Ian: Give me that ring!

Carrie: No! Let go of me!

Carrie then used her powers to push Ian off of her. But Ian went to get her again, and as Carrie looked behind her, she saw Sean tackle Ian and punch him in the nose.

Sean: Y'all keep messing with the wrong person.

Carrie looked at him and grabbed him in a hug.

Sean: It's alright. Come on.

Carrie then took another look over at Ian and then used her powers again to throw him through the window back into the school. Sean walked away with Carrie in his arms leaving Ian with a nose bleed.

As soon as the coast was clear, they went around the side of the school as Carrie breathed slowly.....VERY slowly. She looks up to Sean on her left and says.....

Carrie: Thank you. I don't know what---would've.....

Sean: Hey, it's alright. Look, I keep my promises and I'm making one now. I promise that I will protect you no matter what the cost. It doesn't really at this point whether you're an enemy or not because at the end of the day, you're still---

Carrie: My hero.....

Sean: Hmm?

At that point, Carrie took hold of his hands. She then looked up at him, deep into his eyes with all theses euphoric feelings of emotion rushing through her.....and as she leaned her face onto his.....she pressed her lips onto his, kissing him softly.

He pulls away nearly two seconds later.

Sean: I--I have no words.

Carrie: No words are needed.

Sean was rather stunned at first, but he then held her hands very calmly as he ended up kissing her back passionately. SHE then pulls away from it.

Carrie: A-are you sure you want this?

Sean: If I wasn't, I wouldn't have done so. Besides, 🎶I'm only one call away, I'll be there to save the day. Superman got nothing on me......🎶

The sudden shift in tone, especially to a song made Carrie chuckle slightly a little bit. The two once again glimpse into each other's eyes, clearly seeing the newfound compassion for each other as they both put arms around each other and started walking off. They made their way back over to the school, but NEITHER of them were aware that the Unknown was watching from afar as it clutched it's fist with a hard grip.

Later at lunch, Kaitlyn, Tara, Thomas and Alex sat down as Ian held a paper towel to his nose.

Kaitlyn: What the hell happened to you?

Ian: That little demon happened to me!

Kaitlyn: What?

Thomas: Basically, we ran into Sean's friend, we tried to take her ring, the locker smacked in front of me.....

Tara: Then Ian ran after her for God knows what reason....

Alex: Then Sean popped out of the blue and saved her miserable ass.

Kaitlyn: You know that isn't part of the plan?!

Ian: I get it! I just get careless at times, alright? It's not my fault she had backup. When is the next phase of the plan anyways?

Kaitlyn: First of all, you're the ONLY ONE in the background. So unless I SAY that you're needed, you back the fuck off and do the technical stuff for the team. And second......we strike again. Tonight.

Alex: What happens tonight?

Kaitlyn: Our mystery friend will provide in that. Meantime, let me take care of Sean. I know, for one, he's not very good at.....being a dick to me.

Tara: Yes, he is.

Kaitlyn: Shut up.

(Later, Sean was at his locker getting his gym bag 'till Kaitlyn popped up behind the door)

Sean: Jes---Aah!

Kaityln: Hey, boo.

Sean: Come on! Do you have to do that every time?

Kaitlyn: Sorry. Wouldn't be the first time.

Sean: It wasn't the first time. I don't know what you want, but if this has anything to do with Carrie, then can it. Now is really not a good time, Kait.

Sean slammed his locker shut and once again eyed over at Kaitlyn.

Sean: Sometimes you need to know when enough is enough.

Kaitlyn: Wait, Sean! I'm sorry I was being such a bitch last time. I hate for us to be enemies. It's just that....Aimee....the girl who was murdered last night.....was a close friend of mine.....I guess this day was my wake up call. I mean, I was struck down when I heard what happened and it ate at me, because it made me realize how awful I what'd you say?

Sean: Well I.....*sighs*.....I-I guess.....

Kaitlyn: Thank you.

She grabbed him in a tight hug and smirked when Carrie saw them and gasped. Sean quickly saw her as she backed up and ran.

Sean: Carrie?

He tried to go after her, but he couldn't keep up and lost her as Kaitlyn made a satisfying smile.

An hour later, Sean, Scott & Raymond were walking out of the front door at the end of the day and he was awfully worried that he screwed up with Carrie and royally pissed at Kaitlyn for deceiving her like that.

Scott: What's up, Sean? You look pissed.

Raymond: Bro? Be honest, now.

Sean: Kaitlyn. She got all over me and Carrie thinks.....

Raymond: Shit.

Scott: Ah damn. Man, that sucks. Ever since you two split up, she's been obsessive for you like a predator on it's prey. She just won't let up.

Sean: Ain't worried about her. I just don't know what I'm gonna say to Carrie about it. She thinks I was two-timing.

Scott: You know.....I can probably help you fix this. But that depends on one question: You think Kaitlyn would go out with me?

Sean: What???

Raymond: You and Kaitlyn???

Scott: Why not? I mean, I've always had a bit of a thing for her.....

Raymond: You what?

Scott: Yeah, I know. But even so, I could finally get her off your back.

Raymond: There's something wrong with that picture. But who knows; it could work.

Sean: Well, I guess....I mean you're single.....she's single.....It could work.

Then Kaitlyn and three of her friends came from behind and was smiling at Sean.

Kaitlyn: Hi, Sean.

Raymond: Piss off.

He ignores her; Sean and Raymond leave and her mouth drops open.

Scott: Hey, Kaitlyn. Wow, I like your necklace.

Kaitlyn: reminds me I'm not a loser like you.

She and her friends walk off.

We then cut to Sue as she passed by on her way back from the gym (for some reason) and saw Carrie with her face buried in her hands near her house. She parks her car, gets out and confronts her.

Sue: Carrie---what happened? Did anyone try and do something to you again?

Carrie: No.....not this time.

Sue: *sits down beside her*  Then what's wrong?

Carrie: D-did you know Sean already has a girlfriend? He took her back.

Sue: What? It makes no sense.

Carrie: Well, I just saw them. And they were hugging....he.....he....really doesn't care about me.....I mean--I thought he......

Sue: Carrie. I know Sean wouldn't do that to you. He's never done anything like that. I mean, Kaitlyn is this very demeaning figure that acts all high and mighty like.....You know who.....used to be. She was always picking on the people who were smaller, less interesting or even less PRETTIER than her and she's got Thomas, Ian, Alex, Tara and sometimes Scott under her control. Reminds me of Irma Grese......sometimes. But as for Sean and Ray, they wouldn't tolerate that behavior from her, so Sean broke it off.

Carrie: Then why would he take her back now?

Sue: Stop there for a second. How do you know that for sure? You said you saw him hugging her. Did you see him kissing her?

Carrie: N-no....

Sue: Then there's no need to be in a emotional wreak. That was just part of another of her plans. Trust me, Sean would never choose a bitch like her over you. Mentally in here, *points to her heart*, you are better than her in every way.

Carrie smiled a little bit at Sue, feeling a lot ore relieved then she was when she left the school.

Sean and Ray's car eventually pulled up and Sean looked at them in worry that they're mad 'till Sue smiled at him and walked by him

Sue: I'll let you two talk. Come on, Ray.

Raymond: Where we going?

They drove off and Sean sat next to Carrie.

Sean: Look....I know you're super pissed off at me but.....

Carrie: Actually, I'm the opposite. Sue says Kaitlyn just tried to split us up.

Sean: Well, I'll tell you that's the last time I fall for her plans......hopefully. Because she never stops, by the way. There was this one time I--

Carrie: Sean......*places her hand on his knee* don't have to sugarcoat it. I get the point.

Sean: Point taken, alright. But, Carrie....I know you've only known me for a week or so, but what I'm really positive about is feelings for you are never gonna change.

Carrie: Yeah. Nor mine for you. You took me in, you stood up for me. You fixed everything between me and Sue. You changed me forever and I.....I love you for all that.

At that point, the two stand up and face each other yet again.

Sean: R-really? You love me?

Carrie: *smiles* Yes. Yes, I do.

Sean smiled back at her and once again, the two moved closer towards each other; no longer blocked by the tension that subsided them earlier.....and then Sean kissed her passionately. Carrie couldn't help but to get caught up in the motions, for it was unlike anything she had ever experienced for what seemed to be the longest time. That is, until.....

Voice: He lies!!!

Carrie: ARRGH!!!

Sean: What's wrong?!

Voice: Your hands have been forever stained by this unholy trifle. Continue to travel down this road of unworthiness and you will cease to be one of God's greatest gifts......

Carrie: Wait, that voice....Is that.....Momma? can't be......

Sean: Mom? What'd you talking about?

Carrie: How are you here?

Margaret appeared as a ghost behind her, but only Carrie sees her and she gasped.

Margaret: I came back to remind you of your place again. Leave that young man now or the devil will have you in his grasp again.....

Carrie: No......

Margaret: There's only one place where your loyalty lies......

Carrie: Stop it. You don't control me anymore.....

Sean: Carrie, snap out of it. There's nothing there.

Carrie looked again and Margaret was gone.

Carrie: There's something wrong with me, Sean.....There's something wrong.....

Upon hearing this, Sean went up to her and held her tight as she just buried her face deep into his chest.

Fast-forward later that night, Sue's mom, Eleanor was just driving her car on the way home and just call it a night. But outta nowhere, it striked.

The killer popped from the backseat and grabbed Mrs. Snell by the throat causing her to lose control and let go of the wheel. The car rams into a tree and Mrs. Snell falls out. but her leg wasn't in good condition. She tried to crawl out but the killer came out of the car, walked up to her and swung his knife at her. We cut to when the killer walks away with bags of blood in his hands.

Cut to later that night, police came knocking on Sue's door. She peeked out the windows before she opened the door, but she answers.

Sue: Evening, officers. What's wrong?

Lieutenant Nelson: Are you Sue Snell?

Sue: Yes.

Lieutenant Nelson: I'm Lieutenant Joseph Nelson from the Florida State Police Department. Sorry to disrupt you at this time. But there's no easy way to say this.

Sue: Say what?

Lieutenant Nelson: Miss Snell, I am sorry to inform you that your mother was murdered today.

Sue was taken aback by the announcement.

Sue: Wha--no, no, no....don't tell me it's true....please, no.....

Lieutenant Nelson: I'm terribly sorry, Miss.

Sue dropped to her knees and burst into tears as Nelson held her tight.

Sean and Carrie heard the commotion from upstairs. They didn't want to disrupt anything.

Sean: Didn't deserve this. Too much for one person to handle.

Carrie: She just became a mother and now she won't see hers again.....It's like I just lost another piece of me. First, my mother and now's....*sighs*.

Lieutenant Nelson: *distantly* I know this is a tough time, but I need to ask you a few questions so we can find out who did this.

Sue: *breathing heavily with tears in her eyes*,*distantly* Of course. Anything.

Eventually, Carrie came downstairs.

Lieutenant Nelson: You know her?

Sue: Yes.

Carrie rushed to Sue and hugged her very tight

Carrie: I'm so sorry.

Fast forward to the funeral.....and we're up to Carrie's speech.

Carrie: *sighs* I used to believe that people who never cared for you or weren't involved in your personal lives weren't meant to leave much of a lasting effect in your heart. And it wasn't until this day that I realized that I was wrong. Having lost parents myself, there was only so much that could've transpired for this to have happened. But I can only hope that the people who have suffered from this loss may find the will to move forward and use this as guidance down the right path. You can't outrun the past. You can only hope to confront and conquer. condolences. May God bless you. May God bless you all. Rest In Peace, Mrs. Snell.

Soon enough, the funeral was over and yet Sue, Sean and Carrie were the only ones there still.

Carrie was still at the tombstone on her knees just staring at it.

Carrie then placed a flower on it. Then Sean and Carrie held each other when she stood up and both hugged Sue.

Sean: That was a beautiful speech, Carrie.

Sue: My mom would've loved it.

Carrie: It's something I heard all my life. I planned to say it to my mom but.....I was kinda dead too. But I figured you needed to hear it the most.

Sue: Thank you.

Sean: Why don't we all go out for pizza? It'll be good for us. It'll be good for you too, Sue.

As they walked off, Unknown watched from the trees as it clinched it's fist together.

It then pulled out a walkie talkie and spoke into it.


Later that night at Ms. Desjardin's house, she was reading a James Patterson book on her couch 'till she heard her doorbell ring. Considering the fact that it was close to 10 o' clock, it raised a lot of alarms.

Ms. Desjardin: Who could that be at this time of night?

She walked towards the door and answered, but there was no one there on the other side. She was convinced it was some kids playing a prank or something cause.....that's what some kids normally do.

Then all of a sudden, as she closed the door, someone grabbed her from behind and tried to choke her but she escaped by hitting it with a nearby item.

She immediately ran to the backyard to escape, but she didn't get far as she encountered ANOTHER mysterious figure, only this time with a cap, mouth mask and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

And now she was surrounded.

Desjardin panicked 'till she grabbed a gun from her back pocket and aimed it at both mysterious figures. The entire time, her grip on the gun was sweaty and very loose from being scared, so she couldn't hold in to it even if she tried.

Ms. Desjardin: Back off, freakazoid's! I wasn't born yesterday.


We go behind the killer where it pulls off it's mask and glasses which made Desjardin gasp in DEEP shock. But by that point, the second figure grabbed her and stabbed her from the back multiple times, causing Desjardin to fall over in pain almost immediately.

Then the killer puts it's mask and glasses back on, grabs Desjardins gun and stood over her to shoot her while Ms. Desjardin laid down completely defenseless.

Killer: (Deep voice) DROP....BY.....DROP.......

Unfortunately, they didn't get the chance to shoot before Carrie just so happened to stumble across them and when she saw Ms. Desjardin near death, that lights her fire.

Killer 2: (Deep voice) It's her.

Ms. Desjardin: Carr--carrie?

Carrie: How dare DARE YOU!!!

Killer 1 fired a number of times at her, but the bullets shattered before they could even hit her. Eventually, it ran out of bullets in the cartridge and Killer 2 did the same, only this time the bullets we're reflected back towards them.

The bullets knocked both killers in their legs forcing them to retreat, but Carrie didn't bother chasing them. She was too distressed over Desjardins well-being. She quickly turned to Ms. Desjardin and lifted her head up to her lap with tears as Sean, Sue and Raymond then rushed in and saw it.

Sean: What happened? Whoa!

Sue: Oh my god! *Covers her mouth*

Raymond: I'll call 911!

Carrie: Don't worry....I'm here. I'm here. Ms. Desjardin.....It'll be alright.

Ms. Desjardin: Sweetie......I'm sorry.....

Carrie: Don't be sorry.....Don't go saying your goodbyes. I did what I had to do. Please try and stay awake. We're gonna get you to a hospital.

Ms. Desjardin: No....I'm..... *chuckles and coughs*......I'm clocking out here.

Carrie: *tearing up* Don't do this.

(Then Sue ran to her side)

Sue: Ms. Desjardin!!! Hang in there!!

Ms. Desjardin: Hey.....I'm sorry it had to be like this..... At least I got to.....see you for who.....*coughs*'ve become.

She smiles briefly at both of them as Carrie tries to calm herself and spoke back.

Carrie: You've been there for me before the incident happened. Even after what I've done and even in death, you never gave up on me.

Desjardin slowly put her hand on Carries face as Carrie held on to it for dear life, still with tears in her eyes.

Carrie: I can't give up on you now.

Ms. Desjardin: But now, you have to. Because it's for the best. And I now know what it felt like to be you that night. This....wouldn't be possible if.....if.....I didn't meet....someone*exhales*......

Carrie: Wait. WAIT! WHO DID THIS?!!

But it was too late....her skin touched harder then molten rock and her pulse faded rapidly and before she could even answer......she was dead.

Another important person Carrie cared about.....was stolen from her.....taken from her.....killed from her.........and it seemed too good to be true.

Carrie: No....No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

The ground shook to no end as Carrie had just lost one of the few people who had shown her love and respect since the beginning. Carrie cried on her chest and Sean went over to hug her. Sue burst into tears herself.

We cut to when the paramedics took her body away and Lieutenant Nelson asked them if they knew anything.

Lieutenant Nelson: You said earlier that the victim saw the murderer's face before she was killed. Did she give a name?

Sue: No. It was too late.

Lieutenant Nelson: Well, is there anyone you can think of who might possibly be involved in this?

Sean: N-no. Not at all.

Raymond: If we did, you'd already know.

Carrie couldn't say anything for she had seen enough already.

Lieutenant Nelson: Alright. Well, thank you for your cooperation. *to Carrie* I'm sorry for your loss, Carrie. Take care.

The lieutenant left and Sean and Carrie hugged again. Then Raymond turned to Sue.

Raymond: Who the hell's doing this? And why?

Sue: I have no idea.

All four of them were completely unaware that The Unknown was watching from behind the house and chuckled quietly before running off.

But then Carrie spotted something that one of the two killers left behind: the walkie talkie.

Carrie: Hold on. I think I found something.

Raymond: Is that a......

Sean: Yeah. He probably needed backup. There's no way he could've done this own his own. Hell, we don't even know if it was a man.

But then Carrie started messing around with it.....

Sue: What are you doing?

Carrie got it to work and then a voice answered.

Alex: *over the walkie talkie* Hello? Is phase 3 finished?

Ian & Tara: *over the walkie talkie* What's going on?

Thomas: *over the walkie talkie* Anybody there?

It didn't take long for Carrie and the rest to realize who was on the end of the line.

Sean: Is that---are they working with---

Raymond: I can't believe those motherfucking, god damned, sons of bitchin'....

Sue and Sean: WATCH IT!

Raymond: Sorry. Uh.....Carrie. You might wanna put that down

But she didn't.

She gripped it tighter in her hand and held it up to her face, with steady breathing. It looked like she was about to speak into it, but before she could speak into it, Sean grabbed her hand.

Sean: Babe, listen....I know you're in pain. But if they know that we're on to them, it could put our lives on the line.

Carrie: But we have to stop them. What if they hurt more people?

Sean: We'll find some way but the best thing we need to do is keep an eye on them.

Carrie: *sighs*

Raymond: Look, I'll hold on to it and I'll let you know if they're planning anything. Besides the karaoke anniversary last time I heard is about a day or two away.

Sue: Relax.....O.K? They won't hurt you.

Sean: But will you do something.....if they do anything to you?

Carrie: We'll stop them, but I don't want to hurt anyone anymore....

Raymond: Well, we'll see about that.

But then something popped in Rays head.

Raymond: Sue, come here. I gotta talk to you.

So Sue followed him and they started walking away from the scene as they engaged in a controversial conversation.

Raymond: I don't know, Sue. But something 'bout her is bugging me.

Sue: What makes you say that? I know she's got a short temper, but still......

Raymond: I ain't jokin'. I think there's something you or maybe Sean isn't telling me bout her. Maybe I'm too embarrassed to get involved in their business or his over-protectiveness won't allow him to spill it. Trust me....I know when something's not right....

Sue: Well, you haven't known her as long as I have. If only you could dive into my shoes, if only you could take a trip into my head, you would understand. The last thing you wanna do is piss her off.

Raymond: See, THAT'S what I don't get. What is it about Carrie that makes her so special? And what did she mean about getting on her bad side? This is making zero sense.

Sue: RAY! You will know this, eventually. But for now, just leave her be. The last thing you want is to make the same mistakes I did. And trust me: You DON'T.

Raymond's frustration was increasing.

Raymond: Aargh. I swear I'll find out. I will.

He slowly walked away as Sue looked on.

By the next scene, it cuts to the afternoon of the next day. And Sue and Carrie actually visit the karaoke place (CityWalk's Rising Star). The view so far, at least to Carrie wasn't so....capturing.

Carrie: I-I don't really know about this.

Sue: Carrie, it'll look better when you come back tomorrow. Besides, there's someone I'd like to introduce you to.

So she made her way towards the stage to introduce her.

Sue: Um....excuse me?

Julie Alexander: Hold on a sec, Sue. I gotta fill out this---- Sue?

Sue: Hey, Julie! *hugs her* Nice to see you again. It's been a while.

Julie: Same with you. Oh, and who might this be?

Carrie: I'm Carrie White.

Julie: Nice to meet you, Carrie. It's an honor.

Carrie: Same. Mind if we can sit down and talk?

Julie: Sure. Why not? I have time to spare.

So they sat down and they spent some time talking while Sue wandered around.

Julie: So are you from around here, Carrie?

Carrie: No. I came all the way from Maine.

Julie: That's a long way to go. How'd you get here?

Carrie: I had to walk until I got picked up.

Julie: Well.....*chuckles* least you'll get to start over, right?

(Then Carrie looked down with a look of seriousness on her face.)

Carrie: Julie, I have to ask you.....Has there ever been a point in your life where you wanted to fit it, but it was so hard and so unfair that you just couldn't?

Julie: Yeah. Once or twice. Why?

Carrie: Cause....I have a terrible secret. have....

John: Julie?

Julie turned around and saw, out of all people, John Hargensen (Hart Bochner) near the doorway.

Carrie: Look.....I....

Not wanting to draw any attention to herself, she carefully whispers her secret into her ear and Julie didn't say anything. She couldn't say anything for that matter. She laid back in amazement.

Carrie: I understand if it's out of your comfort zone. I'll see you tomorrow.

Then it cuts to the hideout where Kaitlyn and the rest are stashed.

Kaitlyn: From what I know, this is the final stage. We get this right and she'll be out of our hair for good.

Ian: So when we gonna do it?

Kaitlyn: Eww! Never!

Thomas: He means the plan.

Kaitlyn: Oh. You should've said that! Well.....tomorrow night is when we put the plan into action. Each one of you will have your own individual roles. You should know them by now, right?

Tara: Pretty much

Thomas: Yep

Alex: Crystal clear

Ian: Uh-huh


And then it cuts to the day of the karaoke anniversary as we see Carrie straightening out her hair and dress. It was clear that she was getting ready.

Both (Sean and Sue): Carrie?

She heard the voices and turned around to face them.

Sean: Is that my telekinetic princess?

Carrie: *smiles*......Yes.....I'm just.....getting ready.

Sue: Hold on. I have something for you.

Carrie: Me?

Sue: Yeah. Here....

She digs deep into her purse and she pulls out a bracelet for luck. She then gives it to Carrie.

Sue: Tommy gave this to me a long time ago. Back when things were tough, he said it would bring good luck even through the hardest times. After what happened, I'd figured....maybe it'd do the same to you.

Carrie: It's beautiful.

Margaret: It'll bring you nothing but......

Carrie ignored her this time as the voice rapidly faded; admiring the bracelet and she hugged Sue.

Sean and Carrie were soon on their way but not before Raymond came downstairs to remind them.

Raymond: Whoa. Hold on a second. Again, I just want make sure you'll have a good time.

Sean: No need to worry, Ray. Things will go well. Nothing out of the ordinary's gonna happen.

Raymond: Yeah, right. But if I do hear something coming out of this metal contraption, I'll call you to let you know what they're planning.

Carrie: And if that doesn't work?

Raymond: I'll stop what I'm doing and haul ass over there.

Sue: *chuckles*

Raymond: But seriously, no pressure. Have fun.

Sean waved over at him as Carrie and Sue followed him out the door and then.....they were off.

As they drove off feeling rather entertained by each other's presence, they were oblivious to notice that they were being followed by the Unknown in another car, not too far behind them.

They eventually parked outside of the CityWalks Rising Star and even though Carrie had that eerily familiar feeling of Deja Vu, she wasn't as worried anymore then she was back at prom. But still, she was anxious......and for good reason.

Sue: Nervous?

Carrie: No.....but....the last time I came to something like this, I--

Sean: Carrie......*reaches for her hand*.....Things are gonna be different this time. I promise you that.

Carrie took his hand and smiled. Eventually as they made their way inside, Unknown radioed the rest, who just so happened to be on the inside already.


Kaitlyn: Check.

Thomas: Check.

Ian: Check.

Tara: Check.

Alex: Let's do this.

So they got into their positions as Sean, Sue and Carrie walked into the karaoke club. It was a rather beautiful sight compared to what Carrie saw a day ago.

Carrie: Oh's better than I imagined.

Sue: They always turn out that way. Always.

Sean: Anyone want a drink?

Carrie: Well....why not? Sure.

Sean and Carrie went to the bar hand in hand as Sue went by the stage, hoping to bask it all in. Outside though, the Unknown was watching from one of the windows. It took off it's sunglasses and it surveyed the area until it laid eyes on Carrie and Sean.

Unknown: *chuckles*

Sean then turned around to look around and to his misfortune, he saw Kaitlyn in the near corner with Scott. She momentarily looks at Sean, smirks and blows him a kiss.

Sean: Oh, come on.....

Carrie: What's wrong?

That's when she looks over in his direction and sees her.

Carrie looked down; then she looks around and sees the others.

Carrie: She's not alone. Not again with this. I--I feel like.... I've just walked into.....

Sean: Baby, come on. No person is risky or stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. Remember, Ray said he'd call if they were up to anything. Right now, it doesn't look it.

Carrie: You still gonna keep an eye out?

Sean: You know it. Besides, I saved you once. I'm more then obliged to do so again if they try and do harm to you. Carrie:....*smiles*.....You're the best.

And then they kissed.

Kaitlyn took a sneak peak over at their direction with a look of disdain.

Kaitlyn:.....*thinking to herself*......Hope you've bathed well enough, you filthy scank.

Then she nods to Tara.

Tara:.....*over walkie-talkie*.....We are go for plan.

Tara went to the back and Sue looked at her suspiciously and without anyone noticing, she followed her. But as Tara was getting close to the door, Sue tripped over. She found a spot to hide just before Tara spotted her. As soon as the coast was clear, Sue followed her again.

Back with the two.....

Sean: Look. If it makes you feel better, you want me to check in?

Carrie: Mm hmm.

Sean: Alright.

So Sean dialed Rays number and called him.

Raymond: Yo.

Sean: Hey, bro. Sorry to bug you, but Carrie was getting a little nervous. Have you heard anything over there?

Raymond: Not a damn word. But.....uh....earlier before you left, I heard Kaitlyn talking to someone with a deep voice.

Sean: How deep?

Raymond: Like almost deep as Darth Vader's. I don't know about this, but I don't like it at all. I'll keep y'all posted. Raymond hangs up.

Sean: Really.... *Looks at Kaitlyn suspiciously*

But that's when Carrie noticed something.

Carrie: Hey, where'd Sue go?

Sue creeped onto the side of the wall outside, and watched from the corner as she saw Tara communicating with the mysterious Unknown figure.

Sue: Who the....

Then Unknown pulled out a walkie-talkie of its own and spoke into it.

Unknown: *KAITLYN, GO FOR IT.*

So on its command, Kaityln puts her walkie- talkie down somewhere and, almost immediately, starts hitting on Scott.

Scott: Um.....OK....what are you--

Kaitlyn: Shhhh.....*puts her finger on his mouth* No time for talk. You wanna do me a favor?

Scott: Oh sure. Anything.

Kaitlyn: Good. Cause you'll get a BIG treat if you do.

Scott: Really? I'm interested.

Kaitlyn: Good. Just follow me and I'll show you.....*blows kiss*

Scott was a bit skeptical, but his temptations got the better of him. He followed her out to the front only to get hacked up and killed by the Unknown when he turned around with Tara watching alongside it. Then Tara took tubes and transferred his blood just like the others.

Back inside, Julie was on stage entertaining the crowd before she went on and said what she wanted to say.

Julie: Ok, ok everyone. Listen up. I've got something up for the this special anniversary at the CityWalks Rising Star. My friend Sue Snell told me the other day that this friend of hers was here on special occasions. And we haven't had somebody sing Karaoke yet. That ain't right. *chuckles* So I think it's safe to say we invite her up and see if she can add to this spectacle. Lights?

All of a sudden, the lights went out and flashed onto her with Sean.

Julie: There you are! What are you waiting for? Come on.

She and everyone else clapped as both Carrie and Sean looked at each other and eventually went up to the stage.

Sean went up to the stage first and offered Carrie to sing with him. He held out his hand, but Carrie was hesitant. She spoke over the cheering crowd.

Carrie: What.....I don't know....I....

Sean: Hey. I told you I would save you again if I had to. Do you trust me?

Carrie reluctantly smiled again and took his hand as they went on stage. However, Tara came back from the back with a cooler container, but everyone was highly doubtful there was soda in it (Really?) as she smirked at Carrie and nodded at Kaitlyn. She passed it on to Kaityln when no one was looking and she slowly snuck backstage behind the....uh....stage.

Julie: Ladies and gentleman, Sean Ford and Carrie White.

And that's when the music starts.

(It was a familiar one, to say the least)

Sean: 🎼I indeed, I indeed can see. I indeed, I indeed can see. But the question is can you see me? But the question is can you see me? Everything will alright. Everything will be okay....🎼

Carrie: 🎼Just gotta hold on tightly, just gotta stay with the group.....🎼

While Sean and Carrie were continuing to sing, Ray gets jolted awake back at home from a conversation over the walkie-talkie.

Tara: Ok, Thomas. We got everything. Scott was kind enough to HAND me some blood.

Raymond: *Whispers* Scott?

Thomas: Good work. It's a shame. Never had much use for the guy.

Kaitlyn: I'll contact our friend and let 'em know we're ready. Alex, have the camera in position. Ian, make sure you upload it when it's done. And Thomas.....just do what you have to do. I want to show this to the world so no one will ever love Carrie White again. I guarantee that.

That's when the transmission cuts out.

Raymond: Oh hell no.....they wouldn't! Would they? *sighs* Not again with this!!

He tries to call Sean, but he couldn't get through to him, for Sean was still singing on stage with Carrie.

Raymond: Oh my---Damn it!

Ray rushed to his car and immediately drove to the karaoke place, but outside the party, Sue moved from the corner of the wall and looked around for more evidence 'till she tripped over.....Scott's body. As she got up, she saw it and freaked out.

Sue: what the..... No.....not again.....

Sue put two and two together and realized....."Oh s***. It's happening all over again." She ran to the front door, prepared to go inside to warn Carrie, but the doors were locked from the inside.

Sue: Come on! *banging on the door* Shit!!! HEY!!! Open up!!!!

Unfortunately, nobody could hear her banging as the music made it too loud for anyone inside to hear. When Carrie and Sean finished, they were greeted with a thunderous applause.

But as for the culprits....

Alex: Video feed ready......

Ian: Got the USB up......

Thomas: Stage is set.....

Tara: Laptop's up and running......

Kaitlyn: And soon enough....she will receive her "crown".

As Sue bangs on the door again outside, Ray arrives just in time before it all spoils over.

Raymond: Sue!

Sue: Ray, the door's locked.

Raymond: Well, then try the back. Hurry up!

They rushed to the back as Kaitlyn takes bags of blood in the container, puts them in some empty paint can as Sean and Carrie hugged and kiss. The crowd applauds louder as Kaitlyn preps herself above the stage and DUMPS all the blood on her. Sean flinched when Ray and Sue came in too late and stood in shock as Carrie and Sean stood there in disbelief.

Everybody stopped applauding as the mere image of what happened overtook everyone in the room.

But Carrie.....she was the one most surprised.....and most ANGRY.

It was Deja Vu all over again. The wonderful night came to a screeching halt, and all the agonizing, painful memories came rushing back as familiar and permanent as the blood was stained to Carries soul. To her, it was another blatant slap to the face. Her chance at redeeming herself, apparently ruined.

Carrie: *breathing heavily and panting*

Kaitlyn made her way out of backstage and saw the aftermath. She and some others started to snicker and laugh except for Sue, Ray, Julie and the other majority of people there. Ignoring how much blood was on his outfit, Sean grew angry, jumped off stage, grabbed Kaitlyn by the neck and strained her down to the wall.


Kaitlyn: Serves ya right.

She spits in his face, low-blows him and runs off as he tries to recover.

He looks back up to the stage as he sees the bucket over Carries head and then sees Carrie stumble off stage and try walking off in shame, but as she went for the front door, Thomas slammed the door in her face and it knocked her out.

Thomas: Paybacks a b**ch, ain't it?

As the laughter increases and escalates from all corners of the place, Sue goes over to Sean to give him support, but Ray spotted Alex with the camera and immediately grabs him.

Raymond: HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Give me that!

Alex: Too little, too late!

Raymond: Not in the mood, man! Let go!

Alex: YOU let go!

As they continued to struggle over it, Tara came up from behind, low-blowed Raymond and then took the camera.

Tara: An eye for an eye, Ray. Ian, upload it. Now.

Sue: Can't upload without this!

Tara: My laptop!

Sue: Give me that camera or I'll break it! Either way, you WON'T do this to Carrie again!!!

Carrie was shaky when she finally woke up. The laughs, the blood, all of it was Prom night 2013 all over again. And deep down inside, she was close to losing it. As much as she tried to fight it, she couldn't escape the facts, the reality, the audacity of the simple and obvious truth: SHE WAS NOT ACCEPTED.

Carrie: *thinking to herself* No.....not again.......NEVER AGAIN....

Before she even had the chance to calm down, the voices from all the other guests were screeching in her head, one hyena based sound after another. Pressure mounts, anger builds, fear vanishes and finally.....her eyes open and they turn completely black as if a demon had just possessed and robbed any innocence she had left in her soul just like the Hulk with Bruce Banner. She slowly and methodically sits up and stands up as she attracts everyone's attention. Even Sean, Sue, Ray, Thomas, Ian, Alex and Tara couldn't recognize that something was terribly wrong.

Carrie once again breathed heavily as she looks around the room and says.....

Carrie: Showtime.

Upon saying that, she raised her arms up and the room began to shake, causing the camera to drop out of Alex's hand and break when it hit the floor.

Alex: Oh sh**!

Tara: Nice going, genius!

Raymond: What the hell's going on??!! Why is this whole place shaking??!!!!

Sean: Ray.....*points in Carrie's direction*.....THAT'S why.

Raymond: Doesn't make any SENSE! Verify what he's saying, somebody!

Sue: Look, long story short...... Carrie has....


Carrie's power unleashed as her scream/shock-wave pushed everyone back and cuts out the lights for a short period of time. And then when the lights decided to come back on, she disappeared.

Sue:.....telekinesis. O.K?! I said it!

Thomas: Thanks for the newsflash, Captain else did she---Holy-

Carrie then reappeared back on the stage, as she surges with more power and unleashed ANOTHER shock-wave.

Tara: It's coming back!

Alex: Incoming!

Sue pulled Ray's head down as Sean tried to get to Carrie through the hysterical crowd and flying objects. Carrie made the stereos and T.V sets fly through the crowd, in the seats and she made the glasses at the bar explode.

Sean: CARRIE!!!!

She didn't hear them since the screams were engulfing the room, but the Unknown was still watching through the window until Ray saw it.

Raymond: Sue, look! The window!

But the Unknown already left before she could see him.

Sue: What?! This our way out or something?!

Raymond: No. I saw something! I swear!

Ian saw the window and immediately made a run for it, avoiding all falling debris, exploding heads and all Cabo's that ensued, but he.....wasn't so lucky.

Ian: Peace, y'all! I'll see you on the other si---Hey! Let go off me!

Carrie had already got a hold on Ian.

Carrie: Strike. One.

She trapped Ian near the window with his head sticking out of it and dropped the frame on him, dismembering him. His neck went dropping with blood as Tara and Thomas saw his lifeless body there.

Tara: IAN!

Thomas: That son of a....Where's the artillery?

Raymond: Sean! Why didn't you tell me about this, huh?!!

Sean: Ray, you may not have noticed but hell has boiled over here!!!

He see's flying glass coming behind Ray, so Sean grabbed him and pulled him down.

Raymond: Woah! What was that for?!

Sean: Man, I just saved your life!

All of a sudden, Carrie sends a lounge table from behind them and Ray notices just in time to push Sean out of harms way.

Sean: Holy--

Raymond: Ha! Now I just saved your life!

Sean: Yeah, we're even. But I still saved you first!

Raymond: Well, save my life and get me the hell out of here!!

As that was happening, Thomas searched around until he found a gun behind the bar lounge. He broke the glass that was holding it, got it down and started shooting at Carrie. But Carrie saw 'em coming and shattered the bullets and the gun.

Carrie: Strike Two.

Thomas: Guys?!

Carrie then launched a pool stick which Thomas easily dodges. But Carrie makes the stick turn back around and impale him from the back and into the flat screen T.V.

Sue: CARRIE!!!

She turned around and grew furious again. Believing that Sue was part of this incident, given their past history. And said the three word to their history.

Carrie: I HATE YOU!

Then she pushed her back with her powers and it knocked her out.

Raymond: Sue!!!!!

Then out of nowhere, Julie opened one of the doors and led everyone to get out. Ray was lucky to get Sue out in time.

Raymond: Sue, I got you. Come on!

Soon enough, Julie got a bunch of people out including Tara and Alex, for some reason. But not before Carrie spotted her and Sean. Her demeaning glare struck them in absolute terror as Julie and Sean backed up.

Julie: Carrie, sweetie? Please calm down......

Sean: I---I'm sorry this happened to you. But, let me help Carrie. Please....

Carrie didn't even think about it. She just reacted immediately. The reaction....was not the one they expected.

She grabbed Julie with her powers and started choking her with the microphone cord. Sean once again backed in terror as Carrie then snapped her neck and threw her against the electrical equipment which started a blaze of fire.

Soon enough, Carrie and Sean just stared at each other. This prompted ASEAN to actually step onto the stage with Carrie as she backed up from him.

Sean: Why?

Carrie: I got a better question: WHY did I trust you?! Momma was right. She told me that people like you were the scum of the earth and that you would never accept me. All my use, all of my stupid attempts paid off for NOTHING!

Sean: Your mom's dead, Carrie. That's what she wanted you to think all your life. But you're stronger then this. Just don't let her win. Don't let Kaitlyn or those sons of b**ches win.

Once again, she wouldn't let him speak his mind as she grabbed him with her powers.

Sean: *choking* N-no!

Carrie: You brought me here; remember that?! You lured me to this stage just so you can let your REAL girlfriend do this to me!!!!!

Sean: *choking*  No....Carrie, I had nothing to do with this! Please let me....let me help! I love you!

Carrie: You love me?!! YOU LOVE ME?!! NO ONE LOVES ME!!!!

Carrie pushed him back with force.....

But not before John Hargensen got up behind Carrie and tried to attack her. She saw him coming and immediately threw him into another T.V. He was dead on impact.

She burst open the front doors and demonically walked out as Sean slowly got up in considerable pain.

Sean: wasn't supposed to be like this.....

Sean eventually stumbled out just in time before the club burned down. But then he ran into Anisha.

Anisha: Sean! What the hell happened here?

Sean: I can't talk right now. Gotta go!

Anisha: Tell me first! It's the least you can do.

Sean took a deep breath and whispered the secret into her ears. She backed up in amazement.

Sean: I'll tell you more on it later.

He then ran to his car as Anisha continued to look at the burning wreakage of the CityWalks Shining Star.

Sean knew this wouldn't end soon, so he got in his car and drove back to his house hoping she would be there. That's when he saw a picture of him and Carrie hugging, and having a good time.

He teared up a little bit, but he did a favor and called Ray.

Sean: Ray! Where the f__k are you?

Raymond: I was about to ask you the same question! Why the hell didn't you tell me your girl had superpowers?!

Sean: Ray, I told you this is not a good time for heated conversations! I have to find Carrie!

Raymond: Not a good time?! You out of all people would keep me in the dark from secrets like this! I'm your brother, man and we're supposed to be truthful to one another!

Sean: I'm well aware of that, but we'll talk about it later, AFTER I find her! Now is definitely the worst time to discuss this. Just find Sue and get your ass back home. Carrie's out there alone. So is Kaitlyn and that psycho killer. She's probably terrified......I ain't leaving her like this......

Raymond: Sean?! Sean, don't you dare hang up!

He did and looked at the picture again.

Raymond: Damn it!

He eventually walked in the house and slammed the door behind him, but it was still unlocked.

Raymond: *talking to himself* why wouldn't he tell me? I could understand, you know. He knows that I'm good at keeping secrets. But now he wants to keep this behind my back? That just doesn't slide with me! I could understand!

The minute he said that though, he felt himself lifted up in the air and tossed around 'till he felt nauseous.

He started choking as he saw Carrie emerge from the dark corner of the wall, with the blood still all over her. She still has him in her grasp.

Carrie: No. You wouldn't understand. Nobody does.

Raymond: *Chokes* What are you......Let....LET ME GO!

Carrie: Oh no no no.....You're not going least, not alive....

Sean: Carrie!!

(She looked over with black eyes)

Sean: Please....we're not your enemy.

She dropped Raymond and quickly turned towards Sean.

Carrie: If they don't want me, they throw me to the wolves and when they do....I don't benefit at all. And I'm sick and tired of kissing their asses.....I won't trust anyone ever again....Not even YOU. You people don't deserve me here.....

Raymond: *choking* G-got that right......

Sean: NOT HELPING, Ray!.....*faces Carrie again*.....Carrie, hear me out. I didn't see Kaitlyn coming. I never saw ANY of this shit coming!

Carrie: STOP LYING TO ME! Going to that club was YOUR idea, remember?! You said you'd save me! And now look what you've done......

Sean: You REALLY think I wanted this? You don't think I get it after everything I've heard and seen from you? Th-this isn't what you are. I'm not gonna let you go down that road again. I can't.

Carrie: Well, as you can clearly're too late to stop me now......

Sean: It's never too la---

Carrie: SHUT UP!!!

And then she grabbed him yet again and started choking him, while easily levitating him up as the mere pressure behind trying to release himself was becoming too much for Sean to muster. Even more so, that Raymond tried to take action.

Raymond: Let go of my brother!

He was about to strike her, but Carrie grabbed him again as all the lights started to flicker all around the house.

Hell had truly awaked in this household......

Carrie: God won't save you this time.....

Raymond: No.....*chokes*


She annoyingly looks over again and Sue pointing a gun at her, but she was shaking and trembling with a certain tumor stuck in her voice as she exclaimed.....

Sue: Carrie.....I--I don't want to shoot you, so don't make me. Please put them down and let us help.

Carrie: You REALLY have some nerve. Satisfied with yourself, Sue?! You all broke me down in the past and now you've done it again! People like you never change.......and I should've killed you when I had the chance....

Sue: Are you kid--This is crazy talk, Carrie. I had nothing to do with this. We only want to help you. We did our best. Please, just don't make me shoot you!

Carrie: I don't care anymore. Do it, then. Shoot me. I bet I can catch that bullet before it gets half an inch to me.

Sue: Catch it? You'll deflect it!

Carrie: Exactly my point.

Sean: Carrie.....*chokes*

Carrie: Shut up! I never should've trusted you or anyone! You all made me believe that I had a place where I finally belonged after everything I went through.....but not even THAT wasn't enough. I didn't want to be afraid anymore; I wanted something normal and.....You all put this crown on my head and--and put me on this pedestal like I was some sort of a goddess, but then.....but then you brought me down again! Taking pity on you has proven to be my biggest mistake, Sue. Just like taking pity on these worms will prove to be YOUR undoing.

Sue: This has NOTHING to do with them!


Sue, frustrated, pops a shot up in the air and once again aims at Carrie as she said.....


Carrie just looked at both Sean and Raymond barely gasping for air and looked back at Sue with a uncharacteristic smirk.

Carrie:....As you wish.....

Sue: Please......

​Carrie loosens her grip ever so carefully, letting Sean and Raymond go, allowing them to finally catch their breath. But then used her powers to pick them up again and throw both of them into Sue.

Sue: Argh.....

Raymond: See.....I...arghh.....I told you so, didn't I?

Sue: No one likes a tattletale, Ray.

Sean: Move......back. Move back, alright?

As they tried and back away from Carrie, the killer appears out of the blue, stabs Sean clean through his back and then disappears back into the dark. It made everyone gasp........even Carrie.

As Sean groans in pain and stumbles down to the floor in agony, that image played endlessly, over and over again in Carries mind like a cassette recorder, with each frightening visual getting worse and more nauseating as it cleared all thoughts of hurt she had and snapped her out of her revenge-stricken craze. Finally.....her eyes went back to normal and she shed a blood tear, coming back to terms with the hell she had just committed.

Carrie: S-S-Sean? *rushes over to him* Oh my't leave me, please.....*cries*....I didn't mean any of it......I'm so sorry.....

Raymond: *grunts and raises his voice* YOU SHOULD BE! I HOPE YOU'RE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

Carrie: *turns toward him* SHUT UP!!!

Ray backs up almost immediately when she yelled at him, for he now knew what she was fully capable of committing. At that point, Sue just looks over at the clearly distraught Carrie as she basks in the image of the person she had become after what seemed like a eternity. All of the blood over her, all the threats, all the mass killings and pointless massacres......none of which could be undone now.

Carrie: W-wha-what've I done? What have I become?

She lets loose her tears, comforting the unconscious Sean in her arms while Sue spots another masked figure from the doorway and starts popping at 'em.

Sue: *to Carrie* Stay here, ok. I'll be right back.

And then Sue follows the masked figure outside, only to be surrounded by two more of them (weapons in hand) as they drag her back inside. Then came a moment of silence as the first two Unknowns unmasked themselves.....

Tara Kendrick and Alex Campbell.

Sue: *gasps*

Raymond: Sue, how you---- Tara? Alex? The hell are you doing?!

Alex: Doin' this world a favor.

Tara: What should've been done a long time ago.

Both of them looked over at Carrie still in tears over Sean's body and just scoffed.

Killer: You cry for him. Thought you said you'd never trust anyone again.

Alex: Yeah, you did say that.

Tara: So why do you care?

Carrie: ENOUGH!!!!

The weight of her scream pushed Alex and Tara forcefully and they were sent flying out the windows, the effect of the glass shattering everywhere. Thinking the two of them were out of her hair for good, Carrie turned towards the killer. It's as if time had frozen in place or was seemingly nonexistent. Her chance. Her time to know who was responsible for ruining her moment yet again.


Killer: You really don't know? Hmmm.

The killer forcefully pulled down it's ski mask off and as Carrie, Raymond and Sue look on, they became shocked beyond belief.

Both (Raymond, Carrie): YOU?!

Kaitlyn: Cracked the fucking code, I see. You're goddamn right, it's me. And I am beyond disgusted that YOU (referring to Carrie) were the one Sean chose over me. I just couldn't deal with the fact that out of all people, he had to stab me in my golden zone and choose a f__king......I mean....just.....just LOOK AT YOU! no longer matters. He got satisfied with the rope you let him have and he just fucking choked on it, cause of you.

Carrie: No....

Sue: Well, excuse me. It's safe to say after that cheap trick you pulled, he had every right to push you away, smart aleck.

Kaitlyn: Did it look like I was talking--

Sue blatantly fired her 9 mil. gun, desperately trying to avenge the death of her mother. Eventually, she finally landed a few shots on Kaitlyn as she fell over on her back, looking.....dead.

Raymond: WHOA! WATCH IT!

Carrie: What are you doing?!

Sue: What are you talking about?! She killed my mother!!!

As Sue clips another cartridge in, puts her gun down and observed over Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn got up completely unscathed, which stunned Sue. Apparently, she was wearing bulletproof armor, which she had shown after taking off her hoodie.

Kaitlyn: Me?? Well yeah, it's true.....but it's not true. At least, not by me. It was my beloved partner in crime who came up with this ingenious idea to orchestrate this whole thing.....even that second blood bath we gave you. And boy oh boy......did it feel good.....

Carrie: Why you.....

Sue: Partner....? Who would--?!

Kaitlyn: Wouldn't it be more fun if you didn't know? Wouldn't you like it if it just stayed a total mystery, forever to remain unmasked by the realms of the world? Well, that's too bad cause you're probably thinking you've seen another mere image of your reflection when it's really just the end of YOUR road.

Sue: Who the fuck is it??!!!

Sue, at that point, felt a HUGE bulge from the back of her head as she was knocked down from behind with a baseball bat by yet ANOTHER mysterious Unknown. Only this time, it had a very different appeal or appearance then the others. Carrie saw it while holding the knocked out Sean as the Unknown dropped the bat down and turned around. Breathing ever so mildly and calmly, it was unclear what it was going to do next. It pulled off its hood and cap, revealing its long brunette texture of hair, sticking out from the rest of the outfit. Then off goes it's mouth mask and glasses as it methodically turned back around towards Carrie, making her gasp in DEEP shock and making Raymond frown in confusion. He didn't know who it was, but Kaitlyn smirked for the Unknown was ALWAYS a part of this scheme.

And more so, it was the Brainiac behind this twisted vile idea.

Kaitlyn: Welcome friend.

Who could it possibly be???

Chris: I'm baaaaaacccccck.

Carrie: NO! YOU?!??!!!

Raymond: Who the hell are you?

Chris looked at him and pointed the bat in his direction, causing him to tread slightly off. She then lowers the bat down as she turned her attention back towards Carrie and started chuckling.

The pacing starts there as she couldn't help but to laugh this time. Whether she had fooled Carrie from the beginning or just pissed her off was all up to her, but it wasn't long before she finally spoke out again......

Chris: Awwwww.......what's the matter? Shocked? Surprised? Loss for words? I expected more from a gutless bitch like you. I'm hurt.........but on the other hand, I'd have to admit, FOR ONCE, that you are right about one thing.....

She methodically steps towards her arch-rival and grabs her by the threat forcefully, determined to make her point crystal clear towards her.

Chris:....These people are far better off without you.

At that point, Carrie just forcefully pushed Chris off of her, still refusing to acknowledge the simple fact of the matter that she didn't finish Chris off for good back in Chamberlain.

Carrie: Chris Hargensen?? But--but this.....How is this happening....I saw you die....

Chris: Woah, back up....don't you mean YOU killed me? YOU......kill me?!

At that point, it happens again. The snickering, the maniacal laughter, the sheer magnitude of what she meant while doing that.....disgusting. Carrie was already writhing with anger and balled up her fists as Chris finally stopped laughing for the moment and snapped her head back towards her rival.

Chris: That's....that's actually funny. Quite the "comedian".....But in a way of speaking, you never "killed" me, ok? You only fucked me up, you filthy scank.....yet, you STILL destroyed EVERYTHING I had in my life!!! Now, I know you're probably asking, "How the HELL did I survive?".....Well; I must be a lucky bastard. Apparently either way, you're a suck shot cause when you dropped that power support onto Billy's car, you didn't even hit the fucking thing. There IS something called "Aim Assist", you know. But luckily, that gaping hole in the windowsill was enough for me to break free by the time brave firemen rescued me from my demise. And then there's the......f__king hospital........Hours in extensive care turned into weeks.....after week......after weeks.....and then months......Daddy didn't think I was gonna make it out. He actually threatened to sue the entire hospital if they didn't patch me up. But I BARELY came through in the end and walked on my own two feet, yet the price was......horrible.

Carrie: Well, how--how'd you find me?

Chris: That's the point, Glamazon. I don't remember much after that.....but what's really un-f__king-believable; or breathtakingly stupid, take your pick, is the fact that you looked me at the last second before you tried to blow me up and I asked you to do ONE THING......

Carrie ran that sentence through her head as she remembered what Chris said the same night she ALMOST killed her.

Carrie: You said, "Help me."

Chris: Clear as fuckin' day. I offered you a truce and.....Well, what did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Go to Hell......

Carrie also had to replay that image through her head. That was the first time she had ever spoken back to Chris, in what seemed like forever.

Carrie: I told you to.....Go to Hell.....

Chris: Oh, you remember? I would've given you an round of applause for that, but then again, that's like giving you my seal of approval and I'd have to be fucking delusional if I were to actually UNDERSTAND I'm giving a nasty bugs life worth meaning. And because you didn't the simplest of things that I literally BEGGED you to do, the scars you put on my face were a permanent effect!!!......*shows her scars*......YOU SEE THIS?! DO YOU SEE THIS?!?! I can never go partying, get a tan or show my flawless face to anywhere now and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!

Carrie was already getting angry and she wasn't afraid to show it when she bolted up off the ground and face closed Chris.

Carrie: My fault? MY fault??! Chris, you are thick! You really expected me to spare you after all the things you put me through?! Every since six grade, you never left well enough alone. You and your friends threw tampons at me when I had my first period. My mom never told me about it and YOU KNEW THAT!!!! You posted a video of it and YOU ALL LAUGHED!!!

Chris: Because you deserved all that!!

I'd didn't take long at all for Carrie's eyes to dilate from brown to pitch black again as Ray once again backed away.

Carrie: You son of a.....

She immediately slaps her square across the face and knocks her back towards the wall and breaking the stairwell in the process. Carrie then reaches out and grabs Chris with her powers with extreme force and pressure as she drags her up close to her face.

Chris: *chokes and laughs* So.....unfair.....

Carrie: Who are you to talk about fair.....To think it took someone as homicidal as you to pull this off, I--you're just a mess! What could I have possibly done to deserve such aggression? What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?!

Chris: *choking and scoffsWell.....JUST to CLEARLY sum up your stu--pidity, you kept telling stories about God in class every day and it's so fucking annoying! And then there's those times you got me in detention for crimes I didn't commit. You kicked me out of the prom! Destroyed my college admissions! Killed all my friends and my Billy! But then, to top all of that, I hate you just because of the fact that you really think you deserve to be standing right in front of ME! The world deserves better then freaks like you. You are the biggest fucking joke God had ever skewed out of his unholy asshole and you should've NEVER been born!!

Carrie: Why--I....REALLY.....HATE YOU!!!!

Carrie, growling with anger inside of her, puts more pressure behind her force choke before slamming her into the wall beside her and this time, Chris was really struggling to catch her breath as Kaitlyn tries to stop her, but Ray just grabs her and throws her down without even thinking.

Chris: *choking* You really don' all......*gasps for air*.....why don't you....give up all that....hocas pocas and....fight me like a real if you ever were one......*snickers*......

Carrie just frowned at that statement and then dropped her as she actually gave a chance to regain her composure.

But then she just had to ask.....

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin.....Did you....did you kill her?

Chris knew what she was talking about, so she didn't keep her waiting. She licked her lips and pulled out a bunch of photos from her jacket. Carrie, unfortunately, wasn't prepared for the horror that Chris had in store for her. Chris uncharacteristically tossed each photo down to Carrie one by one and eventually, her worst fears were founded.

Carrie saw Ms. Desjardin's corpse in three different photos - each one more disturbing then the last. Upon seeing each of the photos, she dropped down to her knees as more conflicting emotions started to pulsate from within her, causing the area to shake.

She was clearly upset, and when upset, it lead to irritation. Irritation led into frustration. Frustration quickly dissolved into anger. And her anger quickly erodes into BURNING RAGE.

She couldn't bear to look at them anymore. She finally tore up one of those photos slowly in half and glares over at Chris, which implies the feeling of, "You've just made the biggest mistake of your life."

Carrie: Strike. Three.......YOU'RE DEAD!

Finally reaching her breaking point yet again, Carrie bolts up and charged at Chris, but just as Chris grips the bat to take a swing, Carrie slammed her through the back door of the house and starts hammering away with punches until Chris kicked her off, progressing further into the backyard.

Chris: Bastard!

Carrie: You're a bigger one!

As soon as all that happened, Raymond got up from the floor and crawled over to Sean, desperate to wake him up.

Raymond: Sean! Come on buddy, get up!

Sean: Wha......Carrie....where's Carrie?

Raymond: Man, forget about her. We got to get you to a doctor now.

Sean: No, no.....I'm not leaving without her.

Raymond: Sean, are you seri--she's fucking insane! You saw how she was at the club!

Sean: You think she still would've done it if Kaitlyn hadn't dumped that blood on her?!

Raymond: Hell yeah. What else do you expect me to say, other than "I'm still pissed that you kept this a secret from me?" You know what, never mind. That doesn't matter now! We need to get you to a hospital!

Sean: I said I'm NOT leaving without her!

Raymond: Sean.....if you REALLY think I'm gonna let you get yourself massacred over a girl who nearly did the both of us in, you have lost your damn mind. Neither one of us truly know who this girl is. And besides, do you still think she'll accept your proposal and have your children in the future??!!! She said it herself! She doesn't love you! The bastard WANTED to kill you!

And for that, Sean PUNCHED Raymond in the nose like he did Ian and Ray fell with a nose bleed.

Sean: Understand this: We've both had our differences, our disputes, our rivalries......You get the point and so do I. But chew on this: Magic exists, demons and goblins and ghosts. Harry Potter, Leprechaun, Pete's Dragon......And telekinetics exist too, ok?! NONE OF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE! But we're not supposed to question that. They're still real to me. You need to understand that I did this for you cause you're not ready to understand or accept this stuff......When you find someone you care about, you have to be willing to do anything and EVERYTHING for them. Cause people like her only come once in a lifetime. I'm not ready to give that up.....I'm going after her. You stay here..........

Ray just sat there not knowing what to say.

Then Sean got Sue up.

Sean: You OK?

Sue: How would you feel if you were hit in the head by a bat, huh?

Sean: Ok ok ok. I get it. We need to find Carrie.

Unfortunately, Kaitlyn got up from where she was and grabbed Sue from behind.

Kaitlyn: Turn your ass around now....

Sue: Or what? Hmm?

And then Sue spun Kaitlyn around and struck her twice and knocked her out. She then pulled her over into the nearest closet and shut the door.

Sue: That was for Mom.

She then followed Sean in search of Carrie.

It then cuts to Carrie fighting Chris in the backyard of Sean's house.

Chris: "The sins of the parent are born upon the child." Makes me wanna burst my f__king head open. *knees her* I'll make sure you pay for this!

Carrie: *chuckles uncharacteristically* I.....wouldn't count on that......*uppercuts her​*

And then Carrie threw her towards the fence which made Chris drop the pipe she used to knock out Sue.

But Chris grabbed it again and tried to strike her with it, but Carrie grabbed it with her powers

Carrie: You think I'm a cheat? No powers means no weapons either.

She tossed the weapon aside and ran Chris through the fence behind her.

That's when Sean and Sue went to the back and saw the fight.

Sue: No way.....Chris?

Sean: Who's Chris?

Sue: Long story short: she's that son of a b**ch who dropped that blood on Carrie back in Maine and almost ruined her life.

Sean: Why that little.....

Sue: No.....not yet. Let her take care of this. It's what she wanted anyways.

Sean: What...but....

Sue: Sean, this is something she must do by herself.

He looked at the fight helplessly as they continued wrestling. But Chris ends up getting on top of Carrie and then socks away. Carrie then spits in Chris' face which causes her to slam Carrie into the house near the broken fence, breaking the door and forcing the homeowners to head out.

Carrie: Both of you, get out now!

They agreed and ran.

As Carrie started to get up, Chris started to choke her from behind.

Carrie tried fighting back as she eventually got Chris off her by biting her finger and moving her back into a nearby mirror, which caused Chris to take a knee. She looked to be in considerable pain.

Carrie: I doubt you'll remember any of this by the time I'm through with you.

But Chris was waiting as she tripped Carrie and made her crash into the mirror.

Chris: Fell for it.

At this point, Carrie was actually bleeding from her forehead.

When Carrie got up however, Chris was nowhere to be found.

Carrie: Ow.....where'd you go?

Chris: *distantly* Looks like the cat bit off more then it could chew. Gotta work harder then that. *chuckles*

That results to Carrie literally tearing random parts of the house down, desperately trying to find her.

Carrie then realized that Chris actually did cut herself and wasn't attempting to hide her wound. She noticed the blood droplets on the floor and followed the blood upstairs. It led her to find nothing.

She kept looking around, desperately until Chris tore off some wood sticking out from the wall, came out from behind the other room and attempted to stab her. Luckily, Carrie saw it coming and dodged it as the wood hit the furnace.

The piece broke apart upon impact and Carrie grabbed it; then both of them ended up stabbing each other with it. Both of them gasped slowly and looked down at their wounds and backed up.

Chris was exhausted from being stabbed and stumble towards the furnace again. Carrie, on the other hand, was completely unable to stand at this point as she sat down by the window

Carrie: you....why keep doing this? *coughs up blood* There's nothing to gain from killing me.

Chris: Don't tell me.....what I can or cannot do. Low-class....*grunts* scum of the earth, overall sh-tbags like you don't.....*coughs up blood* need a reason to be here."

Carrie: You don't get to decide that.

Chris: Shut up, you little shit!

Chris then charged at Carrie, but at the last second, Carrie grabbed her as they both went through the window and slammed her through the roof of a van outside the house.

Sean and Sue saw the whole thing and freaked out.

Sean: Carrie......Carrie!!!

He again tried to get over her, only to get stopped by Sue again.

Sue: Look.....*points to her*....she's still moving.

Carrie slowly started moving and rolled off the van and breathed heavily. As she regained her balance, she crawled through the broken fence and looked up at Sean and Sue.

Carrie: Sean?

Sean: Hey....

Carrie: I'm so sorry.....

Sean: Hey....*touches her face* it's alright.

Carrie looked at Sean, but before she can say anything else, a pop was heard as Carrie fell down. That's when Sean saw Chris with a handgun pointed at her; apparently, the bullet hit him as well which caused him to back up. She was done playing fair.

Chris, still woozy from the crash, got behind Carrie and tried to choke her again, but Carrie gouged her eye real tight. Chris screamed in pain as she fell off her.

Chris: Damn you!

She kicked Carrie down and Sean couldn't stand see the one he loves suffer anymore. He charged at Chris, but she looked over and moved away, tripping him and he fell next to Carrie.

Then Chris and Sue made eye contact.

Chris: *holding her eye* Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.

Sue: What the hell is this about, Chris? You're supposed to be dead.

Chris: Well, you were supposed to back me up. I told you before, we could've had them by the balls.

Sue: But you did more then that. You ripped them clean off! And for what? To humiliate this poor soul?! Admit it, it was wrong!!!

Chris: Wrong??!!! How can you show this abomination such kindness and love? She doesn't deserve any of that!!! Not even a boyfriend!!!

Sue: You are sick, Chris. You're sick, spoiled and so COLD HEARTED!!!! All because you despise a lonely girl who's done absolutely NOTHING to you! Well, I'm not gonna let you do it anymore!!

Chris: Sue....after everything we been through together, you betray me for that pig?!

Sue: STOP CALLING HER THAT!!!! You're the pig!!!

(Chris gasped and backed up)

Chris: Wha---I---how could you do this to me???

Sue: Because our friendship ended a long time ago. As a matter of fact, it NEVER SHOULD'VE HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!! You have been nothing but a selfish b**ch torturing and blaming this girl for all your mistakes and wrongdoings. Detention, getting kicked out of the prom, our friends being killed, Billy's death. NONE OF THAT WAS CARRIE'S FAULT!!!! It....was...yours.       

Chris looked down, apparently looking sorry.

Sue: You're sorry? Well you should be, asshole.

Chris then looked up, punched Sue in the face and then held her in a choke-hold while holding her at gun-point.

Chris: How dare you betray me, you disgraceful piece of sh-t!! You should've know better then that. No matter......I think I might enjoy killing you as much as killing her.

Sue: *choking*

Chris: *to Sue* Should've known better then to get in my way......

Carrie got up and saw Sue being suffocated by her nemesis.

Carrie: Chris! It's me you want, remember?

Chris: True.....but this.....This is only the second act. I'll get to the finale soon enough after I put the screws to little Sue here. Besides, I told her once already.......everyone knows that she doesn't give a shit about you.

Sue: Well, how well did that work out?

Chris: SHUT UP!

Carrie: *breathing heavily*

Chris: This is what happens when you drag your "friends" into this little game of ours. And'll get to see why you're just as useful as a damn dead horse. They'll always be your greatest weakness.

Sue: She's no weakness; she's my friend! And I should've known better then to toss her aside again.

Chris: Too late.....Three years too late......

That's when Tara came out of nowhere and placed another gun to the back of Carrie's head.

Tara: That magic trick of yours ain't gonna do shit anymore.

But then suddenly..... Raymond came out and distracted Tara, which also prompted Chris to shoot at him.

Raymond: Carrie! Do your thing!

Tara tried to shoot Carrie, but luckily her aim was bad and she hit Chris by accident which caused her to let go of Sue.

Carrie then used her powers to make both guns explode.

Tara was killed instantly, but Chris just got blinded and fell to the ground.

Chris: AAAAAH! Son of a---

As soon as she fell, Carrie ended up on top of her and was about to punch her lights out.

Chris: This is...what you want....then do it!

Carrie was tempted to do it, but......she let her go.....and took the gun out of her hand......

Chris: What?

Carrie: Surprised? Don't be. You're not worth it.

Sue: Uhhh--what?

Sean: Carrie.....

Raymond: I don't believe it....

Carrie: Maybe I should've done it after all you did to me. After what you did to Ms. Desjardin and anyone else who's fallen victim to you. But that won't make me any better than what you've been. I'll stay true to the Lord and pray that he'll have mercy upon you. *gets up* Give up your evil ways, Chris. And for your sake.....I hope we never meet again.

As Chris laid back, surprised at the choice Carrie just made, Carrie then stared at Raymond as he stared back at her.

Carrie: If you're gonna insult me, just do it.

Sean: *Stands by Carrie* But do it to me too. *holds her hand*

Raymond: Actually.....I--I wanted to say....I'm sorry for the way I reacted. was disgusting. I'm man enough to admit that. But at the same time, I wouldn't have reacted that way if Sean hadn't lied to me in the first place.

Carrie: You think you would've understood what I've been through, either way?

Raymond: *looks down* No.....I guess I got carried away and didn't bother thinking twice. It's just been a rough night.

Sean: Yeah, well.....join the club.

They went to see if Sue was ok, but then Chris grabbed the pipe again and threw it at Carrie, but she saw it coming.

Carrie: You never learn, do you?

Then she threw it back at Chris, which knocked her out and with Sue's permission, she called the police.

Police come and arrest Chris and Kaitlyn.

Chris: Get your hands off me! You can't keep me locked up forever! I will exact my vengeance upon you sons of bitches! You hear me?! THIS ISN'T OVER BY---

The door slams shut on her.

Sue: Uh....what was that, Chris? *chuckles*

Raymond: Oh wait. Sean, look at this.

Kaitlyn: Sean! Don't you dare do this me! I'm nothing without you! You don't want that tramp! She's just a----

Door slams shut on her.

Sean: Sorry, Kait. I didn't quite get that.

*all chuckle*

Carrie then turned to Sean while the cars drive off.

Carrie: Sean....listen. I.....

Sean: *touches her face* Relax. Like I said earlier, It's all right.

Carrie: No....It's not. You did everything you could to help and all I did was push you away. It's my fault, alright? I'm a monster.

Sean: Monster? That's not who I'm looking at right now. I still see a angel looking for her chance at a normal life. It was never even you back there. You just lost control because of them. That's all.

Carrie: But..... I was so rotten to you. I accused you of all my pain and I almost lost you because of it. I can you even forgive me after everything I did to you?

Sean: This is how.

Sean placed his finger on her mouth, ignoring all the blood over her and kissed her passionately. Eventually, she smiled and hugged him. Ray couldn't help but smirk as Sue leaned on him.

Screen fades to black and then then.....

~Two and a half weeks later~

Earlier this week, the court had reached two guilty verdicts on Christine Hargensen and Kaityln Lawrence, the main perpetrators behind the brutal murders of Aimee Summers, Eleanor Snell, Scott Heralds and Rita Desjardin. The latter of whom was Hargensen's former teacher and a good friend to one of Hargensen's victims, Carrie White. Carrie testified against Hargensen, confirming that the suspect has had a history of violent and rather disgusting behavior. She, however, was not the only person who testified against her as there was evidence to prove of Hargensen's involvement in another incident years ago involving Carrie. Her friend, Susan (Sue) D. Snell led investigators to multiple pieces of evidence tying her to both events as well as a testament of her own.

Kaitlyn Lawrence was able to cut a deal with the D.A. She too, was allowed to testify against Hargensen in exchange for a lesser sentence of just 6 years in the Reception and Medical Center Prison system.

As for Hargensen, she did not get off easily. Due to overwhelming evidence and witness testimony, she was found guilty on all four counts of capital murder as well as conspiracy to commit the same and was sentenced to life in prison. However, a bit of sympathy was shown by the judge as she was granted the possibility of parole at the age of 46.

Meanwhile at the prison system, Chris was pacing around in her cell a week into her sentence 'till a guard knocked on her cell.

Prison Guard: Hargensen. You got a visitor.

Chris: From who?

Prison Guard: A friend of yours.

Chris thought it might've been Kaitlyn or even Sue, but she was dead wrong.

The minute she realized it was Carrie, her face almost exploded with anger.

Chris: And here I thought you said you hoped to never see me again. You can be really predictable, sometimes. You have some f**king nerve showing your face here.

Carrie: Oh, really? I was gonna tell you the same thing. But.......Chris, I came here to tell you that it's not too late for you. Your hatred for me has only brought you nothing but envy and your own self-destruction. You're not in control around here. No one is. That's Gods right and no one gets to play God. If you really thought you were gonna keep me locked up in my own prison of doubt and guilt, then you desperately need a reality check. That's why people have stopped giving you what you want. They have their own lives to deal with. And whether or not I have a boyfriend or friends or anybody who's.....sane enough to stand up for me, the fact is your nose needs to stay out of my business and everybody else's. The rest of the world has moved on, Chris. It's about time you did the same.

Chris: *scoffs* If you think that little speech of yours is gonna change anything between us, you're sadly mistaken. When I get out of here, I'm gonna be planning more dates for us together, so we can have lots more fun. *chuckles* Can't wait to see the look on that face when you realize you were always two steps behind me.....just when you thought you were one step ahead. I will leave you in Hell where you belong once I take away your precious Sean, just like I took that b**ch Desjardin and.....

Carrie grabbed Chris's neck with her powers (like Darth Vader's force choke) as Chris gagged in pain and fell on her knees.

Carrie: Never short on confidence. I like that.

Chris: F**k you!!!!

Carrie: I'm giving you a choice, Chris. When you ever get out of here....and I know you will, you can give up your evil ways and I will welcome you in open friendship. OR you just leave town and never come back cause if you ever try to hurt Sean or anyone else I love, I'll make sure it won't just be your face that gets an extreme makeover. It sounds crazy, yes, but remember: YOU did this to me. So, I pray that God shows mercy upon you cause He knows and I know that you could NEVER beat me.

She lets her go and Carrie walked away. Chris fell on the floor coughing and breathing heavily for air.

~Chamberlain, Maine~

Two days later, Carrie bent down on her knees and laid a rose by her mothers grave.

Carrie: Momma, It's me. I...haven't heard your voice in days...depending if that was you, of course. Momma, if you were here I know you wouldn't agree to this but.....I've finally found love in my life. Sean is so amazing and I have such good friends. I know it's not what you wanted from me, but I have to move on. Cause even though we had our differences, you're still my mother and I still love you.

And then Carrie hears a familiar voice......

Voice: Sinlessly, she said. We used to live in what they called paradise. Love had consumed and taken over us. There was nothing like it......Until that night, that one night.....I broke that threshold.....And I lost her.....His workmanship......reasoning for survival......and worst of all......I lost you too.....

Carrie looks over and gasps.

Ralph: If God had taken both of you, I'd be a man with nothing to lose. If only I could tell Margaret how sorry I am....I guess I waited too long and life is....just too short. And I'd hate wasting it by staying in solitude and not being with you.

Carrie: D-d-Dad???

Ralph: little Carrieta.

Carrie rose up in tears and rushed to her father and grabbed him in a tight hug. But then she pushed him away.

Carrie: *tears in her eyes* No.....I thought you were dead! Why did you go?!

Ralph: it's a long story, sweetheart. *looks at her* After my thoughtless event with your mother, I couldn't bare to look at myself in the mirror anymore. I'd feared it would ruin your life too. So I went to seek redemption. It took me years to feel forgiven; but when I came home one night, it was gone. Along with you and your mother. I thought my family was lost forever. Until I heard you were in Florida looking for me. I wanted to come to you; but....I was afraid you'd hate me for not being there when you needed me. During the times when you were growing up I even heard what those nasty children had done to you and I wasn't there to protect you. As much as I wanted to. But....I swear for as long as I live, I will never fail you again. Will you ever forgive me?


She hugged him again while ghost Margaret was watching.

She didn't interrupt or say anything. She stood there and finally smiled.

Margaret: Ralph.....

Ralph was able to hear that.

Ralph: Maggie....

Carrie: Wait. You can see her?

Ralph nodded yes.

Margaret: returned.

Ralph: With probable cause. I wouldn't let anyone harm my daughter. Not even you.

Margaret: Poor poor man, she was lost.

That's when Carrie realized she had something.

Carrie: Oh.....Dad....I almost forgot.

She pulled out his ring and Margaret gasped.

Carrie: I believe yours.....

Both: Child.....where did you find this?

Carrie: I found it at Sean's school. I assumed you were there and when I couldn't find you, people tried to take it from me

Ralph: Oh my....did they hurt you?

Carrie: No....but ever since I found this, I thought you might want to have it back.

Ralph: Humanitarians snatched this from me years ago. Never thought I'd see it again. I remember when we carved these words together. We felt blessed back then, yet she had a hard time showing it were the one thing that made us feel whole once more. I truly am blessed......

Carrie smiled and Margaret, for the first time in a long time made a tear of joy and smiled at her family. She reached out her hand to both of them, and they could feel her touch.

Margaret: I love you both.....

And then she vanished......for she had finally found peace.

All (Sue, Sean & Raymond): Carrie!

She looked over her shoulder to see them heading for her.

Ralph: Who are these humanitarians heading for you, my child?

Carrie: Oh...these are my friends. Guys, this is my father. Daddy, this is Sue Snell. She used to torture me, but she changed.

Ralph: Oh?

Sue: I am terribly sorry for all that.

Carrie: And this is Raymond Ford.

Raymond: Good to meet you.

Carrie: And this is my boyfriend Sean, Ray's brother.

Sean: Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir.

Ralph: Boyfriend.....Well, are you guys.....?

Sue: Yes, Mr. White. We are aware of Carries powers.

Raymond: Not a pleasant experience when you piss her off, let me tell you that......

Ralph: Oh god.....*sighs*

He then took a serious look at Sean.

Ralph: My boy.....understand that I am a man of my word and that me and my daughter are yet to be cleansed of the sins of our past. You must promise me something......and swear that you must never break it.

Sean: Sure. Anything, sir.

Ralph: Carrie is my life and all I have left. Swear to me that you will give Carrie everything she deserves: a life with no cruelty. Never let those brats do these stunts again and never cause them yourself. Mean every word you say to her and never cast her aside for selfish ambitions.

Sean: I assure you sir. I am a man of my word myself. 

Ralph: Good. Now go. Make her proud, boy.

Carrie smiled, kissed her dad on the cheek and hugged Sean. They later went back to Sue's place and she brought down little Carrie.

Little Carrie: Hello.....

Carrie: Oh my go......Is this?

Sue: Yeah. My daughter. Three years old and she already knows how to walk. Time flies by fast.

Carrie: I knew I felt a heartbeat when I saw her. *looks at her* She has Tommy's eyes.

Sue: Yes. And I named her after her godmother.

Carrie: Her godmother? Who?

Sue: I'm talking to her now.

Carrie: *Gasps softly* Me? But, I.....

Sue: I didn't know how to make up for what I did. Well, what Chris and I did.......

Raymond: So that was your only way you could think of doing so.

Sue: Pretty much.

Carrie: *sighs* Baby.....

Sean: Yes?

Carrie: I need to talk to you alone.

Sean: O-okay.

Sue: Whoa.....Carrie, was it something I said?

Carrie: No. I'm very flattered about her name and that you made me a godmother. this is just a private manor.

Carrie grabbed Sean's hand and pulled him upstairs

Raymond: Boy, I think he just might get lucky here.

Sue: Is that all you think about?

Raymond:'s just a guess.

Sue: Well, it still doesn't concern us. So let's wait outside.

Sean: so what's up?

Carrie then put his arms around him.

Carrie: Sean, I don't know how to say it, but I've never been so happy before in my life. From the moment I let you into my heart, I was just flattered that.....

Sean:.....that someone else was able to treat you in a way that made you feel like a princess.

Carrie: *smiles* Yes. But, at the same time, I'm aware that I'm unlikely to have another chance at something like this, so.....I know what I have to do.

Sean: What exactly is that?

Carrie: Before I get to that, be honest with me. Do you....really love me?

Sean: Yeah. More than anything.

Carrie: And do you see me in your future?

Sean: Of course I do. That's all I see when think of the future. But where you going with this?

Carrie then smiled.

Carrie: Well, In that case.....

She went through her phone, and put "All Over Again" (Big Time Rush) on there. She then placed it down and down on one knee.

Sean: *gasps*

That's when Sue and Ray came up to see what was taking so long.

Raymond: Sean, what's hol---Oh my.....

Sue: *tears of joy while holding her mouth*

Carrie: Sean Ford, will you.....

Sean: Carrie White.....I would ask you the same thing......and I will!

Carrie got up, squealed with joy and jumped into Sean's arms again for she knew she had found her only one.

And Raymond shed a tear.

Carrie: Saw that, tiger

Raymond: No...nope. No, you didn't see......

Sue and Sean: Ray......

Raymond: Ok ok.....maybe I did. Sometimes I can hold it in, sometimes I can't. What's the big deal?

Sean: There's no shame in it.

Sean wrapped his arm around Ray's head and nudged him

Raymond: Hey, cut it out! Come on! Not cool!

Carrie and Sue giggled.

Sue: Alright. *chuckles* I'll take you somewhere to cool off, ok? I'm sure they need some alone time.

Before Sue and Ray left, she turned around and winked at Carrie. Then she closed the door.

Carrie: So, guardian angel......may we finish this dance?

Sean: *smiles* My telekinetic read my mind.

And so, they danced the night away.

That's when Ralph walked upstairs and saw them. He stood there and smiled.

Then we get an outro.....

Carrie: A wise man once said that the weakest people (mentally) are usually the strongest. At first, I didn't know what to make of it. But now, I agree with that statement. Cause God has forgiven me.....He forgives all....Thank you, God......

~cuts to credits~


  • Carrie White
  • Sean Ford
  • Sue Snell
  • Raymond Ford
  • Lieutenant Nelson
  • Ralph White
  • Chris Hargensen
  • Kaitlyn Lawrence
  • Anisha Paris


  • Ian Simmons- He tries to climb out a window to escape, but Carrie drops the window on his neck and it dismembers his head.
  • Ms. Desjardin- Stabbed to death
  • Scott Herolds - Stabbed to death as well
  • Julie Alexander- As she tries to help everyone evacuate the karaoke club, Carrie uses her telekinesis to wrap a wire around her neck and drags her backwards into the wall slamming her back.
  • Tara Kendrick- Tara confronts Carrie with a gun to the back of head, when Carrie uses her telekinesis to make the gun explode in Tara's face stabbing her with shards on the face.
  • Thomas Holland- Thomas gets telekinetically thrown in the air and gets impaled by a pool club through a flat screen T.V.
  • John Hargensen- Crushed in the T.V screen as the karaoke club collapses.


Upon its release, Carrie: Blood Of Redemption received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 65% stating, "As a major improvement over its faulty predecessor, Carrie: Blood of Redemption shines with its talented cast and a surprisingly well-thought out story that makes this installment passable if not spectacular despite it's awkward and uneven pace."

Main Cast Gallery


Carrie Blood Of Redemption (Fan-made Trailer)-003:23

Carrie Blood Of Redemption (Fan-made Trailer)-0

Featured Songs

  • Starset - Dark On Me
  • ~LINKIN PARK - CASTLE OF GLASS~ (Official Trailer song)
  • Naked Brothers Band - I Indeed Can See
  • From Ashes To New - Through It All
  • Sick Puppies - All The Same (Credits song)
  • Mikey Wax - Only One
  • Allele - Stitches


After the commercial success of Carrie: Blood Of Redemption, multiple sequels were made to cash in on the questionable franchise.

Unofficial Sequels

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