Celebrity Challenge is a reality television series. Celebrities are on different teams have to go through physical challenges which ever teammate gets eliminated is out of the challenge.


Ice TeamEdit

Bobby Campo (Eliminated, Episode 22)

Nicholas D'Agosto (Loser)

Shantel VanSanten (Eliminated, Episode 15)

Jensen Ackles (Eliminated, Episode 19)

Katie Cassidy (Eliminated, Episode 23)

Ellen Wroe (Eliminated, Episode 14)

Rooney Mara (Eliminated, Episode 5)

Scout Taylor-Compton (Eliminated, Episode 21)

Jesse Williams (Eliminated, Episode 6)

Steven Yeun (Eliminated, Episode 17)

Chris Hemsworth (Eliminated, Episode 21)

Vanessa Hudgens (Eliminated, Episode 7)

Emily Browning (Eliminated, Episode 2)

Alex Pettyfer (Eliminated, Episode 12)

Kellan Lutz (Eliminated, Episode 16)

Thomas Dekker (Eliminated, Episode 13)

Fire TeamEdit

Briana Evigan (Winner)

Jared Padalecki (Eliminated, Episode 20)

Jamie Chung (Eliminated, Episode 18)

Sarah Roemer (Eliminated, Episode 11)

Shia LaBeouf (Eliminated, Episode 7)

Aaron Yoo (Eliminated, Episode 6)

Agnes Bruckner (Eliminated, Episode 10)

Katharine McPhee (Eliminated, Episode 3)

Emma Stone (Eliminated, Episode 4)

Hayden Panettiere (Eliminated, Episode 11)

Emma Roberts (Eliminated, Episode 1)

Emma Bell (Eliminated, Episode 9)

Penn Badgley (Eliminated, Episode 22)

Amber Heard (Eliminated, Episode 19)

Nina Dobrev (Eliminated, Episode 8)

Amanda Seyfried (Eliminated, Episode 7)

Episode 1Edit

Celebrities join on a camp place where they are put on two teams: Ice Team and Fire Team. There first challenge is to go through a bridge whoever falls into the water are eliminated. The Ice Team win, they get to choose who goes home and they sent Emma Roberts home, she says her goodbyes and goes home.

Eliminated: Emma Roberts

Episode 2Edit

The next morning, the teams wake up they have to rock climb to see who reaches the top first and to pick a member from a different team to see who is the best one to climb. The Ice Team pick Shia LaBeouf and the Fire Team pick Bobby Campo, Bobby almost reaches the top but Shia climbs fast and wins. The next challenge is dodgeball, Ellen Wroe and Emma Stone are the last standing. Emma grabs the ball and throws it at Ellen and wins. They choose Emily Browning to go.

Eliminated: Emily Browning

Episode 3Edit

Episode 4Edit

Episode 5Edit

Episode 6Edit

Episode 7Edit

Episode 8Edit

Episode 9Edit

Episode 10Edit

Episode 11Edit

Episode 12Edit

Episode 13Edit

Episode 14Edit

Episode 15Edit

Episode 16Edit

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