Harry Potter. Hermione and her parents bring in Harry as one of their own when he is four. How would this change the Harry Potter Universe.


Jean Granger looked at her only daughter and cried. She found out she could no longer have children. She was driving and found out she was in Little Whinging.

It was going to be hours until she came back home. Her daughter was in the back seat. Hermione giggled when she looked outside the car.

"What dear", Jean smiled. Hermione pointed out the window. There was an jet black haired boy crying. "I wonder what is going on", Jean asked concerned.

She got out of the car and walked to the boy. "What is the matter dear", Jean asked. "Aunt Petunia hit me and send me to my closet", the boy explained.

Jean was shocked. "What", she asked enraged. "I managed to get away, i saw Dudley, he chased after me", Harry looked down in sadness. "Wait there", Jean picked up the boy and asked him where he stayed.

"There", he pointed. Jean walked to the house and knocked on the door. No reply. Knocked again. An big heavy man opened the door. "There is the prat", the man muttered.

"Excuse me, this boy says he lives in the closet is this true", snapped Jean. "Yeah it is. Freaks like him deserve to live in the closet", he muttered.

"That's it. I'm phoning the police", Jean picked her mobile phone and was about to dial when something unexpected happened.

She was slapped on the face. Jean fell along with the boy down into the grass. "Dursley", yelled the neighbor. The man got his moble and phoned the police.

When the police arrived, Jean explained everything. How the boy lived in an closet, how his family hated him. The police allowed Jean to have the boy stay with her for tonight.

Jean came home and opened the door. She was holding Hermione and the boy named Harry. She closed the door and called out for her husband. "Andrew".

Andrew came down. "How have you got an boy", he asked. Jean explained. "The social worker is coming tomorow", Jean said at the end.

"How about we adopt this little guy", Andrew said suddenly. "What", Jean asked. "Since we can't have children, this could be our only shot".

Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore heard everything. "I guess i should make the new order of the phoneix if Harry stays here", he muttered. He wasn't an happy bunny.


Hermione cried as the students started calling her names. "Bushy haired freak", said Sandy Thomson. "Bossy ugly know it all", another called.

Hermione ran, but someone grabbed onto her hand. It was Sandy. "Where is your precious little protector now", she near enough shouted. "Sick", Hermione muttered.

Sandy pushed her down into the mud and Hermione hit her tooth. She started to cry. She quickly got up and ran away from school. "Look", Sandy grabbed the book Hermione dropped.

"It's her diary", Sandy began telling everyone the contents of the book. "I am going to france with my family. I had the most amazing libary experiance yet", everyone laughed the way Sandy told it.

Hermione ran to her house and opened the door. She ran upstairs and Jean saw muddy footprints. "Mione", she called out. Hermione ran to her room and slammed the door.

She was startled when she saw Harry, looking out the window. "Did they tease you", Harry asked. Hermione nodded. Both of them hugged. "I can't believe it", she sobbed.

"At least it was your last day", Harry confrotned her. Hermione nodded. It was their last day, and Harry told Hermione not to go to school, as he was not going.

"Well, i'm off to tell Mum", Hermione walked out of the room. She told Jean, who tried to make sure her only daughter will not cry.

Meanwhile, Sandy looked at the house. She threw Hermione's diary at the window. Hermione and Jean heard an thud. They turned around. Hermione screamed as an brick came through the window.

Jean quickly send Hermione upstairs and ran otuside. She saw Sandy running away. "You could have fucking killed us", she screamed at Sandy. Harry and Hermione were in shock.

Jean Lisa Granger, never swore.


Jean was cooking breakfest and heard Andrew and Harry going down the stairs. "Come on, breakfest is ready", she yelled. Hermione was already dressed.

She continued on to her fry up, while Harry sat in the chair opposite from her. Harry was an strange boy, with an strange scar on his forehead.

When he first arrived, he became scared of everyone but Hermione. Jean told Harry that Dudley was in another foster home and his parents were in jail.

Harry was happy about this, since he had escaped from their cruelty. However, he asked Jean how he wasn't with his real parents, and Jean had no idea.

After getting changed, Jean allowed Harry to watch television and Hermione read her book. Harry was watching Star Wars, a new hope.

The day was eventful. They went to the shopping mall and Harry and Hermione were allowed to get what they want. Harry bought an gameboy, and Hermione, more books.

That night, all four of them were eating dinner and they heard an crack. Hermione looked at her mum. "What th-", Jean was cut off as their back door opened.

An old woman came in, wearing green ropes. "Get out of our house", Andrew spoke as Hermione and Harry ran to their parents. "Calm down now", she softly spoke.

"I have something to tell your children", she continued. "What do you want", snapped Jean. "I am Minerva Mcgonagall, professor of Hogwarts school for wizards and witches", she introuduced herself.

"What, are you insane", gasped Andrew. "Look", she raised her wand at the dining table. The table turned into an cat, and she turned it back.

Hermione collapsed. Harry was in shock. "Did y-", Harry was lost for words. Professor Mcgonagall explained everything about Hogwarts and how Harry and Hermione were witches and wizards.

"But, i learned that Harry was adopted", Minerva asked. "Yeah", Jean replyed, still in shock. "Well, i must tell you i knew his parents befour they were murdered".

"Murdered", Harry shouted. Jean put her hand on Harry. "Yes, Harry. James and Lily Potter were, murdered by the hands of you-know-who", Minerva explained. "Who", Andrew asked.

"You-know-who. He is the most evil wizard in the country. When he tried to kill Harry, the killing curse had managed to hit You-Know-Who as well", she explained matter of factly.

Minerva gave Harry and Hermione their letters on what to buy. She also said that Harry was famous for killing You-Know-Who and told them how to get into the platform for their train.

When Minerva was about to walk out, Harry asked her. "Who is You-know-who's name", he asked. Minerva turned around. "Lord Voldermort", and with that, she disappeared into thin air.


Hermione and Harry were nervous. They had just woken up, and it was four in the morning. It was the day, when they arrived to Hogwarts.

Hermione sneaked down and made toast for her and Harry. She sneaked back up and she and Harry eat their toast. Harry got showered quietly, and then Hermione got showered.

Dressed, washed and tired, they sat in the living room, watching the television. It was seven when Jean and Andrew came downstairs.

"Blimey, what time was it when you got up", groaned Andrew. It was half nine, and they were there. Hermione went through the wall first, and then Harry.

Andrew and Jean came through and were sad. "Be good", Jean whispered to both of them when they hugged. Hermione was in tears.

"Stop it Mione", Andrew hugged her and shaked hands with Harry. The train arrived, and they got in, trunks with them. Harry and Hermione had bought pets for each of them

Harry had bought an snowy white owl, who he named Mione, after Hermione. Hermione had bought an ginger cat with an squashed face. She named him arry.

They had decided to name their pets after the other. The train started to move, and Harry and Hermione waved goodbye to their parents.

Harry heard the door open and an red haired boy with freckles came in. "Can i sit with you. All the other carriages are full", he asked.

"Sure", the boy joined them. "My name is Ron Weasley, you are", he asked. "I'm Hermione Granger, this is Harry Potter Granger", Hermione pointed at Harry.

"Realy, you are ever so famous in our world", explained Ron. "Realy", Harry was in shock. "However, i thought it was fake but oh well".

The three became fast friends. Ron had showed his pet, Scrabbers. Scrabbers was an pet rat. Hermione was forced to put arry in the cage when the cat tried to eat Scrabbers.

They were interrupted by an blonde boy and another two boys. "Well Well Well. The infamous Harry Potter", he taunted. "What", Hermione asked,

"Shut up. I know you are an mudblood, to see the look of you", however, only Ron reacted at the mudblood part. He got up and punched the boy on the nose.

When the boy and his friends ran away, Ron explained what an mudblood was. "Oh look at the time", Hermione told the boys not to look as she changed.

Harry changed and then Ron. They were told to leave pets and trunks behind and get on small boats that traveled to the castle, Hogwarts.

The Sorting HatEdit

Hermione and Harry held hands. They were nervous. After the sorting hat had finished it's song, they were told to be in an line.

"Granger, Hermione", Minerva shouted. Hermione nervously walked to the seat. She sat down and the sorting hat was placed on her.

There was an ten minute pause, and then the hat yelled, "RAVENCLAW", Hermione ran to the table. Well, she wanted to be in Ravenclaw of Gryffindore, anyway.

"Potter Granger, Harry", Minerva shouted out. The hall silenced at once. Harry put the hat on and heard the hat talk through his mind.

"Mmm, like his sister. But what do you want".

"Ravenclaw or Gryffindore".

"Nah, not smart, or though you are brave, you shan't be loved".



Harry was shocked. He wa

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