Harry Potter. Ginny, the last survivor of the final battle, travels back in time to stop everything from happening.


"RON", Hermione screamed as fire spread around the room of Requirement. "THIS WAY", Harry shouted and he grabbed onto Hermione and the two of them ran.

Ron tripped behind, and turned around. "ACIO RON", Hermione screamed and Ron flew up to her. Ron held onto her hand as the three of them escaped the flamed room by using broomsticks.

There was an explosion and they heard screams and yells. "One of the horcruxes is gone", Harry whispered, not daring to hope he might survive the war.

"Malfoy, Goyle, they are dead", Ron said. Harry turned around as he heard screams. He saw Luna Lovegood and Horace Slughorn trying to run away from the Dementors.

"Harry, they kissed them. They kissed George and Nevile", Luna shouted. Ron bursted into sobs. "Quick, find an happy memory", Hermione screamed.

Harry tried to think of an memory, but found none. "Just follow me", he shouted. However, Slughorn fell. "Harry, dear boy", he yelled.

Harry turned around and witnessed his death. Instead of the Dementors, the fire from the room of requirement exploded through the door, killing Slughorn and the Dementors.

Hours Later, and Hagrid bursted through the doors, carrying an 'dead' Harry. Voldermort and his death eaters laughed at the warrier's faces.

"Listen all. You are all going to die anyway. You might as well mourn for your hero", he laughed at their faces.

"NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH", Molly Weasley screamed as she saw Bellatrix about to kill her daughter, Ginny.

"Molly Weasley, AVADA KEDARVA", She screamed. Harry witnessed Molly's body fall to the ground. "NOOO".

Ginny looked up at Bellatrix. "YOU FUCKING SLUT", She screamed and she did something unexpected. She pulled out an pocket knife and slit Bellatrix's throat.

Bellatrix fell to the ground, struggling to breathe. "Help", she whispered before she died. Everyone started to scream in happiness.

However, Harry had enough and got up and saw the sorting hat in the middle of the ground. "Acio Hat", he whispered and the hat came to him.

The sword of Gryffindor came out and he grabbed it. He saw Ginny was nearest to Nagina. "GINNY", he yelled.

Ginny turned around and was surprised to see Harry. "Whats this", she asked as Harry threw it to her. She heard hissing and turned around.

Nagina lept to her, and what seemed to be slow motion, she raised the sword and cut the snakes head off. "NOO", Voldermort shouted, and raised his wand.

"AVADA KED", He was cut off when Harry instantly shouted the killing curse at Voldermorts back, killing him once and for all.

However, the battle did not end there. Giants smashed into the hall, making an even bigger hole as the glass shattered, killing some people.

Harry turned around and was faced to face with an Dementor, who kissed him. "HARRY", Ginny screamed

And on the battle went, with the two leaders, one evil and the other good, dead. Soon enough, it was only Ginny and Delores Umbridge now.

"YOU BLOOD TRAITOR, AVADA KEDARVA", She screamed. Ginny wished she could take the hit, so she could be with her loved ones, but decided Umbridge deserved to die.

Ginny dodged the curse, and with the same knife that killed Lestrange, she stabbed it into her eyes. Umbridge screamed as she fell down, moments later she was dead.

Ginny then heard an voice in the hall, and it sounded like her.

Mum, can't i go.

Harry, are you sure.

Who is the half blood prince.

Tom, i think i opened the Chamber Of Secrets

Tom, don't hurt me

Hermione, you obviously fancy him.


Harry, i think i am falling in love with you

I understand






Ginny looked at the dead bodys as she remembered her thoughts and dreams. She saw Hermione looking at her. She had been kissed.

Harry was the same as Hermione, and she vomited when she saw Ron's mangled body. She saw Voldermort in the middle of the hall, dead.

She walked over to him, and kicked him on the head. "This is for killing James and Lily and my uncles you bastard.

This is for trying to kill Harry when he was an baby. This was when you tried to get the Philosophers stone and trying to kill Harry again.

This is for setting that awful Basilisk into the school and possessing me to do so. This is for coming back to life and trying to kill Harry.

This is for leading me, my friends and Harry to an trap and killing Siruis. This is for what you have done this past year".

She collapsed into sobs, and looked around. She saw Percy and Charlie, both had been kissed. She saw an dead Athur next to Molly.

She saw Bill and Fluer, who were holding each other, each looking in their eyes. Dead. She heard screams and turned around.

There was Fawkes, the phoneix. Fawkes leapt toward her. Before she knew what happened, the beautiful phoeneix kissed her.

"Ginny, hurry up. Ron is going to Hogwarts today".

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