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Carrie is a 2013 horror thriller supernatural remake of the 1976 and 2002 films of the same name. It stars Amanda Righetti, Sheri Moon Zombie, Selena Gomez, Bobby Campo, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Danielle Panabaker, Alex Meraz, Julianna Guill, Drew Roy, Emily Browning, David Henrie, Matt Prokop, Rooney Mara, Jennifer Stone, Josh Hutcherson, Sarah Hyland, and Ryan Reynolds.


A girl named Carrie White is the outcast at Ewen High School. One day after getting her period in the shower, and Chris and the other bullies tease her about it, Chris gets suspended from the prom. Sue feels bad for Carrie and asked her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to the prom. But after Chris spills pig blood on Carrie and ruins her most perfect night yet, Carrie unleashes a rage with her new found powers.


Amanda Righetti as Carrie White-The school outcast who has telekinetic powers.

Sheri Moon Zombie as Margaret White-Carrie's religious mother.

Selena Gomez as Sue Snell-Girl who befriends Carrie and tries to help her survive school.

Bobby Campo as Tommy Ross-Sue's boyfriend who takes Carrie to the prom.

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Mrs. Rita Desjardin-Gym teacher who respects and befriends Carrie.

Danielle Panabaker as Chris Hargensen-The main villain who bullies Carrie and plans to prank her on prom night.

Alex Meraz as Billy Nolan-Chris' enthusiastic boyfriend.

Julianna Guill as Rhonda Simard-A girl who bullies Carrie and is friends with Tina, she is Jackie's prom date.

Drew Roy as Nelson Andrews-Billy's best friend who helps with the prank.

Emily Browning as Tina Blake-Chris' best friend and Kenny's boyfriend, who hates Carrie.

David Henrie as Kenny Garson-Tina's boyfriend who is friends with Billy and Jackie.

Matt Prokop as Jackie Talbott-Boy who is friends with Billy and is Rhonda's date to the prom.

Rooney Mara as Jessica Jefferson-Girl who bullies Carrie and hands out with Rhonda, Norma, and Maria.

Jennifer Stone as Norma Watson-Girl who bullies Carrie and is the girlfriend of Matthew.

Josh Hutcherson as Matthew Dawson-A boy who doesn't like Carrie very much and he is Norma's boyfriend.

Sarah Hyland as Maria Rivers-Girl who bullies Carrie and hangs out with Rhonda, Jessica, and Norma.

Ryan Reynolds as Sheriff Fitzgerald-Sheriff of Chamberlain who questions the survivors of Black Prom night.



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