Celebrity Talent Show BONANZA! is a video game for Nintendo DS/DSi and Nintendo 3DS.You play a celeb and have to fight opponents and unlock modes and items to unlock Talent show mode,where you will show off your talent and try to win the trophy.When you win the trophy you have an option to sell it for a mansion and play free play or to just finish it.

Competitors(includes both real people and fictional charaters)Edit

  • The Monkees (in back in time mode)
  • Chipmunks and Chipettes
  • The Beatles(in back in time mode)
  • China Anne McClain
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Timmy Turner(In cartoon mode)
  • SpongeBob(in cartoon mode/under the sea)
  • Merry Mermaid(under the sea)
  • Disney Princesses
  • Jason Earls
  • Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Banshee(in horror mode)
  • Cat Valentine
  • Victoria Justice
  • Elvis(in back in time mode)
  • The entire cast of HSM
  • Rapunzle(tangled)

Unlockable CompetitorsEdit

Emily OsmentEdit

In order to unlock Emily you must go into back in time mode and get her from spy kids.After that you must get her to meet her future self in order to fix the time crack you made using the time machine.she is an optional Competitor but if you d Unlock her you cannot go back to back in time mode

Bea Goldfishberge,Oscar,and MiloEdit

To unlock Bea,Oscar,and Milo you must get SpongeBob to direct you to Freshwater High in underwater mode.Then you must go there and talk to clamantha and capture her in order to attract them.after that you battle them instantly.She is optional but once you unlock them you can't go back to freshwater high.They are the only Competitors you can't choose when to battle.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Ellen Degenerous
  • Portia De'rossie
  • All MLP:FIM main ponies
  • Derpy
  • Snivy
  • Triclops
  • Perry the platypus


  • Normal
  • Neon World
  • Ponyville

Unlockable ModesEdit

Back in time modeEdit

you must build a time machine using pieces of neon from Neon World Mode.required to unlock

Cartoon ModeEdit

you must make a portal in the cartoon includes these other worlds:

  • Underwater(contains SpongeBob and fish hooks worlds)
  • Timmy-Jimmy
  • Tangled

Horror modeEdit

unlocked once you have made it through the haunted house.

Talent show modeEdit

unlocked when you unlock everything.You might need to replay it several times to win the trophy.

Free PlayEdit

if you choose to sell your trophy.

Unlockable ItemsEdit

  • Gold Microphone(needed for talent show mode)
  • sweet 16 car(if you play up intill your character is 16)
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • Monkey
  • Jogging shoes
  • Souvinour
  • Nintendo DSi(only with Nintendo DSi)
  • Mansion(optional with free play)


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