"he made RAAM look like a goddamn pushover."

Marcus Fenix on Skorge

There was talk of an elitist glitch player from the gears of war


The Spartan stands alone....

franchise,fashioned just like skorge,but has maid a multitude of changes,both physically and mentally.


Not much is known about this elitist[The fuckin' queers at Gearspedia blocked us for no reason],only that he preside as a kantus monk and is best known for his experienced melee combat skills.he has been known able to preform multiple glitches,due to his software not being updated and finding a way past the firewall patch,that can manipulate his skills and even his own size.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Centanu is indeed skilled for a glitch elitist,excelling at Using any weapon one-handed and being able to wield a shield and a chainsaw.he has also somehow found a way to manipulate his size,when he has "mutated",he is equal to 9–10 ft,challenging even RAAM's height and sheer size.

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