Harry Potter. Harry becomes friends with Ginny Weasley, while he is ignored by his parents as they favour John Remus Potter, his twin brother and boy-who-lived. Harry/Ginny

Chapter OneEdit

Harry Potter was always an odd quiet child. He would be ignored by parents, James and Lily Potter. Not that they had an excuse.

John Potter, Harry's twin brother, was the centre of attention. In ways, he reminded him off Dudley Dursley, their cousin.

On their birthday, James and Lily would give Harry one present, not looking at Harry's hurt look. They would give John twenty and sometimes more.

The only person that ever cared for him was Siruis Black, his godfather. Siruis knew what Harry was trying to achieve. Being an Animagus.

Siruis was the only one who knew, and he gave Harry the potion. To Siruis's surprise, he saw five animals. A Phoneix, Basilisk, Owl, Dog and Lion.

Harry was shocked when the Basilisk was introuduced. He and Siruis researched it, and they found out that the Basilisk wouldn't kill people, all though that would give it's disguise.

On his eighth birthday, Harry continued to read about Phoneix's and Basilisk's. He found out an interesting fact about the Basilisk.

The Basilisk could not harm people if you were the controller of the snake. Harry found this fasinating, as he wished he could own one.

Harry relised he needed the loo, so he put the book back and went downstairs. He heard crying coming from the bathroom.

"Hello", Harry nervously asked. "W-ho iss it", came an girl, no more than seven years old. "Harry Potter", Harry replyed.

"You are just li ke Joh n, are n't you", she sobbed. "No i am not", Harry nearly yelled. How dare she think he was like that scum.

"Are you his brother", she whispered. "I'm his twin", Harry replyed. "They never told me that either", she sobbed harder.

"What did he do to make you upset", Harry asked.

"I asked if i could join in an conversation with him and my brother Ron. He said no, as girls are annoying little things that pry", she said.

"Listen, why don't you come to my room. I bet we could make the best of friends", Harry said. "Realy", Ginny said, amazed. Harry nodded.

"Come on", Harry and Ginny rushed upstairs. Only one person saw this. Siruis. He walked upstairs, ignoring James protests to watch John and his new broom.

"So, anyway. I am training to be an Animagus. Siruis knows, as he is the only one who cares about me", Harry said sadly.

Siuris heart reached for the boy. James and Lily had hurt their child, because of the other was famous for killing Lord Voldermort.

"What is an basilisk", Ginny asked. "An basilisk is an deadly snake that can kill you if you even stare at it. Although they are not realy dangerous if you can control it, well depends on the person", Harry explained.

Out of all the animals, the basilisk and the phoneix interested Siruis as much as it did to Harry. No one had heard of an basilisk form, and the phoneix form was very rare.

"Wow, can you train me", she asked. "Sure, i will ask Siruis".

Soon enough, Harry and Ginny became the best of friends. The only people that noticed were Siruis, Arthur and Molly.

Ginny's soon to be forms turned out to be an snake, owl, cat, horse and an phoneix. The only form both completed was Harry's dog and Ginny's cat.

During Summer before Harry left to Hogwarts, Harry and Ginny were upset. "Look who it is. My scum of an brother and your sister", they heard John say.

Harry and Ginny turned around, and saw John and Ron. Harry and Ginny rolled their eyes. "Took you ages to make an comment like that", Harry said sacarsticly.

"You shove off", John said. Ron defended him. John rushed to punch Harry, but something happened.

John flew backwards, into Ron. Both fell down, and Harry and Ginny laughed and ran off. Just then, they saw James, raging.

"How dare you do that to your brother", he shouted. Harry rolled his eyes. "Called accidentaly magic, dad", he said.

"What did you just say, you ungrateful little shit", and he did something unexpected. He slapped Harry on the face, and Harry fell down.

"How could you", Ginny screamed. She bent down to Harry, and started to sob. "Ginny, okay", he mumbled.

"No it's not", Ginny sobbed even more.

Harry was fixed by Lily, who was told that Harry accidently hurt himself with accidental magic. Harry wished he could tell her, he really wished.

Later, Harry was at Ollivander's, along with Ginny. Harry found out his wand's twin brother was Lord Voldermort, and Harry raised his eye brows.

"I expected this to happen to John", Ginny said. "Actualy, John is more or less than an squib", and both laughed.

Harry and Ginny both studyed, and Harry was amazed when his right arm changed into an Phoneix's Wing. "I did it", Harry shouted, amazed.

Soon enough, Harry did it fuly. "Wow, Harry. You look beautiful", Ginny gasped. Harry responded with an beautiful song, and picked up Ginny and flew around the room.

Harry helped Ginny with the form, and soon enough, she was an Phoneix. Siruis came in, and was amazed. "How could this be. Your not even started at Hogwarts, and you have freaking turned into Animagus", he said, amazed.

Harry showed him the dog form, and he too turned into an dog. Ginny laughed, and she just stayed at her phoneix's form.

Chapter TwoEdit

Harry went to Hogwarts, and had been sorted into Ravenclaw. John, along with Ron, were sorted into Slytheren.

Harry was going good at Hogwarts. There was not an class which he was not good at. He even could sit through History of Magic without once dozing off.

One night, Harry stumbled through the night, and ended up in an room. He was shocked beyoned the relief when he saw the portrait of Godric Gryffindor.

"Hello, Mister Potter", Godric said. "Where am i", Harry asked. "This, my boy. Is the founder's room", he said.

Harry turned around, and saw Salazar Slytheren, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. "You see, Harry. You and your friend back home are the heir of all the houses", Godric said.

"Who, Ginny. Wait, i have an question. Salazar, what is the monster of the chamber of secrets, and why are you and Godric are on speaking terms", he asked.

"I knew this was to be asked. Very well. You see, the monster is an Basilisk. However, me and Godric never fell out. That was an rumour.

I made the Basilisk incase the school was under attacked", Salazar explained.

"Wait, one of my Animagus forms is an Basilisk. I have four more", Harry explained. He showed them his dog and Phoneix's form.

"That, my boy, is truely ravenclawish", Helga joked, and Harry and Rowena blushed. "Anyway, we will help you with your basilisk form and the others. Can you speak Parseltounger", Godric asked. Harry nodded.

One time, Harry and Ginny were reading, when they saw an snake. The snake spoke to them, and to their surprise, both could speak back. So they ordered the snake to scare John.

"Well, we will show you the chamber of secrets", Salazar said, and Harry soon saw the wall at the back open, and Harry was told to go down.

I ssmeell ssomeoone, the basilisk hissed.

Hellos my namess is Harry Potter

I am Sstar, faithly one. Ssalazar Sslytheren called me thisss. I ssee you havess spoken to him

Yess. One of my animagus formss is an bassilisk

Thiss is interesitng. Iff youu want, i can use you too makee another

Howss can you do thisss

Ssince im female, and it iss very rare too meet another, i looks in your eye, and imm pregnant right away

Fine, i wills see you

The rest of the year was eventful. Harry managed the Basilisk form, and the founders were impressed when Star became pregnant.

Harry soon became interested in the Basilisk and Phoneix Form. The Basilisk, he and Star moved around the chamber, and Harry discovered more secrets, such as the library of the founders.

Meanwhile, John and became friends with Hermione after an troll attacked them. They found out about the Philosopher's stone.

However, Quirell attacked them. Ron became injured, but was healed. John fainted when he saw Voldermort possessing Quirell, and Hermione's memory made her not remember anything about being an witch, and was told she was going to have to start her year again.

Meanwhile, Harry got all his forms expect from the Lion, and so he surprised Ginny when he gave her an letter in owl form.

"I have got all mine except from the snake. I'm realy surprised you found the chamber of secrets", she said, godsmacked at how much Harry achieved.

Harry learned he could skip second year, but relising he would be father than Ginny, he refused, saying he would rather learn.

Soon enough, Harry finished his year, and was at his last day. "Goodbye, Salazar, Godric, Rowena and Helga", he said.

He transformed into his basilik form, and traveled to the chamber. Star had laid two eggs, and Harry was much an father of the deadly snakes.

Youss will bee leaving ssoon

Yess, i will return in two monthss

That iss good. Theese will be hatched when you and you friend will come

Harry went on the train, wishing he wouldn't come home.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Harry and Ginny were at the Burrow, talking. "Harry, i can master all the animals instead of the snake", she was furious.

Harry had mastered all the animals, and showed Ginny. Siruis was impressed. He admired the Phoneix forms, Ginny's horse and Harry's Basilisk forms.

"Listen, we can master it at Hogwarts", Harry said. Harry had finished his homework in an matter of two days, which annoyed John.

"Hermione, how are you", they heard Ron and John say in unison. "Who are you people. Mother, is that plate moving", they heard Hermione say.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other. It had seemed that Hermione's age was slowly descreasing, and before they knew it, she would die before her birth.

The Summer went quick, and John received an warning from Dobby The House Elf.

Meanwhile, Ginny started to write in an diary that responded back.

Tom, i think i am having feelings for Harry.

That is good, is this the twin brother of John

Yeah, but John is an jerk.

How could he be, if he hurt You-Know-Who

He brags about it. It gets annoying, and Harry is left in the dark because of his stupid parents.

So, did you master your aminagus.

Everything but the snake. Me and Harry can speak to Snakes.

Interesting, so can i. Everyone thought i was an freak.

I feel so sorry for you Tom

Little did Ginny know, Tom Marvalo Riddle was using her to bring himself back to life.

Harry got on the train with Ginny, frowning an little. James, Lily and John never came through the barrier after he got through, so Harry just abandoed them.

Harry found Ginny writing into her diary. "Hello Ginny", he said. Ginny snapped up. "Hello Harry", she put the diary in her school bag.

"So, excited", Harry asked. Ginny nodded. "Can't wait".

Meanwhile, Hermione Granger giggled happly and skipped over to where Ron was. Hermione was now the age of five. He sighed. His friend was dying, and his other wasn't there.

Harry separated from Ginny, and was in the carriage with Nevile Longbottom. Harry sat at the Ravenclaw Table.

He waited nervously for Ginny to get sorted. She was the last one to get sorted, and was sorted into Ravenclaw. She sat across from Harry.

Later that night, Harry showed Ginny the Founder's room.

"Hello guys", Harry said. "This is Ginny".

"So good to see you Ginny", they all said. Ginny, with the help of Godric, Rowena, Harry and Salazar helped Ginny change into an snake.

"Wait an minute. Where is Helga", Harry asked. Rowena rushed out of her portrait, and came back. "Her son, he needs help", she said.

Harry went into the chamber of secrets, and Star and her two children were there. Ginny was in her snake form.

Harrys, Ginnys. Thesses are meee childreen Orioon andd Roweena

Orion and Rowena couldn't speak, they just left. Harry, Ginny and Star had an chat and they headed up to Ravenclaw Dormitry.

Meanwhile, Ron was raging, and was concerning his fury with John. "She got sorted into Ravenclaw. I bet you she joins You-Know-Who".

However, John wasn't listening. He had his own troubles, about Dobby and Hermione.

Chapter FourEdit

Ginny was used to classes, and everytime she did an spell, she did it firsthand. It was only an month before Flitwick came up to her.

"It seems you are so excellant you will do good in second year. Will you take this offer, if your parents will agree", he asked.

"Sure, Proffesor", Ginny grinned. Classes with Harry.

Soon enough, she was enrolled in classes with Harry. Both did good with each other, but this caused Snape to hate them more.

Harry and Ginny then learned about Soul Bonds when they were in the library.

"It says that if i raise my wand at you, there should be an green light shine around you to see if your my soul bond or not", he explained.

"Okay", she said. Harry raised his wand, and soon enough, an green light shined around her. "We are soul bonded", Ginny whispered. Harry nodded his head.

Ginny was writing into her diary. It was sure difficult after Harry was suspicious about the Diary, although she didn't share these concerns with her.

Tom i think i am going to tell Harry that i wan-

She was cut off when the pages started to flip, and an boy, age seemed to be 16, rose out of the diary and jumped inside her.

'Ginny' picked up the diary, and walked to Moaning Mrytle's bathroom. She opened the door and closed it.

She closed the door, and hissed at the door to open. She fell down. Ssoon, Mudbloodss will be dead 'Ginny' hissed.

She opened the door, and was surprised to see four Basiliks. Moore The better, 'Ginny' hissed.

Thatt issnt Ginny, Harry. That iss old masster.

With Rowena, Orion and Star's help, they tackled 'Ginny', and forced the person come out.

"Look here, i am Tom Riddle, AKA Lord Voldermort. Do what i say or die", he sneered. Before Harry could react, Orion bit the Diary, causing Tom to scream.

The Diary squeesed out ink, and Ginny awoke as Tom vanished. "How did i get here", she whispered. She saw Harry.

"Tom possessed you", Harry told her. 'Oh no. Is he dead", she asked, frightened. "I think so. Orion just bit the Diary and ink came out and Tom vanished", he said.

"Harry, there is something i want to ask", she said. Star guied Orion and Rowena out. "I have these feelings for you an-", she was cut off when Harry kissed her.

Explosions were ringing through them. Both felt as if they were about to die from the excitement, and they didn't have an care in the world.

Chapter FiveEdit

It was slowly reaching the Christmas Holidays, and Harry and Ginny were having an conversation with the founders.

"I don't trust Dumbledore or Snape. It seems as if they're reading my mind", Harry told them.

"Harry, i think they are using Legilimency on you", Rowena said. "They read our minds", Ginny gasped.

"Yes. We will try and teach Occlymency to keep them out of your mind", Helga said.

Harry and Ginny practised Occlumency, and both thought it was quite hard, even harder than being an Animagus.

Christmas time came, and he and Ginny were talking when they saw John walking over to them. "Ginny, i have an confession. Me and Ron were discussing it, and i think me and you should date", he said.

"No, even if you were the last person on this earth. I would rather date an toad", Ginny said, quite disgusted.

"Excuse me, but if i remembered Ron and the twins, you had an crush on the boy-who-lived", he explained smugly.

"Well for your information, i did until i relised you were brattish and childish. Your brother is kind and nice, while you are an bully and no worse than snape".

And she surprised them all, with kissing Harry on the lips. Some people cheered, others yelled. Harry and Ginny held hands and left the Great Hall.

"We came public", Ginny whispered, and Harry nodded.

Chapter SixEdit

The rest of the year was not as eventful as last year. Harry and Ginny mastered the Occlumency Art, and they discovered something about Gilderory Lockart.

Lockart had oblivated peoples minds, and took their storys, thus making him rich and famous. Harry and Ginny discovered it when some of the dates happened before he was even born in the books.

James and Lily were outraged when Harry had gotten himself an girlfriend and John hadn't. They planned to punish their younger son.

Hermione finally passed away, and it was revealed that Jean Granger, Hermione's mother, was pregnant. Hermione was about to be born again.

Ginny and Harry were down in the chamber for one last time. "Bye, Star, Rowena and Orion", Harry hissed in Parseltounge.

Star said her goodbyes, and watched as the two children walked away.

Harry and Ginny were

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