Cartoon Looney Adventures Defenders Of The Universe Is A Video Game Thate Based On A Cancelled Game Of The Tiny Toons


  1. Looneversary
  2. Gremloid Teretorium
  3. Inside The Piramite
  4. Golden Star Planet
  5. City
  6. On The Roofs
  7. Maximus Flush Space Ship

Playable Characters/Special Attacks

  1. Buster Bunny/Ray Gun
  2. Babs Bunny/Megaphone
  3. Plucky Duck/Dodging
  4. Hamton/Belly Jump
  5. Fifi/Odor Of Love
  6. Shirley The Loon/Lightning Bolt
  7. Elmyra/Power Pet
  8. Montana Max/What Money Can Do
  9. Little Beeper/Speed
  10. Calamity Coyote/Air Bomb
  11. Furrball/Increase Attack
  12. Dizzy Devil/Tornado
  13. Ben Tennyson (Original Version)/Omnitrix
  14. Gwen Tennyson (Original Version)/Magic
  15. Kevin 11 (Original Version)/Mutation Form
  16. Cooper (Original Version)/Telekiness
  17. Ben Tennyson (Alien Force Version)/Omnitrix
  18. Gwen Tennyson (Alien Force Version)/Magic
  19. Kevin 11 (Alien Force Version)/Mutation Form
  20. Jullie/Ship Attack
  21. Omi/Tornado Smash
  22. Kimiko/Fire
  23. Raimundo/Storm Attack
  24. Clay/Earthquake
  25. Jack Spicer/Chopter Attack
  26. Chase Young/Salamander Form
  27. Yakko/Bomb Storm
  28. Wakko/Hammer Attack
  29. Dot/KissTornado
  30. Billy/Nose Bouncing
  31. Mandy/Meteor Storm
  32. Grim/Scyth
  33. Irwin/Mummy Attack

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